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  1. This is honestly the best post about Knights that I have seen in a while. You have managed to perfectly explain the problems with the class that I am also having. We are pigeonholed into certain passives. This goes directly against what the devs want, I know but still it is frustrating. We need more options as a Knight. One major problem is the mobility of the Knight. Of course I understand that the Knight isn't meant to be the most mobile class around. But when we block, as we have to against say a Confessor, we have no possible way of sticking to our target. Maybe if the chain attack actually worked the way it was intended to work? I'm not sure what the solution is other than maybe what soulein suggested and increase the run speed while blocking. One last thing - Please increase the duration of the "big hit" bonus damage!!! I should be rewarded for blocking the huge CC of the Confessor or a huge Duelist hit. As it stands right now, I only get to use my damage bonus in melee-only fights because it only lasts for very short time.
  2. Censure definitely misses a lot. It's incredibly inaccurate and since Templar relies on it a good bit to close the gap and stun...I really hope they look at it.
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