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  1. Gurth gothrim Avari! PS: "Gimp Elves get good Elves killed" -Belina, LMFAO! Bel is awesome.
  2. Wow, didn't think I'd ever see so many Lok-ri around and talking about a single game again. I was Dy'nereir in Lok-ri, though after Death, I went to Mourning with Mourne, Talendar and a few others and joined up with House Avari / Hy'shen Avari and switched my handle over to Rhend.
  3. It's well beyond that point now. Some people are compatible, some aren't. She was simply able to pretend to be someone else long enough for us to have a kid together, then she changed completely. It happens, it's what actually happened to my Dad and stepmother when my little brother was born. Our problems ended up going so far beyond video games that the gaming was such a little part that I feel comfortable mentioning it in passing. My parents divorced when I was 4, and have to say, the animosity they had for one another, I'm glad they did, and felt that with my wife that being divorced would be the lesser of two evils in this instance.
  4. I don't think truly rare items will exist. I believe this is a world where they are attempting to make the very best items fairly common so that a persons build and level of skill is the determining factor in a win instead of their gear, essentially the Anti-everyMMO except DF and SB mantra.
  5. She had a ton of frickin hobbies, but it still didn't stop me from becoming it once that big ole "I do" got dropped, stuff changed with a quickness, lol.
  6. All of you married people who either have a wife who is also a gamer, or a wife who is a non-gamer yet is supportive, I hate you all! lol My wife, now soon to be ex-wife, is the type that as soon as I would start ANY game, even if we had just spent a week on a cruise together, would start nagging about how I should spend more time with her. There was no time EVER for ANY gaming. She would seriously get upset if on my day off, while she was at work, if she found out I gamed at all.... So, to you lucky bastards that found nice, supportive, non-obtrusive, non-naggy wives, I seriously hate you, in a round about sort of way. =P
  7. Faction vs faction, even with 3 factions is a frickin boring arse snorefest. We get it, you drunk the DAoC koolaid, but the game is one of the softest MMO's ever to be called a PvP MMO. Archeage was/is more "hardcore" than DAoC. Though like you've stated before, there are plenty of people willing to call DAoC the best PvP MMO ever, but, those are the same type of people who love games like WoW. They would be the people who commit tax evasion in the real world, trying to claim that their world is hardcore, while the murderers are just foaming at their mouth at the chance to make you all ragequit from this game.
  8. It depends on how hard it is to get the materials, that we can't really speculate on. In DF it was fairly easy, in Shadowbane you set your vendor to roll x number of such and such item, you then came back the next day and kept what you wanted, and put the other good items up for sale on your vendor for people in the guild to buy the pieces that were good for builds/classes you that you didn't really use. Others in the guild could then buy the stuff for fairly cheap. Basically you could farm for a few minutes to get enough gold to buy most of your gear. No biggie. I would have to estimate that my 4-5 or so years in Shadowbane I probably spent a quarter of the time getting gear than I spent in the year in WoW getting gear.
  9. ACCOUNT INFORMATION Username rhend Beta Group 6 Once upon a time (Jan 12th) this said Beta Group 2 Doesn't particularly matter to me, as I've bought Gold, but still.
  10. You might want to check your group. I was beta group 2 until the morning of the KS'r. Before I pledged I checked it on my account here and had been moved to beta group 6, as had a few others I checked with. Basically they moved everyone back to 6 so that people had to pay for the earlier beta groups and not get in for free.
  11. It will be exactly like that. Games that make you work really hard for gear are doing it because 1. It's another grind to keep you busy, and 2. Because the game is more item based than skill-based. In Shadowbane you could hit max level in a few hours, and gear was relatively easy to get. They did this because PvP was the focus of the game, not a leveling rat wheel and not a gear induced feeding frenzy so that it makes it easier to kill people without the same gear. When everyone is in equal gear, and no class is actually OP, then it comes down to the players skill (or numbers) to determine who wins. As to my OP statement, it's much, much easier to ensure classes wont be OP in a game that sets the game up with PvP balance in mind first. Games that tend to have a lot of balancing problems in PvP are games that tended to balance their classes out against mobs in the PvE arena, and then later decided to switch the PvP button to the on position.
  12. I was Lok-ri at that time. We had a good number of people, and at times had a large force of non-rp'rs who would back us up. The LoD/VA alliance kind of backed us into a corner of having to make nice with some of the bigger guys in order to be competitive (such as Sinbad). But, Lok-ri was easily one of the softest guilds on the server. While having some numbers, we/they were very unorganized. We had some great political leaders, but our actual ingame leadership was severely lacking, we lacked spec groups, and any kind of cohesive standard. Now, House Avari on Mourning was almost the complete opposite of Lok-ri, lacked numbers, but had great organization and great leaders all around, and did a decent job of protecting commander.
  13. And those are the type of people that no one here will shed a tear that they didn't decide to come play in our sandbox with us.
  14. Even if every campaign is full loot, so what? This isn't WoW where it takes you getting 40 buddies together 40 times for hours on end each time to get your full set of gear you want, until they release the next xpac in which case you then have to do that all over again. This is a game that will be more along the lines of Shadowbane and Darkfall, where the best gear is fairly easy to get and replace, where people will have several sets banked at all times ready to replace what was lost. The people who whine about full loot are so conditioned by the WoW raid mentality for getting gear,or the L2 Asian grind mentality that they just can't seem to comprehend that gear is really easy to get in a game like this.
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