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  1. YES! Loving the look of this way more now, the new concept pieces definitely sell it. Thank you for posting the male and female versions as well. The continuing complaints we're way past annoying I'm sure.
  2. I've never played Shadowbane, but what is described about the gameplay has me looking forward to the beta.
  3. I like the different ways of playing and the ability to jump to another style of play.
  4. This is going to be nice! My goal is to become the DoorStep Delivery for all raw materials in this game, with muscle of course. The Blackwater of supplies.
  5. Loving the frequency of the treats we're getting. If the crest are factions I wonder gameplay will be to the effect of criminal/outlaw status depending on actions like in old Ultima. i.e. I raided faction A so I can't shop or rent rooms in faction B because the two factions have commerce together.
  6. Loving the look of this so far. I wonder if hunger resistance hints at needing to feed to help sustain our characters or if it's a formula for health consumption? Also hoping environements and weather are more than just visual elements.
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