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  1. When a Fanatic is channeling Condemnation the following CC abilities do not take effect Stun, Knockdown and suppress. (The Fanatic takes damage but the CC effect did not happen)
  2. Thanks for fixing the NPE for SUN. We have been waiting for (3) days to finish the quest. Can we get the tankard event extended?
  3. The NPE is broken (at least for me or SUN). I get the Enemy Sanctuary Debuff and DIE no matter what I do. I just cant get there and cap the fort. NPE is broken I cannot complete the NPE - therefore NO MUG
  4. That aint going to happen. Everyone is doing EQs in preparation for release How about giving the darn thing for trying the NPE till level 30 thats it.
  5. Is the Fort quest part of the NPE quest line. That quest is nearly impossible to solo
  6. The reason is 75K is to either make you farm for 2 hours or buy VIP. The game needs support after launch. I would like to see a drop in the VIP price $5.00/month (I think many will subscribe for a year and support the game)
  7. Here we go again. Archer is not the only spec for Ranger. There are other specs that benefit from barbed stakes. Thank Barria
  8. I have been playing for quite some time and this is the first time I experience a similar issue. I went from downloading a 10Gb patch in a few minutes to downloading a 9GB over 3 hours. Something is definitely wrong. I even tried to repair the game a few times. Something changed, maybe the path.
  9. Getting an Error#1 message when trying to patch my game. MESSAGE READS AT 6% Error#1 Timeout I/O Unknown error Failed to access content on network read operation
  10. Ole Ole Ole YRB!! Brother
  11. Watch Rufio's stream when is playing his Archer. The dude is doing 2.3K aimed shoots and 500/hit multi-shots. Archers are true snipers when built right
  12. Thanks - After watching your videos I noticed that there is a lot I have learn about assassins.
  13. After carefully looking at the Assassin class I noticed the following: Assassins have only (1) mechanism to get close the gap. Champions have (2) Leaps & range attack that slows the enemy, Templars have Congregation & Censure, Myrmidons have net pull & Colossus Smash. Knights have Chain Pull & Pursuit Propose: switching disengage to a pull mechanism similar to chain-pull. Making them at least pullers in larger group fights. If pulling is not an option consider giving a skill called "bolas" (Bolas - is a type of throwing weapon made of weights on the ends of interconnected cords, used to capture animals by entangling their legs) Assassins self health is way too weak to even compete with other melee focused classes. For example: Knights can heal for 750 for stunning and knockdowns + Healing from blocking. Rangers can heal for 10% damage given. Myrmidons have berserk for sustain mechanism. Templar can heal by parrying and other mechanisms. Champions can heal when CC (there is ton of cc in game). Assassins can only heal for 450 for stunning ONLY. Propose: Give assassin a leeching poison ability "leeching poison". Healing over time for poisoning the enemy - Can only trigger for a certain amount of time. I am not sure if the above proposed changes will "fix" the assassins but I am positive that it will improve their current situation. Assassins are not useful in large PvP battles and barely have survivability compared with other melee focused classes 1v1.
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