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  1. Shakin off the Rust, 5.3 TEST

    Looks good, can't wait til this build adds in other testing groups; really liking the UI changes
  2. Pledge question

    As of right now, yes you can upgrade later (I still see the upgrade options on my store page), and the layaway options are still there. No idea if this will change closer to release.
  3. Glad I'm not the only one that had this thought; I love that series; the warfare on the Shattered Plains would be a fun thing to play out in Crowfall. On topic, thanks for posting this Anthrage. I haven't been excited about terrain in an MMO since Warhammer Online; very much looking forward to playing around with the different parcels and seeing how they will affect the combat.
  4. Hello Everyone

    I would guess you need to be a backer (purchased the game) to post in other parts of the site? Either that or there's some sort of time-based limitation? I forget, it's been a little while since I had to think about it.
  5. Too Much Action?

    I think Ape summed up my thoughts perfectly; will just add on that I hear what you are saying regarding culture, Wayoun. A game can be competitive and even cutthroat without being toxic. There are ways to get newcomers the help and assistance they need with getting started without hand-holding during a competitive campaign though. There should definitely be some sort of training wheels mode that folks can opt into if that's what they want. I'm even ok with a required tutorial if it isn't too ridiculous. Honestly a big huge honking "WARNING" sign before entering into a campaign would also be a good idea, complete with the rulesets and tips regarding those rulesets (ie, when you log into a Free-for-all campaign, it should be stated "Hey, remember this is FFA and anything goes. TRUST NO ONE." Edit: To clarify, I am referring to the finished open game here. Testing is another matter entirely and people should expect things to be barebones during a pre-alpha. It's kinda silly to expect otherwise, in my opinion.
  6. Too Much Action?

    To my understanding, there will be different bands of campaigns, some will be harder for a newcomer than others. The ones in the outer bands are expected to have more newcomer friendly features, like faction-based starting areas that are pretty difficult for non-faction to get to. This'll give them a place to start and not get demolished immediately. What you are describing sounds like the FFA maps, more like what Bloodbath is now. These types of worlds would certainly be a lot harder for a newbie to get into, but they are meant to appeal to a different type of player. This is my understanding, I could be wrong. The current testing setup for the campaign worlds seems to be this way right now.
  7. Not to mention you could just require that people in your kingdom not be dicks. I believe there is a way to ban people from your kingdom, isn't there?
  8. Wierd things

    I think I understand what you're getting at, but basic functionality shouldn't be something one has to trial and error. I think there's enough nuance in this game currently (and even more planned) that being "casual" (such a loaded term, but trying to apply the context you're going with here) will probably never be an issue. If you want to get anywhere, you will have to figure things out and do some research, for sure. But basic understanding of how abilities work shouldn't be one of those things, in my opinion.
  9. They've mentioned that there will be many types of campaigns with different types of victory objectives. The nature of their system not only allows but actively encourages experimentation. Once the underlying systems are in place, they will be able to create all sorts of map types and game types, so I'm not terribly concerned at this point about things getting stale or boring from that perspective. My only concern is that for this to work the combat has to be really on-point. It's getting there, but definitely not there yet.
  10. New player, Help PLEASE!

    Also if you prefer to read rather than watch, this should help: Additionally, more helpful posts are available in the Welcome to Crowfall forum (where I pulled the guide from as well):
  11. I'm kind of on the opposite end of the spectrum from Tinnis, as I just started and barely have anything trained. So, during the alpha testing cycle I am primarily training crafting (though I recently started training exploring to get some of the early harvesting bonuses, since I'm finding I'm doing a lot more gathering at this point based on the state the game is in). Come launch, I fully intend to harvest for the first few weeks, then switch to crafting almost exclusively once I've gained a few contacts for materials.
  12. I had high hopes for playing a druid when I started. I took it off my training rotation last week.
  13. Ranger/Stalker merge

    My girlfriend played a centaur ranger in one of our D&D groups that she absolutely loved. I was hoping this would eventually be a thing, cuz then I'd be able to sell her on Crowfall a lot easier. >.>
  14. It also feels pretty apparent in melee mode on a ranger as well, for what it's worth. I mean, I'm managing to make it work, but I can definitely understand the issue. It's less about what your character is actually doing and more about making sure you have your crosshair directly lined up on the opponent's hitbox. Which, I dunno, I guess you could make a case for it makes it more skill based...but it is VERY ruthless if you have even remotely crappy ping. I don't know if duelist/myrm has a more forgiving window or what, never played those classes so no idea personally.
  15. For me, this, bold for emphasis. I had to resort to making a tiny macro with my keyboard (I have a logitech g510) to making this more bearable, but it's still a little nerve-wracking with the dizzy mechanic in place. Even that wouldn't be so bad if the camera didn't get force zoomed in so much. I dunno, I understand that gathering should be a risk vs reward thing, but at this point it feels like all risk and very little reward. Really, the only way I can make this work in my head is that you're just not meant to get anything other than white grade mats until you've put in a month or two of gathering training (which, I dunno...seems kinda nuts to me, even with a healthy long-term view of things).