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  1. IDK how Discipline selection will work, but it looks like better vessels will accommodate more (character) vessel creation points. So, if we still have starter runes, while customizing the vessel we should be able to pick up: Starter Runes (add or subtract points) More base stat. points (costs points) More Discipline Rune spaces (costs points: 6 large, 4 medium, 3 small)
  2. I think the vessel will cover Race and Class and Disciplines. The weapon should still be slotted on the Equipment Page with the sword icon.
  3. This looks More like a table than that string of icons: And one of them is included in the string. If AT = Race + Class + Weapon Type (max of 3) now; This image shows a mattock-wielding half giant Frostweaver lady after AT's are discarded.
  4. Are you saying you don't now? Time to upgrade my computer!
  5. Hopefully ACE decided that AT's weren't saving that much bandwidth after all. I don't think anyone ever liked the choice limitation. Since we're speculating, I'll guess Melissa told Todd it could be done reasonably.
  6. The vessel might be locked by race and faction choice, with the crow locked by class or not locked at all. Many people believe they will lock their crows into roles with skill choices anyway.. And what VIP incentives will compel players to subscribe?
  7. Can Minotaurs even read? I say again that AT's are in place to limit demands on the art department for animations. Small budget > Small team > Small bandwidth ACE can't promise everything and publish CF.
  8. That previously unrevealed rune certainly looks like the solar symbol for order, which is also on the banners yesterday. Maybe one of your lesser runes has to be a god or order/balance/chaos affiliation, which confers specified benefits, depending on which your vessel is sworn to. People were asking for just that before we even started testing.
  9. I got it. You missed JTC's point that this is a place ACE has decided to cut spending before launch. If CF survives, more AT choices are promised. I think part of this reveal is that we pick a weapon type then build disciplines and general skills around that. Hopefully AT skills don't channel too many people into the same weapon choices.
  10. I'm agreeing with the OP's assessment of the harvesters' risk. As far as the judgement on whether that level of risk is appropriate or not, I gave no opinion. I'm more of a "learn to deal with things the way they are" kind of player. When I know the game better I may have an opinion on that..
  11. This is a very reasonable and realistic request, assuming that the ores are all for the same metals (eg. White Iron and purple Iron are both Iron). Now if Blair tells us that White ore has less (hurr durr) magic in it than orange ore, then maybe the bars we make from all ore grades have identical physical properties, but the higher grade ores have stronger magical properties.
  12. The reveal is becoming clearer now. It looks like the Equipment record has been reorganized, with: possibly the same old weapons/armor/rune tools page a Discipline Rune page another page (symbol looks like a ring), jewelry perhaps? Hopefully the archetype (AT) skills have been revamped to acommodate the availability of more weapons choices, or most players will choose the mainstream AT weapons that they have so many skills dependent upon. That was a needless restriction when the art department was going to have to make the animations anyway. VN, more classes for non-human races were hinted on the forums back during the KS days. Please give ACE time. Your beloved WOW added a bunch of races and classes after launch, and they had piles of cash to initially build that game.
  13. Anything seems possible now, because it hasn't been revealed yet. When ACE reveals the new stuff, all these hints will come together and make sense. Just like with life, at the end all will be revealed and there will be only one correct theology.
  14. @Nazdar, the concept art for today was preplanned, but they could have had several versions of the text that went with it ready to choose at will.
  15. The countdown reveal was good. ACE believes the vessel system was a good change (IDK), Selling-out to a big publisher would be a bad thing, and we almost all know it. I have more faith in Todd and Gordon than that. The reveal today had the cifu telling the student he's being a blockhead and to study "The Song of Creation, music that flows and shifts with the power of Chaos". Maybe this means no one has guessed the revelation yet. Maybe this is a hint that they've fundamentally changed the character creation system, again.
  16. I think this reveal will be about the thrall system. This explains why the Stalker's weapon has a Templar spell on it. The thrall system is mostly unknown, and a big part of CF. Allowing one thrall to be enchanted into an item would create more diversity and choices for players. I just really want it to be this, 'cuz I wanna craft with thralls. * I know it has been said already, but Thralls R my bet.
  17. OP is spot on. Harvesters are loud, bulging loot pinatas. And they do burn through resources trying to accumulate quality resources. And they have to dedicate training to harvesting to be good at it. They do make excellent bait, though.
  18. y u not 'stand op? he smurt, U numb!
  19. Geomancy - This skill endows awesome cosmic power, but is useless in the CW. Any account specializing in geomancy will surely be an alt. And even a big guild should only want 1.
  20. Crowfall will be able to spread the load on these newly opened servers by putting more server-computers of their own and even leasing servers, thanks to the unity 5 engine and the parcel architecture.
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