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  1. I think it would be reasonable for the equipped vessel with items, but not backpack inventory to be on your crow when you return from a defunct CW. So long as it was on the crow when the campaign ended, whether the player was online or not, even in dregs campaigns. "To the victor go the spoils," of course; but players will have enough grief from losing the campaign. Feeling like their characters died with the campaign forever may be too much trauma for some players to handle.
  2. Remarks like this ^ are how worlds get invaded by irate centaur legions!
  3. Since heads are a resource that can be crafted into a vessel, please make these heads tradable and craftable for necromancy.
  4. So long as you don't lose anything it would be no problem 4 them to go to the spirit bank. This should definitely be an exception to the spirit bank maximum, to curtail griefing behavior.
  5. I think it's weaker because it still works while your group is fighting; ie. giving & taking damage.
  6. You should really consider joining a guild.
  7. From a standpoint of realism, I agree with the OP. Stealth is more like combat than {relaxation, sprinting, riding, crafting, or harvesting}, so players should reasonably be able to access the stealth tray from either combat or survival trays. That said, movement speed and stealth are inversely proportional, so an avatar's movement speed should drop his stealth rating in a linear fashion. If this suggestion is too much load on the servers, stealth can still be tied to movement by cutting stealth movement rates to half of combat movement speeds.
  8. Good idea! In keeping with the specialization for harvesting theme I think it would be cool to have a certain type of jewelry stone associated with each ore and stone motherlode for gems, and a specific semi-precious stone associated with each ore and stone motherlode for soul gems. This would also cut out the confusion by naming each type of gem collected, putting its use in parentheses after the name. eg. Pearl (tier 5 Soul Gem), or Star Sapphire (tier 6 jewelry gem). The tier of gem drops could work just like ore or stone quality for how they drop, but a gemcutter should be able to improve or ruin either type, based on his skill, stat, and rng.
  9. A Phylactery is a tiny book with scriptures or prayers written or printed on it. It's usually worn inside one's clothing and the print is usually too small to read, like the wearer might get holiness by diffusion. Students trying to cram all night, then sleeping on their books after an hour remind me of this.
  10. JTC stated that we can collect heads and even display them in our EK's (Reddit stream).
  11. Because, after launch, ACE still needs a healthy influx of players. EVE found that they needed a catch-up mechanic to maintain server populations and ACE plans to copy that mechanic in CF (and a bunch of other stuff). I'm sure there will be tomes available in the cash shop as well. They will probably have higher prices for tomes that allow higher tier training. This will set a ceiling (and a going rate) on tomes from players.
  12. Correct. Buy to play (B2P), with subscription ($15/mo.) recommended. if you play enough to get materials for trade, you should be able to trade stuff/service for your sub.
  13. In this example, a 4:1 input quality ratio gives the player a 28no improvement :29improvement ratio for successful combinations. This tells us nothing about the chance of flawed assemblies. Would (4 orange : 1 white) input combination yield a (28 amazing : 29 merely successful) improvement chance, or what ratio? It seems that players can at least cut out the chance of amazing success just by waiting until they have uniform quality materials to combine. Can I get some of my orange resources back by scrapping the flawed combined materials? Can I stack the deck toward a less likely flawed combine of orange materials by doing the same recipe with white materials until I get a couple of flawed combines in a row?
  14. You're right. There's just more important stuff to talk about. Surely ACE is aware and the'll improve this stuff when they get the bandwidth.
  15. I bet this is why Minotaur only gets stun immunity from the front.
  16. Every class has magic. Nethari can Call Flames (power). Assassins can take Mage-type disciplines. Wood elves can hide when they remain stationary, so they can help ambush enemies, using Frostweaver and Witch (Druid) class mage-attacks.
  17. That sounds like a legitimate tactic that would help implement an attrition strategy, like destroying planted crops.
  18. I'd like to see more types of toxins, like: Soporific Toxin - Makes the victim sleepy. All CC durations are extended (doubled). Hunger Toxin - Halves hunger resistance and doubles food consumption on the chicken ticker.
  19. Nice click-bait! Your opinion is as good as your word, VN. To reiterate, CF should not be a MOBA.
  20. I think that campaigns for brand new crows (only) is such a good idea it's fine for you to repeat it here. I also think that taking away passive training between campaigns is a terrible idea. CF will not and should not be a MOBA! To my mind, the problems with the passive skill system are thus: Too grindy. Even with VIP a player has to visit his account too often to adjust training, or lose training. I would be better 4 the time bank to last over a month. Skills aren't very interesting. They mostly raise attributes and stats. the skill tree should gate more new abilities and recipes. Skill trees are too linear. There should be multiple directions sprouting from many more nodes, and multiple paths to access a given advanced node. Having said all this, it would be ridiculous for ACE to totally abandon the passive skill system.
  21. The swarthy half-elf in the concept drawing at the top of the article, wearing bear armor, has a black face and white hands. People (in this world) of African descent tend to have hands with about the same color as their faces on the outside, and pinkish color on the palm side of their hands. The lack of diversity on the ACE team made me think you may have needed this info.
  22. In Acts 17:23, the Apostle Paul stated that Athens already had a temple to God (the real one) before he and Barnabas showed up as missionaries spreading the good news. PM me if you'd like to hear that news. It was called the temple "to the unknown God" and it looked much like any other temple in Corinth, except that on the pedestal at its center, there was no graven image or statue to any god. This seems to me to be an acceptable answer to the dilemma for players wanting to be competitive in CF, but not wanting to blaspheme God by worshiping some fake "god". It should theologically satisfy Christians, Jews, and rabid atheists. IDK much about Islam or other monotheistic religions. TL;DR: Just make it possible to have a temple with a place to sacrifice, but no statue or other image to a "god", but sacrifices get full effect, ACE. If you believe it's a sin to waste time playing an MMORPG instead of reaching out to your family or neighbors, then I still have no good workaround for that, but enjoy the milk I did share (1Corinthians 3:1-3).
  23. The same elements of Unity5 that allow procedural (random) or crafted parcel generation should allow ace to procedurally generate caverns and labyrinths or allow players to craft underground areas beneath their EK parcels. Maybe underground complexes could even be crafted into CW strongholds as well, possibly even with multiple entrances? My only concern with fixed-point monster generators is that they become feeding-points for gold farmers in other games. Limiting these super-monster generators to once per season is not as good as random-location monster generation, but it keeps gold farmers from botting up these nodes and breaking the game economy with cheap bot-farmed resources. Another idea is to have a cavern or labyrinth open up progressively, dependent upon a nearby stone or ore motherlode being destroyed repeatedly by stonecutters or miners. This simulates the cavern being mined-out as the gatherers chase the motherlode. It also reserves a boss monster in the back for later exploration as well as increasing player interdependence. Ditto.
  24. New crafting resource: Ivory. Elk antlers, Hellcat fangs and Wyvern fangs are 3 examples.
  25. That's probably the point in ACE setting things up this way. Caveat Emptor @Keagan, the Early bird bonus seems to work like virginity. You only get it once, and if you wait too long, it's less valuable.
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