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  1. Interesting you posted the alpha warrior DPS on thread calling for radicals to be nerfed. What makes it more interesting that you dont address anything about radicals other than complain about left click, but really go into detail about Alpha Warrior. You also used the same DPS parse photo requesting for the Alpha Warriors to get nerfed. I believe the parse you referring was taken in the test server using 6.5 proposed changes with a fully crafted weighted legendary weapon. After participating in many 6.4 DREG battles giving fully charged neck breakers and taking neck breakers from fello
  2. Do you want 1v1, 2v2 etc. Then you need an arena system. Open world PvP is intended for open world. Have you ever heard Dont bring a knife to gun fight.... Dont go alone to infected
  3. Great idea as long range is decreased. Firing x4 damage (1K to 1.2k) hit from 65m doesn't seem balanced. No other class in the game can do this. \ To fire an aimed shot you should be stationary for at least 2 seconds
  4. Sure. Lets make Bomb-Secutors even more deadly as it is now.
  5. If that the case. Why there basically No pits out there. Entertain me
  6. Champion "Specialization Abilities" (Ultimate Warrior / Mighty Warrior / Brutal Warrior) Champion is the only that has penalty for hitting his "UW/MW/BW' ability. There is no need to increase size and become a larger than life target. Please remove this penalty from our "UW /MW/BW" ability. No other class in the game has penalty associated with their "UW/MW/BW" ability. Make us glow it doesn't matter, but don't make us the biggest guys in the battlefield
  7. Nope. That will destroy the Alpha Warrior and Barbarian. Pit Fighters just dont do enough damage to a threat in 1v1 scenarios. There are ton of better classes for 1v1 specially stealth users, mana-shield casters, etc. BTW - after learning more about the champion class. I would like to request that this thread is closed.
  8. Still the best class in the game. King of DPS!
  9. Guys, What is taking so long? 34 hours and counting. Test Server still down. No bueno ACE
  10. ACE-Team 6.300 Positive Feedback Game is looking good and more polished every day. I have noticed good performance on 40v40 PvP fights. With very few exceptions, every class has definite role in combat. (I am still NEW to the game, but I have seen a good variety of classes on the battlefield) The crafting system is incredibly detailed and complex. (Great job and design) Critiques (from a new player stand point) The skills have a detailed description of what they do. However, it is not clear to a new player what each skill cost, duration, and all other symbols
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