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  1. That's probably the point in ACE setting things up this way. Caveat Emptor @Keagan, the Early bird bonus seems to work like virginity. You only get it once, and if you wait too long, it's less valuable.
  2. Yes this was the stated reason for adding Dizzy Down(DD) to CF. The reason people did that in Hungerdome was because out of combat(OOC) movement speed and regeneration were higher when OOC. So, the reason we have this ridiculous DD mechanic is because of the equally ridiculous assertion that players should somehow move faster when they're OOC and slower when their fight-or-flight instincts are fully engaged. It makes much more sense to lose the combat/OOC mode dichotomy altogether and just keep the avatar's status alert all the time that the player is running the avatar. This is an unrealistic, unwanted, and unneeded complication to CF. Keep it simpler, Blair!
  3. @Drakonil, that's just one background story. You will be able to write the backgrounds for your own avatars as well. Certainly Stoneborn are part of nature. The lore is no hindrance to Stoneborn Rangers after launch. And they'll need the ranged scout niche in a dwarves-only vs. elves-only lore campaign world.
  4. At the risk of another warning, I cannot believe that the majority of people on discord think that what's wrong with the forum is that it isn't moderated heavily enough. But go ahead and make more rules and excuses to hammer us for speaking our minds. At least you'll have a good time with the forums!
  5. (Almost) All of us want to play CF. But I can wait until ACE makes it good. I want CF to be interesting almost all the time, annoying never and exciting often; with the secret sauce that attracts and keeps a large, thriving player base. Its not even close yet, but it really could happen here. Watching CF being made can be interesting. For pros it should be highly instructive. The real value in keeping us in the loop is twofold. It keeps the backers interested, so we'll test CF and hopefully play it at launch, instead of just wandering off. The community hive mind contributes the needed elements of the "secret sauce " I mentioned, along with a lot of useless drivel. Even though these aren't CF's glory days (better not be, ACE), they're necessary steps along the path toward the great game experience we all want for CF.
  6. The Wyvern is tailor-made to fill this niche, for instance. At launch, I'd like to see one of these these uber-powerful PvE creatures randomly located on the CW map, inactive when the world opens and activated by player action (purposeful or not). For example, an activation event might be: walking into a mountain cave entrance; destroying a particular tree, mob or motherlode node; or entering a specific room in a particular stronghold. After activation the creature would naturally attack the closest player(s) and wander with unlimited leash until killed. Such a creature should have some legendary and unique resources (required in special recipes) on its loot table and extra time to harvest them.
  7. I see arrow slits. Do they provide cover (damage reduction or harder to hit through the slit) for defenders behind them? When chain-pull starts working well, will it pull a defender through a slit, or just injure the archer without pulling him? If it hurts the archer, does chain-pull damage the wall?
  8. @Zolaz has a great idea adding Scry, a shorter duration power for Confessors, Frostweavers and Druids only, off a Discipline Rune. There could be a rune-crafter recipe for a crystal ball that could allow any possessor to scry, with a source-class thrall enchanted into it. Tracking skill from the general exploration skill tree should be improvable from the Ranger class skill tree and Bounty Hunter Discipline Rune (because that's what they do) and the Minotaur race skill tree (because of the lore). Both tracking and scrying should drop the stealth rating of any avatar in sight-range enough to normally make them visible. Scry could make all enemies appear red on the compass and map. Track should should show the paths of anyone who has passed that way recently, blue for your own group, green for allies, purple for enemies, and red for any avatar the tracker has personally hit for damage or debuffed within the track duration. Bounty Hunter Discipline could even have a slow-debuff that can be cast on either a specific target or his tracks. So, I like the footprints tracking concept best.
  9. Spirit Banks? These were supposed to be only for testing. Now we can expect: personal global banks, accessible anywhere. personal local banks in strongholds a mechanic to retrieve most of the inventory from the local bank if we give up on regaining the stronghold. Trade chests. ACE please consider, for the shadowlands CW band: Guild global banks, accessible only at certain points on the map. Anyone can deposit in them,but only certain guild officers can withdraw. They can have a trade chest nearby. Guild local banks in strongholds. Only 5 guild officers in the guild currently possessing the stronghold can withdraw. Trade chests.
  10. Let's not be too hasty to reject this sort of depth in CF. ACE has a very small team, so we shouldn't get hopes too high. Hopefully, like the Race/Class split, ACE will find the wherewithal to implement meaningful artifacts and relics that make players choose between quickly depositing them into the Export Vault and using them in the campaign for a while first, because they have attributes that make them tempting to exploit in the short-term. Of course, sacrificing artifacts & relics in the EK grants buffs for your group over a long term, but I'd like to see them change hands sometimes in the full-loot campaigns. As for the rest, there should be ways to seed this stuff into campaigns even within the procedural CW generation plan. After launch, of course.
  11. As Gummiel pointed out, this is already in CF. I expect ACE to deepen this over time.
  12. I applaud this decision for realism and suggest ACE include a Formation Break proc to it whenever the power rolls a critical hit against an avatar locking shields with at least one other avatar (using a discipline that grants that power). Crash probably shouldn't be a frontal damage source, anyway.
  13. Probably only the minotaurs would embrace the "monster" moniker.
  14. Zergs are poorly organized, so they will suffer from the hunger mechanic. Large, well-organized guilds will do fine with hunger. Since their numbers will make everything else easier, such guilds should win most campaigns. Numbers are a huge advantage in CF. They always will be. So are discipline, skill, and organization.
  15. We need the hunger mechanic to make the zerg less effective.
  16. For some reason I thought they would talk about wyverns as PvE mobs or even mounts.
  17. Blair, please be sure that group harvesting is advantageous, even when a very skilled harvester is grouped with new, untrained harvesters, so that the best harvest buffs of anyone who damaged the node while it was taking damage prior to the doober spew (your words) apply to the loot roll regardless of who hit the node when it degraded to the next stage. Otherwise, new players could be further isolated from their guilds. New players won't be good at combat for a while (even if they specialize in it), give away the group on stealth missions, craft poorly, and harvest poorly. So they need to be integrated with someone until they decide they like CF. There will likely always be a need for more resources than there will be dedicated harvesters willing to exploit nodes, so newbies should always be welcome on a skilled harvester's group.
  18. So, If I'm beating down a stone wall with my spirit hammer; or chopping on a Tree of Life, Banewood Tree, or fort wall with my spirit axe, shouldn't resources that can be picked-up pop-out from the object of my aggression?
  19. I think you're correct to say that VIP has become essential for every account. Todd seemed to say that this will be necessary to fund the game. What you may have forgotten is that VIP tickets will be tradable currency like Tomes, resources, materials, items and thralls. You can buy VIP with whatever currency someone will trade for it. That may be one or more of the in-game currencies just mentioned or cash from the shop, or influence.
  20. It looks like the giant race will still have slow movement. They should keep Blood of the Giants and let Champion's Ultimate warrior have a different effect or set of effects. be creative, ACE.
  21. I don't really see how anyone can play CF without it being GoT RP on some level, but I prefer making our own storyline, character development and society.
  22. RIP, Coolwaters. You were helpful, constructive and unifying here. I expect you were a blessing to all, and touched further than you knew IRL.
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