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  1. They're trying to make high school locker rooms accept those with gender orientation issues out here... For the most part stalls are even... "ickier" and "smellier". I don't get, however, how there can be a puddle of pee under a urinal. And I don't mean at a bar, I mean in corporate environments. Long story short, women should not have to endure the utter foulness that is a men's restroom.
  2. rhone

    Rate My New Pc 1-10

    Exactly. "You spent how much on a ring? Pft. I spent that on a video game."
  3. "Wasting" money on something she likes? I see where this relationship is headed.
  4. I just prefer to do neither.
  5. Well maybe we'd listen if you stopped turning this into a casual game.. *ducks*
  6. When there will be two days left? Optimistic.
  7. I think this is a really good idea. Or, at least, give you the option to do so.
  8. Fair nuff. Maybe make it smaller? Like... much much smaller? (Is there a 0.5 font size?)
  9. rhone

    Oh.. Hey...

    Hey, you were married before Mal was born! Just sayin'. Congrats Mal! =) Beautiful dress.
  10. I agree with removing the "disclaimer". If people are fool enough to believe it... this is exactly the site for them.
  11. This is hilarious. I intend to do both. I enjoy crafting, and I'm good at PvP.
  12. MMOs are crafting the bane of your existence? Well, they had to be around for *some* reason.
  13. The legs are also disproportionately long. Need to leave *some* level of femininity.
  14. Sorry, when did you get to see the completed game in order to know how many they have planned for us? Or are you going off of *pre-alpha* screenshots and assuming that will be the final product?
  15. This thread is about as useful as the bot's threads.
  16. It's not because walking 2200 miles isn't a worthy act, it's because it's you!
  17. It took me three days to suffer through the first episode.
  18. Leaving cables around with a puppy in the house... brilliant...
  19. No disclaimer? I'm disappointed. Donkey Punch
  20. Oh, sorry, I thought we meant "right now" since I had 24 on. In general my DVR list contains: Justified Arrow The Flash Walking Dead Sirens Chicago PD Agents of SHIELD Grimm and I'm getting over the loss of Sons of Anarchy.
  21. I never got into 24 while it was on. I was looking for something to kill time with and saw that it has 8 or so seasons... so I've been watching it.
  22. I want to like this post a hundred times. Corpse Bride
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