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  1. Saw this over on the LotD boards. Obs led LoD to become one of the greatest veteran guilds still around today. I was lucky enough to interact with him a number of times across many games and he remains truly one of the greats. Fair Wind and Following Seas! Rest In Peace
  2. During rough economic times the entertainment industry tends to get a boost as people are looking for an escape. That's not me encouraging anyone to ever invest in anything, but it's what is often taught in economics classes.
  3. Hi Youngtrotter, Tyrant is actually not just a GM but part of the dev team. He was defending simply what this phase of the testing is. This game is a survival game currently, similar to Day-Z and Ark, etc. As it stands, having a team of 3 people working together is usually enough to keep you alive and progressing. The PK element of the game is essential to assist with testing skills, inventory, looting, respawn mechanics, etc. As an example, I respawned and fell trough the earth. Considering that this game is a in depth crafting and PvP style game, you'll have to be prepared to
  4. I'm hopeful that we can get you some better gear so we can quit being forced to carry you!
  5. http://community.crowfall.com/index.php?/topic/13977-wed-november-9-%E2%80%93-thu-november-10-bugs-anomalies-and-tech-issues-feedback/page-3 You might want to be aware of this forum/thread for the next go around. I'd guess it's checked more frequently and by the right eyes. See ya in game.
  6. That's on the table, but we don't mind letting ACE having some breathing room to do what they need to do.
  7. I've been back and having fun with the rest of our LotD folks.
  8. I'm not around much anymore, but they initially said that they were going to introduce a number of different types of attacks that they could apply to a number of different classes, but limited to a single class at a time. This would allow them to evaluate the attacks and balance them easier later on down the road.
  9. Thank you for continuing to check in Verot. We generally do not open up recruitment until open Beta, anyone prior to that who wants to join can find us in another game. Exceptions to that may happen in later alpha phases, but that's on a case by case basis.
  10. I'm in moderate agreement with @freeze about the availability of resources in the EK's, though it remains a topic that can be designed around. My follow up questions: 1. Will resources only be allowed to be imported at the beginning of campaigns, or will some allow you to import certain amounts every so often? 2. Were the resources in the EK's included to allow people who are building their EK's to have a more consistent stream of ore/etc? 3. Will the resources available in the EK be limited exclusively to those which are use to make basic components or gear? Effectively, when a g
  11. EK's have been denounced as the salad bar at a steak house. It's there, not bad to have, but not why you're there. What hasn't been explained is how they are balancing these CW's and how they will tie together in a meaningful way. The dregs players go into campaigns that have little import.... so how can you force them to rely or interact with the population at large? Any interaction outside of the dregs campaigns is rendered useless. You can however force interaction by bringing everyone else into those campaigns and providing meaning to them. What we are bringing up though, is that
  12. It's been said frequently that CW's are the main focus of this game and they want players focused on those as much as possible. To that extent, the relics/artifacts are not supposed to provide a great impact on CW's. They would be going back on quite a bit in order to bring it all together. Things seem to be tilting toward a gear driven, economy game that requires numbers to maximize efficiency and effectiveness.
  13. I have a reason but it requires a very small story. Player A- This person is a player who only goes into ZERO import campaigns because they value the fairness it brings to a new CW. Player B- This person prefers their EK and the conveniences of earning gear and being able to use it from the start in campaigns. Across the entire game, there are a number of Player A's and Player A guilds. There aren't enough to really build a game around though. Across the entire game, the numbers of Player B's is immense as they fill up all of the other CW's in all of the other bands and the EK's.
  14. If we agree to a fight and I bring a $500 gun and you bring a $40 knife, if I lose... sure I risked much more. But, I'd have to be pretty incompetent to lose. If we assume we both brought equal value to the campaign... If I brought a very unique $500 gun that I earned over months of hard work and it could stop bullets and you brought a gun that you bought for $500 after selling your VIP, we both brought $500 guns... but you're still far from an equal. Why reset the worlds if you allow those who had advantages in the last CW's to bring them into the new CW's?
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