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  1. The economy is probably worse for them because they decided to go Order, so their Temple area is probably mostly devoid of vendors. For my part, I think the economy is fairly decent again with the addition of gold from WarTribes. With currency velocity again people have a means of exchange that fits into the vendor system to allow for asynchronous trade. I've managed to get about 10 characters geared up, and outfit some of my harvesters with premium discs like Foreman and Connesuer, get an epic mount recipe, etc. all from other player vendors.
  2. You can, but as is evident by your posts your guild has not accepted help from others and you don't seem interested in doing all the things in game that are designed to boost your crafting ability apart from passive training. What's funny is I don't think you realize that it use to be the case that recipes were actually gated by passive training. lmao But anyway, the core thing here is you at least stated what your time frame expectations are which is what you should have said more concisely from the very beginning. You want your small guild that is brand new to be equally competitive as people in bigger groups that have been here since the last wipe, and some having been here for 3+ years - in a couple weeks. Amazingly, you can be, or close to it, you just have to do a lot of work like A LOT of work- which you can actually do - but I sense that you don't want to do that stuff but would rather just grind out mobs or grind out crafting poorly made socks nobody will ever use to gain crafting points you can allocate. I respect your guys attempt to be hard chargers, and most of us recognize the crafting system needs to be improved, but you aren't gong to get much sympathy from people who have been neckbearding this game for more than a year if you aren't doing all the stuff we have to do to be competitive.
  3. I've basically stopped including that stuff on purpose because it's realistically not going in the game. Just like UDL.
  4. You guys chose to play on order which was expected and known to basically be an empty faction. You could have chosen to align closely with the main Chaos guilds and worked together with them, etc. Again, I'm not saying the system works well, but I also think your statements are mostly off-base. The economy does work, maybe not as well as it did 1 year ago, but with vendors in temples there is all kinds of stuff being sold. Not a lot of crafted gear, but there is nothing preventing that. The crafting system needs to be improved but making it all active training is a big leap. If the economy and vendor system worked better you would be able to acquire even more stuff from other players, more easily. Amazingly, EVE Online has a completely time gated crafting system and has one of the most vibrant in-game economies I've ever seen in any MMO.
  5. No, it shouldn't now, though it use to more than a year ago when melee weapons were stat sticks for rangers. You can test and look at details when in melee vs ranged tray, and check your penetration ratings for the different damage types.
  6. More than a year ago we had a map occasionally called "Abattoir" which was essentially a one zone map with tons of resources everywhere. It was kind of fun because it was mostly a large arena and people did lots of dueling and stuff. The current population could probably do decently in the main campaign right now, but seems like at least half the people just stay in the Gods Reach and Infected maps. The main problem as I see it is ACE has fundamentally failed to attract enough of the *kinds of players* it needs for this game to be vibrant at this stage. I suspect they are not concerned with that as they are trying to grind out to the next phase of Alpha and soft launch.
  7. It is not entirely time-gated. Attribute stats comprise an enormous amount of the source for crafting and experimentation points. Disciplines add more. Food, like Bon tippers, helps more. Crafting gear add more. Crafted vessel with the right racial bonus and enhanced stat pools allocated to the specific crafting line add tons more. Potion of sapho, adds more. Crafting inside a keep adds more. Using a group with one player/character running Leadership with crafting, adds more. This poorly made socks is literally for sale by people, you just need gold, which can be acquired so easily now because of the wartribe camps. I'm literally doing all of this poorly made socks with white vessels. I'd be the first to admit the economy and crafting system continues to be flawed in many ways, but you are totally misrepresenting the status quo because I suspect you just want to be able to actively grind no-life neckbeard your way to max skills. This game was suppose to have zero grinding for levels and poorly made socks in the first place, you should be happy ACE decided to abandon what they promised in kickstarter to compromise for people that like to do active grinding (boggles the mind).
  8. The only thing significant left to add is Dregs, and that will not change core combat mechanics, only the manner and style of siege gameplay. The only other main missing mechanic is for crafting, and honestly it won't impact 90% of players.
  9. Go pro and use color and hair dos to distinguish vessel/class builds. At least you can name necromancied vessels and the name label shows when you lock in the vessel.
  10. The problem isn't that some players are hardcore, the problem is that not enough hardcore players have decided to stick around and play Crowfall. I keep seeing casual guilds and players pop in. Lot's of new and soon to be gone names I'm sure. Sorry, casual doesn't fuking cut it here, this game requires way to much logistical grinding for casual to have a chance. Dude keeps complaining about faction stacking, but I'm guessing hasn't been around long enough to know any real context. Factions were decent at various points but also one side gets completely outnumbered all the time. 1.5 years ago Balance amounted to like a dozen people while UDL was the zerg. But this year some groups decided to quit because the game was too much hard work, or the people that were doing a lot of the work for them switched sides. The people who decided to neckbeard and work hard on the logistical grind won, a lot. How is any guild supposed (much less be demanded of) to balance out the game for every one else when people just quit all the time and can switch factions every two weeks. This game is enough work already to have to work on the behalf of other lazy players demands. 2 months ago I was averaging 30 hours a week in Crowfall, running 6 accounts constantly. Fights in this game are 90% won before the fights ever happen. Numbers, group comps, gear. You can sit there and mash buttons but if you out compete on those 3 components you will 90% win. People aren't going to win sht running around in groups half full of assassins wearing green wartribe armor. /rant
  11. One of the primary counters to this is that some completely new to the game can level up a white (free) vessel in an hour, or in 5 minutes if they have friends give them gold/artifacts. They can then immediately equip and wield the most powerful gear in the game. The idea of late game is more a factor of your groups organizational and logistics capability. If people don't have a group they are largely fukd. According to ACE, that is not a problem in their mind.
  12. What you are seeing is the result of ACE tinkering with the crafting system, passive training, and recipe unlocks, multiple times without ever fully removing elements of the previous systems. Like, these systems have literally been overhauled like 4 times that I can recall. In general, the reason the system seems fuber is because it is.
  13. GR Temple should be capped at R4 or lower, Campaign temple should be capped at R6 or lower. Adventure, siege areas for the GR servers should probably not go higher than R6. People can farm up green gear in R6, to be minimally viable in a campaign, but blue and higher should be restricted to roaming around the adventure areas of a campaign world, IMHO.
  14. I mean, that basically describes 99% of the content generated for the gaming industry.
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