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  1. <-- this is a message from your local disease
  2. This thread was only a review, so I was going to leave as is. Whatever you post realy does not matter, but due to situations I must respond. 1. I am not Sugoi. Stop complaining to sugoi members about me, they are a completely different guild. 2. It is also very easy to have a very high kill / death ratio while consistantly outnumbering people. That is why it is done. You are not making a seperate point. 3. I will not be responding to this again, only ask you that if you want to complain to a guild, do it to the guild I am in, not to another guild. Come on guys. This is a review and nothing more. If you do not want your guild used as an example for the things you do, do not do these things. You were one of two guilds that run as this, that are big enough to do this. It is nothing special. It is nothing horrific. If it is embarrassing, dont do it. 4. This was only a review, based on game and current environment. Nothing more. Goodbye
  3. @Balathanthe numbers you posted show how it has been on our side when we constantly face outnumbered situations, from people like you that play things extremely safe, then try to show that above number as if you were more than a body @mandalore yes I saw you there. I had also seen the ranger. I knew there was three of you. Parfax is not an actual dps person his damage is low for an archer, but he was one more on the pile. The ranger also ran away from your healing because you were not healing him enough. The champion was a newbie though but actually, much more effective than parfax considering it was his stun that stopped my healing. You did not deny me, the rangers' teleport got him away. You were actually kinda worthless in the fight were you to be honest about it. Also I did not attack the champion, I was attacking you after the ranger, hence why you had also ran after I had stunned you during your healing until you were able to use both heal circles again. And for last that fight lasted... roughly 3 minutes? But yes the fourth person with all of you did take me down. I admitted this. But I am not here to coddle you. I am not here to give you attention. This is the exact view that HoA has for themselves, and that is all. This was one situation that happened, and that is another. This is the situation that we face on the server. It is not an argument, I am not calling you out. You are an example and well known for people to understand, and that is all. Have a good day.
  4. I write this but tell you this is the thought of a single player reviewing this game, and only that, and given on an unofficial means, and not contracted or working for an entity such as MMObomb or others (in this instance). I write this as I was asked by a member that played in the group I was running n on smite, during the days of heavy tournament play (our group was semi pro, did win some money but never unfortunately, advanced to pro level) and on speaking with crowfall, asked if I would recommend it. I had to be honest and say no I would not. Much of crowfall as far as playability and stability has improved greatly within this campaign, where at the beginning of 5.8 being horrible during siege times, to now being quite smooth and able to handle more players before hitting heavy lag. In this regard the development team has done rather well in progressing the game. Also being pre-alpha to be fair, there should and will be much more progress made overall. However given this situation, it has become a game that is becomming far and away from the game they advertised and promised during the days of their kickstarting. The game is excessively grindy as far as the gathering of materials, dust, chaos embers, more materials and dust to trade for other materials for vessels / jewellry / more chaos embers for these, that to get a complete set of epic gear and blue vessel, with epic jewellry took about two weeks. The gear lasts 8 hours. However lower quality gear can be gotten in abundance, such as blue materials (especially on rank 10s) that you can gather two sets of gear worth of mats, and trade for leathers with mats / dust. However with my playstyle I can use both sets of gear completely also in a single day (tested and proven). Not to mention along with the grind for materials, is a grind for experience. To level a legendary vessel took almost 10 hours. To prevent loss of good gear durability I had used no gear though it is only pve, no gear is needed even upon rank 10 creatures. It took 12 hours (would have been faster even with white gear and weaponry) but in that meantime, if I had been using a full set of good blue gear, it would have all decayed from use during the levelling of 1 vessel, to level high enough to use gold to finish its levels. Just how much of a grind this game has become just to play for half of the time is a significiant turnoff of the game, and bad enough that I may likely if I hear it will continue in this manner, try to find out if i can get my money back and no longer support this game, because this game is no longer what it promised to be, or even going within that direction. The players did not want this, only a very few who specifically hunt and can only hunt naked / levelling people and wanted more time for this. The developers also had desired pvp to be based largely on two factors, which is gear and player skill. However most combat situations revolves around neither of these for a winning factor. To take from personal experience I will mention the fighting against House Avarri (HoA) guild. In order for me to get a fight I had attacked mandalore and two others, a fight already in their favor in a 1v3. Granted I am a skilled player and I am in full epic gear (geared to my own build, etc et al). One of the rangers had to run away despite the healers' healing (mandalore) and was fighting him and the champion still. The victory was decided by throwing more people against me until I was taken down. Later on I was in a group of five from mixed guilds, just to have a group of five going. In this fight HoA came with 10 people to fight the five of us, and by the time we were wiped they had 15ish. 2 of them had died before the five of us were wiped. I will say we were a very good five people, but HoA won not because of ability or gear, they are known for being a rather bad guild. They won because of sheer number of bodies thrown at us. This is what we have in most 'pvp' situations on this game today. For the majority of the rest of pvp that happens in this game it is a person or a group of people that try to kill harvesters / levellers. This lately is done in groups since combat disciplines have become available to harvesters, even though they are wearing harvesting gear instead of combat to be far easier to kill than normal still. That being said competative pvp is a thing that exists only in a very small portion of actual pvp in this game. The developers are not addressing this issue, nor are they of balance of players on a campaign. This second portion considering they allow multiple accounts being active at the same time by a single person, and on multiple factions they have honestly screwed themselves out of being able to balance the factions in any real manner. There is far too many people playing 'safe' by attempting to have fights that no matter what they cannot lose or die, and this is what the developers are supporting. I cannot see myself supporting this game in this fashion, deviating so far from their original goal of a game. They have promised and not delivered. I will likely finish 5.8 and not playtest for a while again as I had before though still watch, but continuing this trend I would petition for my money back and account cancelled due to these reasons. I also cannot recommend other people to this game that prefer competative gaming / hardcore gaming. I will recommend if you wish to keep anyone that is a competative gamer at all while you make these changes, is to create tournaments for 1v1, 3v3, and 5v5 that happen each week, with grand tournaments once per month, as well as free for all tournaments etc which is every man inside for themselves, things of this nature. That being said if that is 'all' you have for competative pvp I would likely only grind and play for that time period and never play this game otherwise, if I played at all. As this is still pre-alpha I am hoping the developers get back on track with what they had intended for the game, as what they had promised was, I will say promising and enticing. I will also not write something as this as an official review because it is this early in development, so will only have this review here.
  5. if you look at my post, my comment was that yes my cleric can 1v1, and 1v2, and often 1v3. Earthkeepers can do the same. That has NO bearing on what you posted with the leaderboards, only the person giving excuses for classes that can do what was said they couldnt.
  6. as a cleric I can assure you clerics can kill, even defensive ones, against geared and skilled opponents, and have rather nice survivability. Earthkeepers are in the same fashion though less damage with the staff than I do with hammer, they too can kill in 1v1 and 1v2 situations, especially considering their gear to others. I am a dedicated healer, defensively built and have no issues so honestly, this is random noise. As far as dedicated crafters are conserned you are only able to take one craft at a time. The other should be in combat already, and you should have combat ability. If they do not... is their fault. If it is an alt account of someone that isnt played except to craft, then im sorry, going out and dying once for a silver reward is likely more than that entire account will ever freakin use. Dedicated harvesters as myself also, being a miner, should be balancing their playtime as I do, or going hard at mining only in spring / balancing summer / doing pvp fall and winter anyway (unless hardcore trained for five pipping fall and winter, and really, heh, you choose to pvp or not. Get off your ass and pvp, or dont. its your choice. this IS a pvp game. You want the best poorly made socks you go gather the best poorly made socks, and then you pvp in it and use it all up. If you arent willing to pvp, why should you get top rewards? That is as bad as saying 'I refuse to play the game, but I want top prizes. That isnt fair! This is not a childs' game. Why do we have this forum making the word sh - i - t into socks?
  7. hey. I would like to say that currently it is not implimented, but by the time we are in closed beta, you will be able to sell time (up to 24 hours) I think it was) of research on the talent tree, such as for blacksmithing. You could walk up to a shop and someone may be selling 24 hours of blacksmithing knowledge, which you could buy and consume for 24 hours worth of points (25000 points in total) towards your own skills as a catchup mechanic. please keep in mind this game is in pre-alpha and they are still making things and putting things online but this was spoken of for a while now, just not in yet.
  8. 1. Mount is an issue that is already reported, but right now not fixed. 2. You have much more to do than pvp. However, havesters will have harvesting bags after a period of training, where their harvested materials go into. right now they are not in, and that is why gankers go after them heavily at all times, they are taking advantage of the system. So this is you trying to take adantage of code not in yet, and the only thing a harvester can do right now is bank some and hope they can bank the better things, because YOU are abusing poorly made socks. Stop complaining when you are the one abusing things. PVP is about player vs player combat, everything of what I have done with my character and ablity against you and the same with you. Also with group combat. What do YOU get out of this? Other than wiinning if you win, losing if you lose, protecting your harvester while he is harvesting and fighting over getting that able to even happen (as more players are in the game) means you get to actually have gear to keep pvping in. This is a pvp game man. If all you want is fights where you are garaunteed a win and loot, just fine a level 1 boar and just loot the gold out of its corpse. If you want pvp, suck it up that you have actual combat with risks of killing or dying and learning to fight, because THAT is what matters. 3. not a bad idea. 4. that only applies to zombies, since they are not harvestable. Currently there is no other structure for that implimented and that is why it remains lootable. In the future maybe, but there are othe things that take priority. 5. That is something they are working on now actually, ways to keep incentives to keeping factions balanced.
  9. mr coleman. Yes HoA ran to winterblades tostack the deck and lied about it. But this will not stop the situation you propose with the changes. The common player can play 1 to 2 hours in a day when they work. Powergamers for one reason or another can play much more, and due to this can powergame themselves to rewards simply due to time. Take for instance, you need to lead harvesting. In four days I harvested over 10k blue / purple / legendary mats alone. Noone can beat me simply because of a time situation. That being said I am not fully trained in ore gathering for most of the ores that can be gotten in campaign. During any given hour, that means other people could do better. Am I better at it just because I have the time? Capturing forts is the same. Due to my time of playing 16 or so hours a day, I can during spring and summer, harvest so much that noone can ever hope to catch up. Then fall and winter take forts and camps all day every day, and also take first in this spot. Do I get two rewards because I am a powergamer? There comes a point where the leaderboard will only display people with the most time on the game in your proposed route. That is a bit of a turnoff to the casual player that I myself would like to avoid. Yeah... I do gear out ALOT of people from my harvesting. I have a set of epic gear. I attack groups of 2 - 4 constantly solo that are NOT harvesting and looking for fights because I can. Sry in advance on that one yianni and company At the moment I cant give other options to a reward system that rewards more than the powergamers, or everyone in a given faction, I just want to say that I do not see this as being it. I would honestly like there to be no rewards at all if it means we have better balance among the factions for more fighting.
  10. vamei ... please read his post before commenting. Pratekya - durability is only lost when in combat stance. You want to see durability go down fast - kill zombies / cats to level. an hour of it will have your gear shredded by 1/6th in durability. If you spend most of your time harvesting, some time ganking, and little time in actual long combat your gear will rarely break. Durability should not be turned way down, you get between 6 to 8 hours of time for actual combat per set of gear overall. Insead of commenting like this, do combat.
  11. va mei - two things you may not know, but should have read first. I did not die, so did not have any needs of respawning. Nor did I stand in combat stance. That was first use of the armor period, after I got it out of bank. That means, first use of armor from the bank. Veeshan you do not spend much time fighting also. Playing, and being in combat are two situations. Most combat most people see is trying to gank people that are gathering and that is it. They are not going out for group fights / hard fights, such as the 30 minute fighting I had with the people from uxa. You have participated in almost no group combat of what I hear from you, and only gank.
  12. Two days ago I was at order keep fighting against chaos. It was me against dolgar and friends. I never died, but because of their healing I never got one down either. After about half hour of enjoying myself I went inside keep again to heal and such. This was the first fighting I had done in this new set of purple gear. This combat, while alotof it inside the keep was not in combat stance, alot of it was in combat. My equipment had lost 100 durability during this time. That is not an insignificant amount when my gear has 1600ish durability. half an hour being 100 points, it would take 8 hours for a set of equipment to break in current environment, and that is with a 10% reduced armor decay, and not fighting for the entire duration. This is a rediculously short time. Now to a person that plays just one hour a day that gear would last a week and one hour, and depending on quality of the piece may take as long to gather the materials. For a person like me, I can use 2 sets of gear per day, even if I do not die. Crafting is important to this game but I will be honest with you, this situation with durability is so obscenely bad that having epic and legendary gear (which you need a bigger time investment for considering chaos embers) is completely not worth the time to farm for, for the very little time you get to use it (in my opinion). Is it possible to make it that gear has a reasonable amount of time before it breaks, something other than gear can break for players twice a day while they are online playing the game?
  13. Is there a listing for the new 5.4 ores / hides when used in crafting? It seems there are people that have some information, such as tin and silver do support power, but one does crit chance, and one does crit damage. However unknown which does which from that point on.
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