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  1. I did. no response, but I found out the solution. advanced settings - occlusion culling is what was doing it. No idea why it was automatically on and set to anything but its off now and I have everything on screen, players creatures and buildings now thank the gods
  2. nope. Uninstalled and reinstalled to get this same stuff. Game is completely unplayable.
  3. already did the drivers thing. Will do a full uninstall and reinstall and hey zen
  4. you cant see it, but there is actually a statue in that second pic in front of my char
  5. nothing done in settings helps at all
  6. to note, this happens on basic with minimum resolution, and everything set to max with maximum resolution video card is nvidia
  7. playing back in 5.7 and before everything was fine, except the silly amount of particles used in tree of life rooms, everything was fluid, loaded fine. Players did, was part of large battles etc. All the huge lag was from servers not being able to handle the loads yet as it were and optimizations needing being made. As time wears on I return to things like the city being invisible unless I am on top of it. Most of the view being completely white with some trees because nothing will load in. wolves right outside being invisible when near me and never loading in, and it is like wtf did they do t
  8. <-- this is a message from your local disease
  9. if you look at my post, my comment was that yes my cleric can 1v1, and 1v2, and often 1v3. Earthkeepers can do the same. That has NO bearing on what you posted with the leaderboards, only the person giving excuses for classes that can do what was said they couldnt.
  10. as a cleric I can assure you clerics can kill, even defensive ones, against geared and skilled opponents, and have rather nice survivability. Earthkeepers are in the same fashion though less damage with the staff than I do with hammer, they too can kill in 1v1 and 1v2 situations, especially considering their gear to others. I am a dedicated healer, defensively built and have no issues so honestly, this is random noise. As far as dedicated crafters are conserned you are only able to take one craft at a time. The other should be in combat already, and you should have combat ability. If they
  11. hey. I would like to say that currently it is not implimented, but by the time we are in closed beta, you will be able to sell time (up to 24 hours) I think it was) of research on the talent tree, such as for blacksmithing. You could walk up to a shop and someone may be selling 24 hours of blacksmithing knowledge, which you could buy and consume for 24 hours worth of points (25000 points in total) towards your own skills as a catchup mechanic. please keep in mind this game is in pre-alpha and they are still making things and putting things online but this was spoken of for a while n
  12. 1. Mount is an issue that is already reported, but right now not fixed. 2. You have much more to do than pvp. However, havesters will have harvesting bags after a period of training, where their harvested materials go into. right now they are not in, and that is why gankers go after them heavily at all times, they are taking advantage of the system. So this is you trying to take adantage of code not in yet, and the only thing a harvester can do right now is bank some and hope they can bank the better things, because YOU are abusing poorly made socks. Stop complaining when you are the one
  13. mr coleman. Yes HoA ran to winterblades tostack the deck and lied about it. But this will not stop the situation you propose with the changes. The common player can play 1 to 2 hours in a day when they work. Powergamers for one reason or another can play much more, and due to this can powergame themselves to rewards simply due to time. Take for instance, you need to lead harvesting. In four days I harvested over 10k blue / purple / legendary mats alone. Noone can beat me simply because of a time situation. That being said I am not fully trained in ore gathering for most of the ores that c
  14. vamei ... please read his post before commenting. Pratekya - durability is only lost when in combat stance. You want to see durability go down fast - kill zombies / cats to level. an hour of it will have your gear shredded by 1/6th in durability. If you spend most of your time harvesting, some time ganking, and little time in actual long combat your gear will rarely break. Durability should not be turned way down, you get between 6 to 8 hours of time for actual combat per set of gear overall. Insead of commenting like this, do combat.
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