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  1. This is taking pretty long... That 60 day timer for release of info seemed pretty unnecessary.
  2. I sort of understand what your saying, but then again if the game isn't for you, you simply leave.
  3. Yeah, the tree seems to illustrate good and evil by the levels. And the guilds power can be determined by the crest and the color persay.
  4. Yeah, I am more of a solo person that ranks up.
  5. Is it okay to presume that firepower is maybe cannons or is that some magic?
  6. I am assuming that there are different genders for each class? Male and Female.
  7. Anyone know where this new update will be released?
  8. Where is this crowfall update being posted by Todd Coleman, like what webiste?
  9. that's not ingenious, its common sense and hereditary nature.
  10. lol what, you "like the grind." Lot of time waste.
  11. please please please please no. Lol, I don't want to waste time training some dumb piece of ##$@ that is used for social status of stat boosts. If you want pet maybe like minion or (etc.)
  12. No, not to be mean (I have played that game), but wizard101 really didn't require any skill and was one of those games that you could learn in a couple of days.
  13. I have played a lot of mmo like darkfall, played eso, and occasionally wizard101. However, I quit wiz because got tired of the pigheaded nature of some of the pvp community cause its the case of "you think your good, but you aren't."
  14. Well, I am happy a person is making a game not for the money but for enjoyment of players
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