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  1. Feels bad. It was probably some of the absolute most fun times in SWG for me. Starting up and no one had anything, and everyone had to do different things and sort of work together/help out to create 1 weapon or armor the first few weeks etc. So the whole "new campaign" thingy was super intriguing for me and just general crafting - but if keep the drop rate stuff, it feels kinda dead to me already - Which feels bad, because i was SO looking forward to this game. But alas. Yeah, its probably easier to make a toggle instead of what they did + it is just so so annoying i have to a
  2. I am just going to do a pro/con list. Pro Combat: Really funny and new to me. Really enjoy the chaining with skills, no tab-targetting etc. Takes skills to hit with bow and spells, and not just tab targetting etc. I enjoy the gathering(not the amount of gather) system and how i need tools for things etc. Reminds me of StarWars Galaxies(favorite crafting game) Not everything is intuitive or explaing (but its a beta, and was the same in SWG, which was part of the experience back then) Fast leveling I took about 5-6 hours to get
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