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    rhone got a reaction from Chrissy The Blesser in 01/13/15 - Character Creation Preview   
    Matter of a pinion.
    I chuckled.
    Okay okay, I laughed...  but I love puns.
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    rhone got a reaction from doc gonzo in 01/13/15 - Character Creation Preview   
    Matter of a pinion.
    I chuckled.
    Okay okay, I laughed...  but I love puns.
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    rhone reacted to Cash in Sieges: curious to hear from SB folks   
    Im sure you wizard guys think we are just mindless pvp freaks. But honestly it wasnt the pvp that drew us all in for 10+ years. It was the meaning behind the pvp. And I know we have said it before but it really needs to be emphasized.

    Everything you and your guild has worked for over months is suddenly burnt to the ground. You could lose everything. And it could be for a number of reasons. Someone in your guild killed the wrong person, maybe your city was in a nice location, maybe you said the wrong thing on the boards. Doesnt matter. No reset but, no do over, no pause. No re queuing for another arena. All your stuff is now ashes, and what isnt destroyed now belongs to someone else.

    Wow that sucks huh? No, what sucks is not having the balls to get back up and go get your stuff back.

    Thats what shadowbane was and why many of us have found a game that can relieve that scratch of meaningful pvp. Until now...I hope.
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    rhone got a reaction from blaze duskdreamer in Non-Consensual PvP - Yes Please!!!!   
    I loved open world PvP when the worlds were large enough, and I had enough time to dedicate to raising my characters' skills (UO).  Now that I'm older and have a family (therefore much less free time) I would much rather prefer dedicated PvP areas that I can head off to the slaughter at when my character is ready.  I lean less toward the Battleground/Arena options and prefer massive PvP ala Dark Age of Camelot.
    Having said that I found out about this game yesterday and still have much to read on it.
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    rhone got a reaction from Agelmar in 01/13/15 - City Siege Concept   
    Why's he going to sit on my walls?
    What?  I missed a letter?  Oh.  Oooooohhhhh...
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    rhone got a reaction from blaze duskdreamer in Is CF pure PvP? J Todd's response:   
    UO had VERY heavy PVP emphasis.  But one of the most well known people on my old server server was a Blacksmith.
    I think I can find my niche regardless.  I enjoy crafting, role playing, PvP, and PvE.  The order in which I enjoy them depends wholly on my mood.
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    rhone reacted to wyvernwulf in Slighty disappointed with cartoonish graphics   
    I did like the desaturated tones of Shadowbane's art.  One of the many things about that game I loved.  However, I think dark, de-saturated and gritty can coexist with brighter, cleaner, more radiant colors in a game, if the landscape, zones, characters, factions, gameplay can lend itself to a good blend, depending on the situation, location or otherwise.  I've played both the cartoony-oversaturated and the practically-grayscale gritty games, I would like a blend between the two.  More variety.  Color can be achieved without being "cartoony."  
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    rhone reacted to mourne in Slighty disappointed with cartoonish graphics   
    Agreed, totally.  While I don't mind a degree of stylization, I prefer a more "gritty" look.  However, I also don't want a "realistic" look either, if that makes any sense.
    Games that aim to be too close to reality run into uncanny valley problems.  It's easier for our eyes/mind to detect faults, however miniscule.  When a game is more stylized (or even full blown cartoonish) the art style effectively serves to hide the discrepancies.  I think WoW is much too far to the cartoon end of things (although, it does aid in the illusion of a smooth "feel").  I thought ESO had good models and art direction. 
    But, that also brings me to how I'd prefer a gritty/real-ish aesthetic to the gear as well.  I want armor like this not like this.  Like this, not this.
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    rhone reacted to celestialmoon in Welcome to Crowfall!   
    Looking forward to seeing what's to come and do love a good guessing game, too...toss out some puzzle pieces (clues) and watch the natives scramble to figure things out. 
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