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  1. I like the way BD did that as well. The ability to crouch or go prone and have your name disappear is a better choice for me. However, there will have to be a very deep and immersive environment to pull that off.
  2. It is a worry these days. I think making the items extremely hard to get would have eased the balance a little with some of the developers. I don't think complete removal of items, or only placing them in a paid store was necessary in most of the cases.
  3. Well said. I'll throw in my 2 cents of speculation... Players may have to meet a certain objective in specific, or all of the shards/worlds in order to enter the Eternal Kingdoms. Until certain accomplishments are achieved by each player and given a percentage, it may just be blocked off. Players may be able to group together (combining shard/world victories) so that they can enter the Eternal Kingdoms together. The huge planet/creation in the middle may represent the ability to alter the worlds once certain objectives are met through all of the shards, including the Eternal Kingdoms. The Eternal Kingdoms and the middle area are blue'd out on two pictures, so I just thought I'd throw in my speculation on those being unlocks.
  4. I say have a mixture of orchestral and ambient music. Music can have an effect on the tone of an environment. Whether someone listens to music or not in a game, I think it would be a missed opportunity to avoid it altogether.
  5. I think it would be great. It mixes up the content by adding randomness to keep the gameplay from being easily read. It would be nice to have something like this within the game.
  6. Great idea! Having many players not doing the same thing and putting effort in different Areas is a huge plus. SWG did that extremely well.
  7. I tend to lean in when I keyboard sometimes, so controllers can ease the tension on the eyes.
  8. I believe that the real world is a great example. It can have a history, and still have people make their own mark in the world.
  9. ..Limited gear causing too many characters to look the same for too long.
  10. Playing on a controller is actually pretty easy, especially since controller programs are better designed to be intuitive to the process these days. It doesn't take much time at all. Outside of texting and an auction house, you really have no reason to touch a keyboard if you chose the option. I've bested some pretty good players that swore I used a keyboard in different mmos that didn't natively support it.
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