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  1. Taking Pann's original post at literal face value: I'm doing ok. I'm lucky I can work from home. Losing weight (this is a good thing) because I'm not eating out so often and am forced to *gasp* eat my own cooking. Enjoying the extra time with my partner, who is also lucky enough to work from home (she often helps me with brainstorming ideas to fix work issues, and vice versa, which is pretty nice). Realizing how much I took for granted the little things. Being able to go to the store when I felt like it, being able to get what I want when I wanted no matter the hour. Realizing how much th
  2. I'd be willing to bet that's Ice Storage, not pips (though functionally it's probably very similar to pips I'd bet). *wildly speculates*
  3. Probably to avoid accidentally hitting it while doing this:
  4. Hm, hope you're wrong Toadwart, but time will tell I guess. Your assumptions seem to be based on the state of the game as it is currently and assumptions by what different people might find worthwhile or fun (apologies if I am incorrect in this), but there's no reason to think things won't change as we get closer to full release and actually have all the features and gameplay functions available. At any rate, I don't want to further derail the OP's guild recruitment post with theories and discussions about what type of guild is viable, so I'll leave it at that and echo my previous state
  5. I dunno, I could see possibilities with this. What if you are a small guild and don't have all the crafts covered? There will be room for many different types of playstyles, I think it can work. Not all guilds are mega guilds with tons of accounts and crafters to cover every need. If I ran a small guild, I'd probably have my members focus on gathering materials and then seek out experienced craftspeople to actually make at least some items; the crafting part is actually a lot harder to get skilled at than the gathering part. Just my 2 bits. Good luck!
  6. Crowds are fickle. Saying "I dont care about bugs, just give me the content" is, *in my opinion*, largely about a need for instant gratification. This next patch is a huge milestone, it's very important that they get it right. I think Kraahk was spot on in the assessment that those who have the least invested (in time especially, not necessarily monetarily) are going to complain the loudest. It needs to be reasonably stable, even when it's going on Test first with a smaller pool. People will talk and it will be streamed. It. Needs. To. Be. Right.
  7. As a general rule, I feel crafters should be paid for their time and expertise, even if providing the mats, and I don't feel it should be optional except at the crafters' indvidual discretion (hence why I chose the "no gold, no goods" option). There are always exceptions, of course (discounts and freebies are common for repeat customers to build up the relationship, and of course crafting for the guild is basically like crafting for yourself so charging doesn't make sense there either.), but having done crafting a lot throughout the years, I've found that leaving it to a "tips only" policy wil
  8. I almost made a fool of myself in this computer lab by laughing way too loudly at this. Thanks Kraahk. XD
  9. For me, it really depends on the video game. Not all games require lore or a story. But for games where you play the role of a character, I'd say it's a requirement and as important as any other piece including mechanics, gameplay loops, level design, etc. (This includes RPGs obviously, but it also applies to games where you play a specific role, like Mass Effect where you play the role of Commander Shepard or Tomb Raider where you play the role of Lara Croft. Tomb Raider is only an RPG in the very loosest definition, but I can't imagine that game working if it didn't have good story/lore.)
  10. Ahh, that makes sense then. I'm fine with waiting, thanks for the response! (individual elements would be better than the whole thing at once, so that's worth waiting for)
  11. Yeah, I've tried changing the resolution a few times; 1360 x 768 is the max I can go and anything lower will just make everything super blurry in windowed full screen mode. In windowed mode it will make the window smaller, and based on that and looking at some other screenshots/videos I've seen of other folks UI, it looks like mine is not cutting off or anything. So I'm wondering if maybe they just got rid of the slider? And if so...whyyyy XD As a side note, changing the resolution and going to windowed mode instead of windowed full screen doesn't help the text at all, if anything it mak
  12. Yeaaaah, now that you mention it does look like part of my screen is getting cut off along the edge; my character sheet is actually going off screen a bit. I can't see the UI zoom you're referring to since I think it's either covered up by the character sheet, or below it and off the screen. That would certainly explain why I never saw it before XD I'll see what I can do to fix that, thanks very much for the insight! (see, didn't even know there was a UI zoom button there at all lol)
  13. Hello all, I know additional UI tweaks are in the works for future builds, but I'm just wondering if anyone has any suggestions for how I might make my UI a little easier to read. (Apologies in advance if this is a noobish question, I just haven't had any luck finding resources on this or figuring it out for myself, kind of at my wit's end so I figured I'd throw it out there in case I'm missing something obvious...) A little background: I use a 27" LCD tv as my primary monitor (using a DVI connection. My normal desktop resolution is 1360 x 768). I know this is a somewhat unusual set
  14. Your points about knowledge being power in this game were also very salient; I kind of wondered how that was going to work once the game went live. It was nice to read for testing purposes at least, helped give me a basis of understanding of how some of the systems worked (or at least, what their aim was.) Sorry to see it go but glad to hear that this isn't going to mean an end to you or your guild as a presence in Crowfall proper, and very glad this isn't the end of Malekai and your other projects, very much looking forward to those. I strongly suspect I'll just be another corpse in your
  15. Putting the words "Zealots" and "laid back" in the same sentence. Seriously though, sounds like a great guild!
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