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  1. Campaigns should end quickly, in the middle of the night, with strongholds vulnerable to seizure 24/7.
  2. Since someone else owns the rights to SB, why not fix all the problems SB had, change the names of everything copyrighted, and fulfill the originally intended vision for SB, while adding more cool stuff Wolfpack dreamed up later. That's what JTC is trying to do with CF. If you want SB the way it was (mostly), we can still play Magicbane or SB Emulator.
  3. These are cool ideas for putting a bit of combat edge to primarily harvesting runes, but for balance, any combat benefit would likely trade-off some harvest benefit. I think players will often prefer runes that make their vessels as powerful as possible in their chosen role for those specific vessels. Of course, a harvest or crafting rune that confers a utility power that enhances the expressed role for that rune might be very popular. e.g. Alchemist rune (already promised) might make the vessel wearing it much better at making and selling potions, able to access otherwise undiscovered recipes, and able to use a "potion box" that opens a power tray that allows the alchemist to use potions in his inventory for himself and his group members in combat. Or maybe Midas' Golden Touch harvesting rune that significantly improves gold harvests and allows the avatar wearing it to convert a stack of gold ore to the next higher tier of quality with a 10:1 loss rate.
  4. ^ This Of course, even with these mechanics, the guild on another sleep schedule can exploit your resource nodes and factory POI's, as well as dismantle and cart off any structures outside your strongholds/Bloodstone tree circles. So 24/7 coverage is still advantageous. It just isn't an "I WIN" button.
  5. So, is that lootable, then? Or is everyone a smoothie, like Barbie & Ken?
  6. Maybe ACE can give Elken Confessors the option to have non-symmetrical antlers that look like flames.
  7. @Blair, please consider letting players slot active and passive skills off the same file. Some players will want more active powers and trade passive talents to get them. and vice versa for others. One less file per player record should be cleaner and more efficient for the server to process (lag is still CF's biggest problem IMO). This should be a fair & balanced way for players to have more choice, "decisions that matter". And humans could still get a free skill slot for balance purposes if that's the plan. They're pip-users like duelists..
  8. Yes. Surprisingly, the Secutor discipline I referred to is slated to link the physics capsules of shield users who have this discipline.
  9. We need centaur rangers, even if their stealth is gimped.
  10. Master of Pole Arms weapon discipline. Lancer Major discipline (spear + shield) Knight class only Allows a separate power tray when spear (lance) is equipped and mounted (centaurs are always mounted). Passive horsemanship buff Flying wedge power that allows mounted avatars with this power activated to Form-up like Secutor avatars can and move at the same speed in formation, sharing mass and stamina when charging. Cut From the Herd power deals an automatic critical hit with a knock-back to a single opponent, breaking Secutor formation between target and any other avatar. This attack must be activated within 0.5 second before contact and attacker must be sprinting forward for this power to affect the target. Hoplite Major Discipline (spear + shield or net) Allows a separate power tray when spear is equipped. Spear + net is for Myrmidons only. No spinning AoE attacks with this discipline Ground Pike charged power allows first strike automatic attack at +200% damage to the first enemy to come into grounded avatar's melee range from the front. Mounted targets are automatically stunned by this power. Ground pike can be charged concurrently with Knight's Block power or Myrmidon's Net Pull attack.
  11. There will be a lore book, like Shadowbane had. But it'll be written in chapters and numbered verses like the Bible. I don't think it's written yet, but I'm hoping the same guy who wrote most of the SB lore book has it finished and is waiting for his KI covenant to run out.
  12. How will ACE update the skill system now that race and class are separated and weapon choice is on a rune?
  13. With the vessels system, players will likely build spec. vessels for specific situations and opponents, using different races, weapons, and disciplines.
  14. So a CF "scout" would be a ranger with appropriate runes?
  15. Since you aren't the first to say this, I direct you to today's reveal. Nethari are humans, but a separate breed, separated by prejudice and many generations. They can probably still breed with mongrel humans, but would never stoop that low. (on purpose, anyway) Clerics = Forgemaster + Legionnaire (lego was OP and Forgemaster was an unknown support class). Ranger = Ranger + Stalker (they were redundant classes anyway). Stoneborn and elken are still around, just more flexible. Character creation runes are gone forever and so are race/class locking. It looks like weapons are now locked to discipline runes. Hopefully that will open up for some varied builds.
  16. Big guilds would nut-cup this campaign. Even when you try to scale everything down, numbers are a huge advantage.
  17. Yes, loyalty and affability earn benefits and respect in a good guild.
  18. Few guilds would give up a resource that valuable just for joining. The new member would likely need to demonstrate added value first.
  19. I just figured ACE had already given Massive MMORPG news site the exclusive right to run the story today, in exchange 4 some hype.
  20. Yes, VN. ACE said it was out of the question. I'm glad they can afford it!
  21. I think the Elves are: Moon - Blue - Ice Wood - Green - Nature (poison wood be better) Nethari - Red - Fire Half - Brown - maybe stealth (like shades)? Fae - pink - Wings (gliding)
  22. Hopefully, copying from a blueprint (BP) will be fail-safe. After: failing often while trying to craft a good template, sacrificing our best templates to create BP's, Crafting the workstation, Capturing thralls, Slotting thralls into the workstations, Burning through untold quantities of pixie Dust to operate the workstation, Using exactly the same type and amount of resources/materials as we used to make the BP template, Crafters deserve an outcome with no RNG.
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