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  1. I can barely imagine the huge mistake it would be to allow everyone to make their own guild heraldry (or, as is the case here, have the developers make it for them).
  2. saerain


    I find that the elves that look least like "humans with pointed ears" are the ones that don't have giant ears. It tends to be a crutch. Rely on it less and you get a wider array of differences. It's a good thing these ones are blue.
  3. A shame, as always. Lore is so often the best part of a game, yet meaningless in practice.
  4. It's ****ed up, but I'm totally fine with the fae being ****ed up. Remember Aerynth's elves? Or the Cleansing Flame? It's not exactly radical to have child-abusing fae, either, looking at the myths of the British Isles in particular. The misandry adds an extra dimension to it that seems appropriate. And topical.
  5. Very nice fae design, though. I like the size a lot. I'm pretty confident it's about the in-character writing on the archetype's page. She's quite the tumblrina. I need an antiemetic.
  6. I don't understand the sentiment that people "can't be held accountable" just because there's a part of the character you can't destroy. Shadowbane didn't have permanent death, either. I understand the satisfaction in "burning down their house", but surely even if the Eternal Kingdoms were destructible, you would prefer to attack their efforts in the Dying Worlds, because that's where things matter, as far as I can see thus far. That's where you rip out the heart supplying the blood. The Eternal Kingdoms are mirages of immortal minds, in comparison.
  7. Though worlds have died long since, a ghost of Gilliandor remembers this Gwaridorn lord.
  8. They kept using the word "virtual" such that it seemed like a hint to me, as well. Bummer.
  9. Shadowbane's graphics were pretty rough, but I seriously doubt they were its undoing.
  10. saerain


    I'm a big elf fanatic, mys-elf. Tall or short, pointy-eared or not, childlike or statuesque, forest-dwelling posh hippies or decadent arctic Nazis. But one thing I can never seem to enjoy is leaning on big floppy ears as the "this is an elf" flag. I see people saying that they need to be "more than humans with pointy ears" but I really don't think the way to do that is to make the pointy ears bigger. I'd rather some inhuman skin tone or stature than flightless wing-ears!
  11. It's very much in the vein of the cosmologies you get in fantasy settings. Between the art on the front page and that "cryptic tree", I get a really Shadowbane-esque confluence of Norse mythology, Arthurian legend, and Tolkien's mythopoeia, with George R. R. Martin's love of feuding houses thrown on top as a multitude of factions, apparently aligned with deities plotted into this cosmology. But at this point I think anything anyone's suggesting is mostly wishful thinking.
  12. Greater persistence and more "living" AI seem to be the big pushes of the next generation of MMOs through efforts like EverQuest Next and Star Citizen, and I think they're right to prioritize them. I think it's exactly where the next generation needs to land. I understand that most of this community seems to be expecting a PvP sandbox and I expect no less while hoping for more.
  13. I would hope that they have Meridian on-board and that the lore will direct me where I need to be.
  14. A search shows me that the first mention of these names is from another of Masterofspells' threads. The mystery deepens.
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