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  1. Ridrith, I placed an application and look forward to a reply, be it positive or negative. Thank you.
  2. I do like to RP in PC games, and haven't found a guild with a good mix of RP and regular PC content involvement, such as crafting, leveling, pvp, etc. If IC is going to have a good chance of RP in the Crowfall game beyond background story, then I believe IC would be a great guild to contribute to. Using your application rating system, RP: 8, Craft: 7, PVE: 10, PVP: 5-7 (skirmish faction groups hunting for materials or wrecking havoc is my favorite, more than free for all). So, based on what I have stated so far, do you believe your Crowfall guild would be a good fit for my style of p
  3. Read your Home, Charter and Role-Play policies; however, I am confused on one issue. Is the PC branch, explicitly the Crowfall PC game, a role-play/pvp guild? Or is the RP aspect of the IC limited only to your Tabletop branch?
  4. Ridrith; I am highly interested in joining the guild in order to encourage others, participate in uplifting Iron Circle through guild activities. Is your website available for applicants?
  5. Good day and salutations to all; Obviously, a traveler that has found his way to Crowfall. Simply put, this game has an intriguing premise. Now let's see if I don't die so much as to not enjoy it. Sincerely; He-Who-Eats-Dirt
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