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  1. RIP, Coolwaters. You were helpful, constructive and unifying here. I expect you were a blessing to all, and touched further than you knew IRL.
  2. Since every living creature can be irrevocably tainted by the Hunger, it seems to me that there should be both a minor and a major Hunger Discipline that is not removable without destroying the vessel employing it. Possibly the minor discipline could be broken off by accepting the major discipline. Each Hunger discipline could confer Hunger powers (already used by Hunger mobs) and cause weaknesses like making the wearer undead and visibly Hungry. It seems to me that the Assassin class is a natural fit as a DOT caster, both with DoT bleeds and DoT poison capabilities. Alchemists should be able to create various DOT potions that could be added to weapon damage while in effect; or short ranged grenados that could do AoE / DoT damage.
  3. Perhaps I'm mistaken. Just don't tell me how you and pang are enjoying this lovely yellow rainstorm. VIP seems to have lost the 3 skill per track queue also.
  4. A straw man is a common form of argument and is an informal fallacy based on giving the impression of refuting an opponent's argument, while refuting an argument that was not presented by that opponent. One who engages in this fallacy is said to be "attacking a straw man". Yes, The provision of queues for VIP does provide more value for buying VIP. No one disputes that fact. As Orleans pointed out McDonald's positively reinforces buying your fries and coke with your burger by offering the Value Meal volume discount. Punishing you for the extra food purchase might be making you wait until your food gets cold before providing the fries and coke (e.g.). Negative Reinforcement might be playing Slim Whitman Recordings until you agreed to upgrade to a Value Meal (e.g.). Making a player lose significant training time until he pays for VIP and logs in a lot feels like urinating on us and calling it rain.
  5. You reward a friend. You punish an enemy. Computer games attract and retain paying customers using the principles of psychology. Rewards are positive reinforcement. They leave the subject feeling better about the conditioning experience. Missing training time between log-ins because you have no training queue is punishment. Holding out on any training queue until one's subscription is paid is negative reinforcement. Punishment and negative reinforcement leave the subject with negative feelings about the conditioning experience. Subjects tend to avoid experiences with an overall negative association if they can, and players certainly can.
  6. Mounts (yea) and pets (boo) were promised during Kickstarter, so I don't see ACE abandoning them. They're just a complication the devs can do without until later in the testing process.
  7. Not necessarily. I've sunk more money than this into something that I left 4ever.
  8. Pro: It lets players decide for themselves. Con: It wastes resources and drives away those who don't want to PvP in your EK. To me that choice outweighs all the cons.
  9. I had no problem with the 1-100 system that the 1-5 system fixed; nor have I heard anyone complain about the 1-100 system, with the exception of the pings we hear in-game when each point is reached. The ding noise was avoided by turning down sound effects. Now we will be logging off to adjust training when the bell goes off, even in the middle of group fights, harvesting or crafting. Kind of like Pavlov's dogs.
  10. And BTW, the passive skill system will be tough on active military players no matter what. They'll have to get someone to log in for them to update skill training or lose a lot of training time. At least VIP is month 2 month. You'll buy a year's supply at a discount and receive 12 virtual VIP tickets to use or trade as needed.
  11. When beta starts and afterward, we'll have production systems possible, so if we get a string of amazing successes on an item we should probably blueprint it when we can, regardless of the quality of ingredients.. To make it easy to sort my recipes I'll probably try to always use the same tier resource quality the whole way, unless one type has a big surplus of better quality resources. But as you've demonstrated, mixed quality resources can make better items than all lower quality resources.
  12. I'll foe the question instead. Instanced PvE raids work for themepark MMO's, but not Crowfall (CF). Please read the FAQ and the News articles to get an idea of CF principles. And Welcome to the CF forums. You'll want to join a guild also.
  13. Our guild has a justice system. That's good enough. Ofc. it would be nice to have a note in your inventory, "Sword of the Ancients stolen by Mythx (actual culprit's name please)"
  14. U can post poll threads in the Suggestion Box forum. And quit posting click-bait that even VN answers well on. I hate agreeing with that guy.
  15. Double that 4 each account. U forgot class skills. And Blair seems ready to renege on 3 skills in the queue 4 VIP. WTF ACE?
  16. Fret not. If this annoying mechanic makes its way into soft launch, someone will have written a macro to defeat it without having to log in so often just to maintain the account. Personally, I think that it's proper to use such a program if ACE violates the implied relationship between entertainer and audience not to intentionally annoy one another. JTC seemed to understand this implied covenant when he insisted on passive training instead of grinding for "experience". I figure someone just slipped this super-annoying grinding mechanic into CF under Todd's radar.
  17. A macro to handle all this ridiculous busywork on the skill trees would be a really powerful guild recruiting tool. What about class skill trees? Will there be a weapon skill tree? Would that be separate from the general skill tree, like the class skills, or still mixed up into both general combat trees and class trees?
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