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  1. Look, at this stage if this game can hit the 6 month mark I'll be shocked; Month per Month we are seeing a massive decline in players, why? Because the game isn't fun. Fixing this ship, as most of us said, means it needed to be pulled from launch and placed back in beta hell even alpha. That ship has sailed; Only the Diehards are left defending this game, and if anything even most of those have changed tunes. Fixing this mess, I honestly lost hope back when they announce suddenly they were launching *sure soft launching* in a month. Its a shame, as most of the long time backers agree, the IDEA and original dream *because they've retcon the original info off the site* has been altered and if anything reduced to "improve deliverable's" but even on a reduced product they've failed at that. And its beyond a shame they altered the original dream as it could of been a fantasy eve
  2. My take- God no. Comparing to EVE online is like saying we are a bright as the sun, from the point of view of a candle. This game lacks so many elements that would make it work its beyond insane to assume it.
  3. From the unit of mesurement @Dorizzdt used; That would be called gaslighting in an abusive relationship
  4. I'd argue they are already here...can't say the player bases has grown by much
  5. Can't be sure if you are cheering them on, or painting the dark timeline that it is!
  6. The Ruleset for GR is universal; So what happens in all maps, happens to you regardless; The maps after that don't get separate rule sets; Its all one big map just broken into zones with semi custom layouts; So to answer your question you've demanded answered; Only Gold is droped, if you aren't aware of that look at the rule sets No Discs aren't effected by rule sets its pure RNG Again RNG is game wides, no maps effect it I repeat RNG game wide And to point out he final point; GR runs the ruleset, each zone only has a different layout or different tiles; think of it as a cookie cutter, the devs hand designed GR to be a training ground with Skypoint as the real PvP zone; hence it will have the max of everything for GR overall. Given you've backed this game I'd assume you'd know this by now as its been in Alpha since day 1
  7. Simple answer; Skypoints the real map, the rest are all just training zones; Skypoints the closest you'll get to the GR cap of 30; meaning you'll be able to get the crafting Disciplines and other requirements for Dregs/FvF when they relaunch again But overall GR serves no real value once you've got dregs based crafting/Harvesting done other then say a money grind if you need it which still is questionable
  8. Something tells me, and this might be speculation; But the "amazing system we've designed" AKA the map system; as much as when they pushed "HungerDome" to the public about how flexible it is; that it can create amazing new game modes with barely any effort It seems to be rather limited for the Siege windows to the point they can't support other time-zones aside from saying "Its a worldwide dregs" without any support for it; If you want dregs hell ANY mode in this game to work, TIME BASED SYSTEMS shoot you in the foot. and ridged systems that are unable to change also... shoot you in the foot. Tho this is just one of the many laundry list of issues players seem to be facing these days
  9. I'm with Toad on this one, people have taken the wrong approach to the negative reviews; Ironic thing is all the reviews show GIANT holes in the game-play; to the point that only a very very small group within the already "niche" game are going "BuT ITs AmAZIONg Ui" As much as I don't agree that Peon gave the games PVP aspects a hard enough shake, overall I don't think even if he did it would of help'd The overall issue is right now this games a poison Chalice; Any new players coming in are going to get baited with some SMALL hope its ok, then get smashed with the horrific game design and massively hard to avoid grind; Thus meaning they end up with a poisoned view of the overall game before "maybe" getting to the fun some players are finding Right now the last thing this game needs is more new players coming in because they are only going to join in the voice of "wtf is this poorly made dergs" and never come back. Cos even if the devs pull a no man sky, which for an MMO is friskily impossible, no ones going to return in 1-2 years to find out.
  10. ape are you quoting me on that 100k point? I feel we talked that on day one of the launch announcements...but my name was Kasabian at that time 😂
  11. I mean they have a working chat window... Pingable map? Do we need much more!?
  12. Realistically best way I look at it is, its everything crowfall sold us on for years before the path change. PVPVEVP with both instance and in world; its the game of thrones simulator this was meant to be
  13. IF ONLY like crowfall they don't have much info online its all bloody in the game(for now); but some of that might change via launch; I mean best thing I love is being able to pay people if your guild numbers are low via an in game system to recruit people to fight for you! very interesting feature
  14. Answer is no, currently as it stands gear and stats aren't that much of a factor in PVP, its more about owning land and playing with skill. PVE and PVP are separate - but in saying that PVE/PVP hybrid aspects cross over-slightly but so far its not an issue or hasn't been. Overall tho currently as it stand, Crowfall has more of that issue then New world does, basing people need gear in the end of dregs to be of any use to a top end guild * speaking as one of the top 3 guilds between AU1dregs and USwest* Again tho, comparing the two, Crowfalls currently hobbled itself with split issues for years, they've changed hats so many times this games been clearly affected and its going to get worse I'd expect now its "launched"
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