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  1. One method to balance the lack of combat stats unlocked by investing in Crafting and Harvesting trees would be to introduce Disciplines that are gated by certain nodes within the those respective trees. For example, the "Lumberjack" Discipline is gated such that it can only be equipped after unlocking the 'Exceptional Axes' or 'Wood Familiarity' nodes. These disciplines could add combat stats like AP or AS, skills like "Axe Throw" or passives like "each swing with a great-axe applies a moderate bleed" A way to reward players for investing deeply in harvesting/crafting and foregoing the combat tree. These disciplines should not "make up" for avoiding the combat tree but enough of a boost to avoid being entirely gimped.
  2. At most, I think we just need 3 archetypes: Warrior, Mage, Assassin. Just like the good old days. New idea. Gate some Disciplines so they can only be equipped if you have certain Harvesting/Crafting skills. So they do not have to be unlocked by a node in the tree, but once you have the node you can equip the Discipline. Will post as a suggestion thread so it gets more visibility
  3. https://www.crowfall.com/en/news/ace-qa-for-june-were-not-done-yet/ It feels like the direction of disciplines is reducing the importance of archetypes. That is not a bad thing at all, but it presents a strange problem for the player and the game. When I listen to the video talk about shaman discs or pet-class discs, I get really excited, and I can tell the team is also excited about the freedom the discipline system gives them. But then I remember I am limited to the base archetypes and I feel stuck again. The direction of the Devs feels more like: I am a crow. I posses vessels. Rather than pick an archetype, let me pick a race and alliance My base kit should be defined by something flexible such as the armor I wear and the weapons I wield, and perhaps my race. I think this direction would offer far more options for play than the current system and would also open up some interesting customization for the Dev team such as: Maybe Banshee equipped with a dagger behaves differently than equipped with a staff Some disciplines can only be wielded in certain armors Certain disciplines could only be wielded with certain weapons; and perhaps races can only wield certain weapons. Perhaps my race or alliance changes the way a discipline behaves? This direction also lends very nicely to the skill development as: The skill trees could become far more vast, specialized, and deep; combat branches can focus on mechanics like bleed or life steal Harvesting and Crafting could also offer benefits to your kit, and hopefully combat, to discourage smurf accounts. For example at the end of the log harvesting tree I unlock a "lumberjack" disc where every swing is aimed with tradesman-like accuracy inflicting a significant bleed. Discs can be unlocked by devoting significant time to a branch of the tree The player is offered more option to focus on combat (and they type of combat they like) or crafting or harvesting, compared to tunnel vision on a single archetype The only thing that feels relevant about archetypes now is which resource I use to interact with the world. The Devs said themselves that archetype are a pain to add which translates to slow content addition for players and complex balancing. It seems to make more sense to focus on the content that can be developed rapidly, like disciplines, to grow the experience much faster. I am not discounting the work you have already done but noticing how the game is evolving, and how that evolution could be held back by other aspects of the game experience.
  4. Ghost army is nice when you can sit in the backline and cast over the current battle action, but in this case you probably do not need healing. I use the other Banshee skill far more often to hurt my attacker and heal off their attacks! Army is a cool skill but doesn't feel potent enough. Perhaps if it applied a snare field?
  5. These are the types of ideas we need. It is nice to have some classes or better, some SKILLS, use different resources, like pips, but trying to make it unique for every single archetype is just...why? Make each class play differently by managing their kit not by adding mechanics! A big problem I see is that WEAPONS should not have a base PCM due to the problem YUMX posted; instead, you should be able to either: use experimentation points on something like Sheen (I am wondering if they missed a "0" YUMX? Like maybe it should be 1.094? That would make more sense) Use special crafting mats like a new ore or wood to imbue PCM TBH, when I play support druid I just heal, swap to electricity, use spark to drain Essence in 1s, then swap back. If I try to focus on damage and healing, I am not going to do either one that well. I do wish Scimitar druid had at least 1 base kit skill to regen though...or shield... I got it! How about a druid shield (LIKE THORNS but with some absorb/mitigation) that increases Essence when hit!
  6. Not in the EU, but just wanted to say you guys have a beautiful website!
  7. Howdy all. I am looking for a forever home. My goal has always been to understand the strengths of my team and compliment their skills through support and debuff skills, to turn the tide of battle in our favor. My flavor is combat-crafting balance. I want to be able to help in battle as well as support our troops with new supplies. I am an older player who has enjoyed playing MMOs with experienced and mature guilds, both as a follower and as a leader when taking up roles as an officer or raid leader. I will be the first to admit that I am not in the top 1% of 1v1 skill but I am always eager to learn and share what knowledge I pick up in the areas of economics, game mechanics, theory crafting, and world-pvp strategy. I am always looking for the next meta. Will the Winterblades have me? Can I follow Angelmar into battle!?
  8. Alrighty. Thanks for the advice Tinnis
  9. Not sure if this is sarcasm. If a player is going to trait everything in one "archetype" than ideally in the end a Knight would end up vastly different from a Templar As it is now, everyone has AP, Regen, Max Health, Mitigation, Crit paths. If "archetype" skill trees are going to offer the same benefits, we might as well just have 1 giant skill tree with 1 vessel, and we can choose was to focus in
  10. While the class skills and resources differentiate the three "tanks" their trees are not all that specialized. The typical knight archetype would want to pump min damage because they cannot rely on critical damage. I found the early tree to be really boring between the Templar and knight; max health, mitigation, attack power blah blah blah I think more can be done in the skill tree to differentiate these classes
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