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  1. I never multiboxed. My "main" (Lancer) is max level, my Slayer is 52 or 53, my Berserker is 42 or 43, Warrior is about the same. Questing is generic, kill this, collect this, and usually it's back and forth. *Shrugs* Some of the end game dungeons are fun, but overall it's not a game that keeps your attention long enough to truly stick with it. ESPECIALLY once you get into enchanting the high end gear. Then it's a freaking unreasonable time and money sink and a roll of the dice (maybe it'll enchant, maybe not, but you get to spend 800g on each try regardless). Grindier and grindier. I dumped my Slayer at 50 and picked up Lancer and never looked back. I got my Slayer just a couple of levels since then. Being a Lancer and tanking a boss or a BAM (Big bottom Monster) truly makes you feel like a badass. Celestial Hills is the "RP" server, which means slightly less of the crap crowd... but of course it's still there. *Shrug* Tera is coded poorly and has awfuly memory management. When I played I would alt-tab a lot and the game would crash out on me regularly. But I mean, it's free so what the hell, right? Just, don't judge your character before at least level 20. All classes are pretty lack luster at the beginning.
  2. rhone

    Rip Headset

    The problem with anything powered is that there's always noise. It may be imperceptible while there's something going on... but personally I cannot stand that. The only time I used powered headphones or earphones is for noise-cancelling on airplanes. I've had my Logitech Z5500 speakers for over 10 years now and I LOVE them, but the last few Logitech things I've bought (mouse and something else) have left me wanting. I used to be a huge Logitech fanboy... but I'm not any more.
  3. Also wanted to add... 1-10 on Newbie Island is tedious. Once you do it enough you can run through it in like an hour, but at the beginning it's a pain in the arse. Having a membership helps LOADS for higher up leveling because you get the book (atlas I think?) that allows you to teleport to any city or outpost, which makes questing quite fast. Also, make SURE you get your mount when you get to the main city. There should be an NPC that gives you a quest for it just outside of where you land. It's not a terribly fast mount but, again, helps speed things up. Also, I play on Celestial Falls and can help burn anyone though dungeons for quest completion if requested.
  4. My experience with Tera... no class is terribly fun before 20. Lancers are AWFUL until 20. Slayers begin to be fun around... 12 or 16 (I forget which). Warriors' speed makes them relatively fun, but you have to be okay with staying on the move *constantly*. Berserkers are fun and with the abilities that they can charge up tend to be rather strong as well. But they're terribly slow and limited blocking. Sorcerers are mindblowingly powerful once they get their big AoE skill (Fireblast). Priests are good for healing, but not worth soloing as. If you're playing with people that's another story. I hated my archers. I made a couple and just never could really get into them. They can be okay with AoE, but they ramp up slowly. I never really did a Mystic. Lastly, the reaper. Never played it but a friend of mine has one and does just absurd damage with her. It's lolli locked though. (Have to play as an Elin - unless that's been changed in the last few months.) The Lancer ended up being my favorite class, with Slayer and Berserker as seconds. Lancer kills a bit slowly though, so you have to accept that... but with decent gear you can solo basically anything you need to. (Well, if you play REALLY well you can with about anything... but I'm just not that good. ) (The TERA community is pretty awful too. Immediately turn off the general chats before your eyes bleed and your brain melts. Also, PvPing can be a huge pain. In duels I've had abilities pass harmlessly through my target. I just stopped trying to PvP.)
  5. Also, download something from Steam. =P They can usually handle anything your ISP will pipe down to you. Aside from that, I know back in the day you could do reg. hacks to increase packet size and things like that. I don't know whether or not that's still a viable option.
  6. I wonder if I'm the only one who thinks he should change his name to Twati?
  7. Had to stop there... it's typical of all internet websites (with any interest in marketing). Why else do you think Amazon sends you E-Mails about something you were looking at two days ago? Or your "recommendations" showing something you were just looking at? Or ads doing the same thing? As much as I DESPISE Facebook, vilifying them for what's become a standard practice is just absurd. I'm with Doc though, don't care. VR isn't anything I have any interest in. I played a VR Duke Nukem in SF back in the late 90s and thought it was terribly cool, but to do it daily... meh. I also don't have a 3D TV and couldn't care less about it.
  8. Yeah, I have to agree there. Particularly about Beth. I feel like something happened in his past though (apocalypse aside) that doesn't allow him to become to emotionally attached though.
  9. Not to mention the difference with who killed Shane...
  10. Since I view the forum on a PC I have no issues with the font size, but adding the font size feature to the forum settings would be a nice little touch.
  11. #736 Poop. Kind of surprised I'm that high... but first 1000!
  12. rhone

    Paladin Class

    Back in UO I liked to get off screen and chamber a Kal Ort Por... then wait for someone to catch me, let them get close, then click my rune. *Poof*
  13. Not too late! Join in on the actual game here: http://community.crowfall.com/index.php?/topic/4538-hand-of-fate-the-three-aspects/ You'll want to think of an appropriate way for your character to be introduced to the story... not just "poof here I am". And have fun.
  14. This can be true, but it's very possible to stay in character if you're really so inclined. I tend to chose RP servers to play on and back when I was a bit more of an RP snob my character would voice his confusion with the way people spoke in group chat. Now I tend to simply remain quiet. for the most part RP guilds won't role play the entire time either... though there are some that will. Having said that, I grew bored with Archeage quickly, I burned out on WoW years ago but picked it up for a few months and recently quit again. As far as online games go I've mostly been playing EQ2 and World of Tanks of late.
  15. rhone

    Rip Headset

    Fawne, try putting the headset on something to relax the clamping a little bit, overnight. Like a basket ball, trash bin, small-ish box, etc. Also, as far as sound goes, no headphones, earphones, or speakers should be judge out of box. They all need a fair amount of burn in before they perform their best. I'm strongly considering replacing my SoundBlaster headset with these: http://www.amazon.com/HyperX-Cloud-Gaming-Headset-KHX-H3CL/dp/B00JJNQG98/ I love Sennheiser products though: http://www.amazon.com/Sennheiser-PC-320-Gaming-Headset/dp/B005HWEZ02/
  16. rhone

    Rate My New Pc 1-10

    Sure, I had it too when I was like... 20. I also thought neon under a car (Fast and Furious style) was cool back then too. God was I dumb.
  17. ((Stop trying to be helpful... silly twitchy ranger. ))
  18. rhone

    Rate My New Pc 1-10

    The problem isn't his computer so much, it's the way he responded to the feedback and ratings he solicited. Granted, we hate AW because it is just overpriced Dell pieces of junk, but just accept the lesson and learn from it, and move on. Also, don't get a glowy computer case.
  19. rhone

    Duke of URL...

    Effing love. This was one of TWO games I owned on the original XBox.
  20. I'm certain there will be options, but you cannot realistically expect to be fully effective in an MMO, particularly a guild/siege based one, as a solo player.
  21. God, gaming with my wife and kids? I would hate that. Gaming is supposed to be an escape. At least... *some* of the time. =P
  22. I've found usually it's the amount of time that ends up being the issue, as opposed to the number of dollar signs.
  23. I like baking bread. THEN CRUSHING IT!
  24. It might benefit you to learn the art of downplaying. "Yeah, I backed it. Got some cool benefits to go with it. Nothing big."
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