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    malchias745 reacted to FenrisDDevil in 03/04/15 - Crowfall Is Using Unity 5!   
    Now that UE4 is free, would you tell your past self to choose UE4 instead? What advantages or disadvantages does UE4 bring compared to Unity5?
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    malchias745 reacted to Anthrage in $1 Million, 10,000 Backers, Time For Bonus Rewards!   
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    malchias745 reacted to Angier in To Ace: Please Don't Forget About Consoles   
    Please DO forget about consoles. For now.
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    malchias745 reacted to Handies in To Ace: Please Don't Forget About Consoles   
    No and this should be on the very farthest burner.
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    malchias745 reacted to macavity in Crowfall Twitter Community   
    That sounds really weird.
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    malchias745 reacted to FenrisDDevil in 02/19/2015 - Physics + Double Archetype Drop!   
    Edit: Wait a second, the Duelist has a gun?

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    malchias745 reacted to soulein in 02/17/15 - Voxel Farm & Elken Stalkers!   
    When the countdown is completed, will we have a more complete picture of the game's lore and the available archetypes and promotion classes?
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    malchias745 reacted to valor in 02/17/15 - Voxel Farm & Elken Stalkers!   
    Also, I love the irony of a hunter being a deer based character.
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    malchias745 reacted to checkyotrack in 02/13/15 - Happy Valentine's Day From Artcraft   
    I sent this to a girl and she blocked me. Thanks for doing me a solid.
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    malchias745 reacted to potatomcwhiskey in 02/13/15 - Happy Valentine's Day From Artcraft   
    There is a reason, that this is my Avatar. I CANNOT WAIT TO BE A MURDER DEER.
    Allow me to fan boy out just this once.
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    malchias745 reacted to Handies in Minotaurs Or We Riot!   
    How about no....
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    malchias745 reacted to bahamutkaiser in Minotaurs Or We Riot!   
    I actually don't want a Minotaur, for no reason related to the Minotaur, but a lot of fantasy games isolate their monsters and races to Greek origin material, something like Naga or Oni would help mix up the variety of influence on the game.


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    malchias745 reacted to Handies in Minotaurs Or We Riot!   
    I am from Wyoming. I can see all the Elks I want.
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    malchias745 reacted to Handies in Minotaurs Or We Riot!   
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    malchias745 reacted to luuska in Factions? Do We Really Want Them?   
    Factions are no go. 
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    malchias745 reacted to kdchan in 01/22/15 - The Crowfall Universe, Economy/crafting & Raph Koster!   
    So is full loot confirmed? PLEASE say yes.
    After all there will never be a true crafting class profession if gear is not looted, lost or broken (item decay), if gear last forever like in traditional mmos nobody need crafters, and economy will become stagnant and the crafter a secondary role that nobody care.
    The only way is a full loot system with constant demand of new weapons, armours, siege items, caravans, barracks and so on.
    Also i notice a really good thing, you can craft caravans to move your goods, is very good, crafters need to sell thier ores around the world, but remember, this work only if you have regional resources otherwise miners, loggers and so on stagnate in the same area.
    So no to fast travel and yes to local banking.
    Said that i'm very happy of this update (please confirm full loot one time for all). è_é
    Aslo please tell us about the combat system in next updates, don't be generic tab targeting. If action combat and full loot are in i'm SOLD.
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    malchias745 reacted to checkyotrack in The Arrival Of Koster And Dealing With The Train He Brings With Him.   
    Its already pretty much confirmed that this is going be a PvP oriented game. You gotta get with the program or die.
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    malchias745 reacted to doc gonzo in The Arrival Of Koster And Dealing With The Train He Brings With Him.   
    silly of me, i guess...
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    malchias745 reacted to bairloch in Crafting, making it fun, enjoyable, and tying it into exploration and part of the game itself (warning, huge post).   
    You had me at (warning, huge post).
    Of course I like it, I've written similar posts. Also, it creates opportunities for my smuggling aspirations.
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    malchias745 reacted to jaxylir in Let Us Get Lost Exploring!   
    This is the heart of me.  I dont need a whole planet to get lost in.  Just give me a land that has physical features that allow me to get lost.  For instance, I was running with a guildmate of mine in ESO.  We were running up a hillside searching for others.  When we crested the hill there was about 50 people coming at us.  We turned and ran.  We had no idea where we were and didn't care.  Just had to get lost.  We lost the zerg chasing us and then looked around where we were.  After pulling up the map we realized we were someplace we'd never been before.  For the rest of the night, we took it slow, looking around every corner, every tree, over every hill.  It was awesome.  Getting lost with a friend (or by yourself) is the best.
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    malchias745 reacted to txteclipse in For Those Of You Advoocating For Full Loot....   
    The difference is you've actively placed yourself at risk in one situation, and in the other situation you're dealing with that pesky but inevitable thing called life. It would be like having your character just stand there for anyone to kill when you're offline. People need to at least sleep, eat, and go to the bathroom sometime.
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    malchias745 got a reaction from Lash in Welcome!   
    Well, I am happy a person is making a game not for the money but for enjoyment of players
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    malchias745 reacted to khal in Can Solo be a Thing?   
    I sure hope so. My work/life schedule make my hours odd and random, so I can't always be on during a "prime-time;" not to mention, in the past, for years, in ShadowBane, I was errant, and would just play with whatever friends I had that were on, or I'd just run around by myself and kill people.
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    malchias745 reacted to sarin in 01/13/15 - Character Creation Preview   
    I see creation points !!!! I like that for sure!
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    malchias745 reacted to buhbuhcuh in Grabbing Art   
    I noticed that the forum headers had some concept art too, so I grabbed it: 
    Perfect for making sigs!










    Oh, so yeah, looks like some spoilers. If I get any webdevs in trouble, I am sorry in advance. Remember, players are crazy!
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