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  1. https://vintaged.enjin.com The name is special to me, "Vintage" in a way - my OG guild name. My old Vintage was a custard awesome chill group whom I still have contact with, even though none of us have played Maplestory in 6 years... (Yeah I played Maplestory, no shame fam) Our aim is to cultivate a kickass community of chill, likeminded people and to build a custard empire, whether it be by gold or steel. I've gotten some people in stream interested in joining, and a great handfull of IRL friends so we're going balls to the wall with this! Join us as we form someth
  2. Is there anything I missed that you want to know more about?? Let me know! I love your feedback This was recorded live on my stream at www.twitch.tv/ScumlordStudio so it has me answering questions and looking at chat.
  3. I was asked to do some commentary, used crowfall music instead of random electronic. Leave some feedback if you could, I would really appreciate it! Thanks for watching
  4. I agree. Champion vs Champion is "who can use ultimate warrior better?" Resource management and using cooldowns better than them are what matters. I messed up while healing and got punished. If I played better it could of gone on for ages lol
  5. Can confirm this build's power!! And you're a good player too so that adds to it haha
  6. I'll make this video! My opinion is to start with the basic combat tree for the armor and attack and then go from there. You get 1 main skill and you get 3 archetypes. The 'easiest' class may be champion, they're very forgiving with their resource and their 'ultimate' giving them a lot of healing. Confessor is very strong. I did basic combat > basic exploration. After that you should have an idea on what you want to focus on On the archytypes just choose 3 that sound good to you. For example I did duelist myrm and ranger
  7. Hey dude, I'm probably going to start a guild with friends and people from my stream You're welcome to join!
  8. The healataur ecscape with rehab is stupid fun!
  9. The Healataur! This build is so fun. I'm still getting used to editing. More content to come!! Stay tuned, thanks for watching <3
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