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  1. All this would affect tracking as well.
  2. Names Disappearing would be nice for player killers with no honor, but my guild prefers to know who robbed us, so we can break the door down to their miserable spider holes and regain a little dignity by beating the PK's senseless.
  3. Even with permanent player death I think the victor should only get 1 random equipped item.
  4. I think it's reasonable to be able to loot one random piece of equipped gear from a defeated player in PvP. That way there is risk and reward associated with the engagement, without breaking the spirit of the defeated player. Remember, a successful game has many players, not just the few who haven't been robbed by the best players. And the care bears should be allowed to play without "involuntary PvP" making them run back home to Merlin Ambrose. A really good game should have aspects that keep the casual gamer interested, but able to see and appreciate the glory of the hardcore gamers (be they gladiators or siege warriors).
  5. chancellor

    The Hive

    This group already contains many of the KI players I've been looking for. Please count me in!
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