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  1. Yeah... I pretty much agree with everything OP said.
  2. Most of us have a love/hate or hate/hate relationship with WoW, that's fine. The OP's point is still valid.
  3. Vanilla WoW being 10 years ago qualifies as "back". It also sets the precedent for the rest of his story about skipping out on going to areas because it was a pain in the ass to get there.
  4. I enjoy having like minded people to converse with. Even if we're not all exactly the same we all have common ground in that we want the guild to success, whether it's PvPing, raiding, sieging, RvRing, whatever. Having said that, I'm not overly social... I don't like just "hanging out" in Vent or Team Speak. I've never met people from my guilds (that I didn't know already). Okay, well, once... but she was very convincing. However, I still occasionally run across people from my DAoC days who I still remember.
  5. Funny how many votes SB has, yet so few people in the thread stated it was what they most recently played.
  6. *Siiiigh* I guess if that's your mindset, then there is no reason for it.
  7. I feel like FF XI's number there are inaccurate. A cool half a mil for four years straight?
  8. They've stated (more or less) that the names on this are not literal and may or may not be only loosely based on something else.
  9. *Looks out between the zipper* Wait... is what stupid?
  10. I was very, VERY excited for Hex. Sadly it died down/died off far quicker than it should've.
  11. Very pretty guarrand. It's a shame to have a PC that nice without a dedicated sound card though. (But I feel that way in general.)
  12. ^ Well there we go! I admit, I haven't read everything they've posted (don't hurt me!).
  13. 1) What game had your favorite crafting experience? Starwars Galaxies. 2) What was your favorite crafting profession? I did weaponsmithing. 3) Why was it your favorite? It wasn't just simply the crafting, it was the exploring to find the correct resources, and in abundance, setting up harvesters and gathering (I forget the actual skill name), then using the resources you found to craft the items for different qualities, and experimenting to better them and just... so good. 4) What, if anything did the experience lack? I found it challenging to peddle my wares. I wasn't in a guild of any sort and still sold a good amount of vibroknuckles and everything else... but that was the only thing I found wanting.
  14. You'll be looking from the outside when you're banned.
  15. I was thinking they'd release (or request) certain features/functions to be tested every three months. "Test this set of achetypes" then "test this set of archetypes", etc. Then maybe "test this type of campaign" then "test this type of campaign". So on and so forth.
  16. Again, if you can't win without resorting to cheating, you don't deserve the win at all.
  17. rhone

    Rate My New Pc 1-10

    Aside from the fact that Alienware *is* Dell... there should also be no apostrophe when it's plural.
  18. If you can't win without cheating you don't deserve the V.
  19. They're absolutely mutually exclusive. They may tend to go hand in hand, but to call them the same is simply inaccurate. And good.
  20. rhone

    Paladin Class

    I do indeed. And that's okay... I never lay hands without protection. (Okay, that was bad... sorry. )
  21. Errr... not the same thing. But yes, there should be no problem with that.
  22. We know it's getting hard for you to keep up in your old age.
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