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  1. Saw this over on the LotD boards. Obs led LoD to become one of the greatest veteran guilds still around today. I was lucky enough to interact with him a number of times across many games and he remains truly one of the greats. Fair Wind and Following Seas! Rest In Peace
  2. During rough economic times the entertainment industry tends to get a boost as people are looking for an escape. That's not me encouraging anyone to ever invest in anything, but it's what is often taught in economics classes.
  3. Hi Youngtrotter, Tyrant is actually not just a GM but part of the dev team. He was defending simply what this phase of the testing is. This game is a survival game currently, similar to Day-Z and Ark, etc. As it stands, having a team of 3 people working together is usually enough to keep you alive and progressing. The PK element of the game is essential to assist with testing skills, inventory, looting, respawn mechanics, etc. As an example, I respawned and fell trough the earth. Considering that this game is a in depth crafting and PvP style game, you'll have to be prepared to
  4. I'm hopeful that we can get you some better gear so we can quit being forced to carry you!
  5. Died on top of a mountain on the eastern side and when I respawned I was frefalling through the map floor.
  6. I don't know that they were more toxic than most of the forums I've frequented for bigger titles of late. ArcheAge, BlackDesert, Etc. However, there was a good number of people who wanted a wild west, which may organically grow eventually but their attempts to force it were ill-advised.
  7. http://community.crowfall.com/index.php?/topic/13977-wed-november-9-%E2%80%93-thu-november-10-bugs-anomalies-and-tech-issues-feedback/page-3 You might want to be aware of this forum/thread for the next go around. I'd guess it's checked more frequently and by the right eyes. See ya in game.
  8. Truthfully, the biggest concern will be limiting the size of groups who are "working together" as the current population is limited and it would stifle interactions. I've encountered a few groups though outside of our little war party.
  9. That's on the table, but we don't mind letting ACE having some breathing room to do what they need to do.
  10. I've been back and having fun with the rest of our LotD folks.
  11. This is the issue I think contributed to not being able to slot the rose gold bars. Using the higher tier of resources.
  12. Good Morning ACE team, hope y'all are doing well. Here are some of the things I was running into last night: Rosegold bars were not able to be placed into weapon crafting slots (not sure if this is intended or not) Frequently crafted items would not be moved to inventory upon a successful creation Occasional Server sync? I find that as moving through the world and using skills I'll sometimes be moved backward in time as if I desynch'ed with the server. I do maintain FPS Combat feels immensely better but there seems to be some responsiveness issues that make it difficult to time your co
  13. I'm not around much anymore, but they initially said that they were going to introduce a number of different types of attacks that they could apply to a number of different classes, but limited to a single class at a time. This would allow them to evaluate the attacks and balance them easier later on down the road.
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