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  1. Moving the combat dummies out of the temple and into the keep makes build and ability testing INCREDIBLY annoying. Having to run to the temple to switch out disciplines and then back to the keep to test the abilities under a few conditions, then running back to the temple to switch again for different conditions is by far the most annoying thing about this build for me atm. I totally get trying to move stuff out of the temple and into the world and I whole heartedly support limiting discipline switches outside of the temple area, but please give me back my open area space inside the temple for easy build and ability testing. When I'm testing hundreds of builds and abilities gathering data it wastes so much time having to make the treks back and forth. Also, the combat testing area around the dummies in the keep is really bad. It's way too compact of a space to comfortably test ranged characters, let alone classes like warden that can just between ranged and melee. The old dummies were perfect for what they needed to be used for imo, just move em back
  2. Basically the class revolves around dropping ice nodes onto the ground and using your abilities to convert those ice nodes into either beneficial ice for your team or harmful ice for your enemies. Frostweavers have an ability called "Free Weave" that allows them to place ice nodes of any kind directly without needing to use an ability to convert them. The free weave path that you choose while casting will specify which type of ice you are dropping, and each ice node that you drop using the "Ice Weave" power with that free weave buff up will reset the free weave buff. Without free weave "Ice Weave" just drops normal ice nodes that need to be converted with an ability. That's the basics of how the ice mechanic works but of course there are 5 different types of ice, 4 if you don't count basic ice nodes that need to be converted, so there is a lot that you can do and a lot going on. The system sounds harder on paper than it is to pick up tho imo.
  3. I think the Paladin really does well in the theme/role of being a stalwart area controller/healer but I would generally agree it's too narrowly focused on Divine Light. I would definitely like to see the Paladin gain some other form of healing/pip generation. Something like changing their Castigate into Righteous Smash combo to do healing on allied targets instead of damage on enemy targets could be very interesting. By then lowering the healing of Divine Light a bit, the promotion keeps its area controller/healer fantasy, but has the pip generation to have somewhat decent healing outside of DL between Devotion, Judgement and Holy Warrior. Even opening up the possibilities for interesting healing builds that focus more on Devotion by taking damage disciplines (something like Blade Master for an AoE severe bleed on top of Nethari racial for some serious heal burst).
  4. Jjusticar

    Knight Swordsman

    I think @Durenthal plays swordsman knight too perhaps?
  5. This is exactly how I see things as well when it comes to this kind of character customization.
  6. Not if they gave interesting abilities and effects that excel in certain situations or fit certain roles.
  7. It's off topic but I mean, it's not like it would have been hard for ACE to just implement another set of weapon discs that gave healing abilities rather than offensive abilities. The weapon discs we did have were definitely a wasted slot for healers, but it would've been pretty easy and also a lot of fun giving healers access to meaningful weapon discs. Imagine a cleric having access to a 2H hammer healing disc, lots of potential for really cool abilities themed around weapons.
  8. I didn't watch the stream, but if that's the case it's going to make for awful Rock Paper Scissors combat imo.
  9. All of them. I change my build and playstyle depending on the type of engagement I will be a part of. And my High-Elf performs admirably in all of them.
  10. This post was not about balance. It was about the fact that promotions and basekits; a) Don't give a majority of the classes new unique abilities or mechanics b) Have much too similar design in their talents being, in the case of DPS, 3 passive dmg bonuses/2 dmg bonuses to abilities/and a dps passive. It's boring and possibility for interesting nodes are taken by passive bonuses we don't need. c) Base classes having access to VERY similar role-defining abilities: i.e myrm and knight both having pulls, almost every DPS having an AoE CC on top of one or more single target CC's, some sort of area control ability (myrm WW, templar DL, champ spinning attack, fessor nados, guinea barrel, etc, etc), Just because a class is using a different ability to do a majority of their damage, does not mean it's a unique class. It's the same general playstyle for all of them because they all don't have anything unique to their class. There is such a lack of inspired class mechanics and roles. But, those are just my opinions and it seems most people are satisfied with the promotion design and I've no issue with that. I'll play the game same as I have been.
  11. I've had 0 issues proc'ing it reliably. Whether it's design is flawed or not, wasn't really the point of the discussion. Currently it is working just fine and I've found plenty of success on it. Again, you are literally just saying your preference. I like an assassin that can manage it's range within fights with less resets while I wittle down opponents, giving them close to no uptime on me because I have the dodges to create space. High-elf allows me to do that more effectively. Just because you like and enjoy the Fae racials more for the assassin, does not mean they are the best or even mandatory. But I understand that this way of thinking can be tough. The way you play assassin is not necessarily the most effective, the way I play assassin is not necessarily the most effective BUT we both made them work effectively.
  12. It's definitely worth it on high-elf because it gives you an extra chance to proc your clearcast. It's more than possible to chain 6 dodges in a row if you get decent clearcast procs on top of the critical dodge proc. Whether it's worth it on other low range dash races, that's personal preference. It can easily give you another reset oppportunity.
  13. Ok you're not getting the gist. It's not that they all do DPS, that's what I expect. But not only do none of the promotions actually gain anything cool and new and unique to the promotion, gain any interesting class mechanics specific to the promotion, or gain any sort of specified role...it leaves them feeling bland and uninspired. I couldn't care less whether they all did DPS or not. It's irrelevant to my point. I care that the promotion that I choose is unique and fulfulling within a role that isn't as generic as DPS/Tank/Healer so I'm always useful to a group. Generalized roles are boring are just going to lead to narrow-minded gameplay. Maybe Alpha Warrior should be an area controller and double down on it in their talent tree, while vindicator doubles down on an executioner fantasy, and inquisitor can really focus in on being able to create space between a front line and a backline. Nothing distinguishes or makes those promotions fun and unique other than their one strong ability that gets passively buffed in their talent tree.
  14. What role do all of those fill? DPS. There is no difference between them, they all just do damage and their promotion talents are just passive damage buffs with random effects added to some of their abilities. What actual new class mechanics are added in any of those lines besides Dominance? Nothing. Which is the point I was making. They all do mostly the exact same thing, and as a result we are going to see a much narrower use of promotions. All you described was that each promotion has a different "focus". But they all have similar playstyle and fill similar roles | being a DPS that has stacked damage on one ability and a few CC's. What separates them? What makes them unique? Titan - high dmg autos Alpha warrior - high dmg neckbreaker templar - high damage parry stormcaller - woah they have lightning damage cutthroat - high dmg backstab duelist - high damage impale or pepperbox You see what I'm saying here? There is very little role difference between them all. If out of all of those Titan is the highest damage then what reason do I have to take any of the others? Alpha warrior has its AoE knockdown but so does myrm, templar has the same, stormcaller has a stun and LMB's but so does myrm, etc etc. Nothing is specialized so nothing else will see serious play.
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