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  1. I think its important for classes to make challenging decisions like survivability vs damage. And pip classes are in a really great position in the regard because you do have to invest a lot into spenders. So i think it's important to find a good balance when it comes to abilities like Redirct Pain. That said, ive always felt Redirect Pain had too long of a CD. I'd really like to see Go For Broke brought back to being worth using. Was always my favorite ability.
  2. sooo...in the end momentary alliances can be advantageous and are an important part of succeeding in this throne war game. woah. i really can't wait for this game to see a population boom with lots of big new guilds.
  3. Isn't armor formed by frostguard lasting 10 seconds? Because 10 seconds is certainly not almost instantly. But ya i 100% agree it really makes a big impact in small scale and probably loses some value when you get to a scale where people can be burst down reliably really quickly.
  4. Frostguard pretty much nullifies this entire point at the moment though. Leather paired with frost armor will almost always be equivalent to mail and plate. As long as frostguard armor, in its current state, is in the game. Anything other than leather almost seems useless to me. And it's especially strong on ranged that have escapes and can reset the crack timer on it.
  5. It was a pretty good dps as long as you focused on positioning. It was far more position based than any other dps in the game at that time and could certainly put out pretty solid numbers. but ya current druid is bricked.
  6. I'm not sure thats the case entirely. I think it's a different issue in that major disciplines are supposed to augment how your class and role plays. I personally think majors should have a lot more active components to them. 4 or 5 skills per major at least. That would result in them a) being more impactful to the role you choose by forcing hard decisions between class abilities and discipline abilities and b) free up passives which with the new passive system have incredibly more potential to influence a characters build. But I agree with the point some discs will always be better than
  7. I'm not sure how effective this would be in the current state of the game, but i do like this idea for sure! I think even doing this still doesn't address the fact that the their aren't enough disciplines straight up for choice. You're still choosing between like runecaster or standard bearer for a support role regardless of the passives...there isn't anything else there in terms of active abilities. But decoupling passives from majors, that's something i can get behind as a root design.
  8. Doesnt this just play into the developers fear of players just getting CCd to death after their retaliate? I feel like i remember them specifically saying they are scared of cc being too strong. That said, id love for something like this to be the case. And i definitely agree some redesign is in order. I think it could make interesting gameplay to have cc roles that are used to burn early c powers out of players so they cant use them offensively and what not. But c powers charge so quick now I imagine they would still be useless (lol champ soul power cost) Idk what the fix is but i
  9. Only for now though, it's been stated, if I'm not mistaken, that you'll be able to train into things like mail proficiency and im sure as the game develops and progresses there will be other ways of getting proficiencies.
  10. ive always been of the opinion ranged should have less damage to compensate for the utility that range offers. the game is super heavily skewed towards range atm, hard agree with that. im not sure why you would play anything other than a ranger pressing 2 buttons from like 60m away. imo this really needs to be looked at or, like you said, its gonna get worse.
  11. ooooook, this is pretty lit. holy smokes good work @Yoink, ur a mad man. infinite thumbs up
  12. Blood pact is not converting health Icecaller capstone passive is unreliable on getting applied and also doesn't update the details sheet to reflect the bonus SP and ice formation chance Dryad passive doesn't apply every time you stand still
  13. yeh definitely. i was always of the opinion C powers are just bad for the game and shouldve been CD based non-class locked abilities. like a crow ability that comes not from your vessel but your crow but oh well, here we are. not sure how well they can tune C powers to be balanced at this point
  14. Nice video Zybak, thoroughly enjoyed. I'm surprised you didn't cover free weaving and it's uses though I know you said it's not a guide video or anything like that. One note being: I think icequake is waay more insane than you gave it credit for. with free weave to volatile ice you have a spammable aoe knockdown. you can take the volatile focus gem, which procs on every instance of damage (including DoT's, the bonus attacks from illusionist, etc) and can proc itself even. you can really do some insane aoe damage and control once you get those stacking since they spawn at the enemy locati
  15. But we have major discs which are just like playing a new class! *insert kappa face here*
  16. Ive gotta say im very surprised they didnt reduce the C powers for stealth classes with this new mechanics, similar to a level of the champ or something
  17. this just isn't true. the game is not that deep...not even close. you can spend MAYBE a couple hours checking out the disciplines that your class can use, but for the most part you have 2-3 choices for a role you want to play. want to play a tanky support then your only options are rune caster and standard bearer. want to play a melee dot class, you only have poisoner and blade master for the most part. that said, the game has built the foundation to have really incredible character building. it is just currently so severely lacking in options covered by an illusion of choice. i go
  18. If this system ends up just being boring +base stat for -base stat I will be so sad. They have so many stats to choose from and frankly the system shouldn't be about boosting a character stat wise early. It should be about tailoring your character to a unique playstyle through interesting options. Not just straight up stat boosts imo. Personally I think the time for this to have been here is long overdue. And the game desperately needs the customization. I've done lots of math and see how few actual choices you have, which is common for a heavy theorycrafter. But even people who just che
  19. For anyone thinking crowfall will be competing for anything other than a niche market, I'm not sure what to say to you. Even the devs have said and acknowledge they are going for a niche market that hopefully just has enough players that the game can stay stable for a long time. That is what makes EVE a great comparison, a niche game with enough players to be stable for a long time. Now, for the passive system. It's fine from a design standpoint considering there is enough active character building inside campaigns. This is the point I feel is really bringing down the passive system. Cro
  20. I am a huge fan of this idea. Especially because it gives another sort of PoI area for small group/solo players to influence that can have a huge effect on the campaign. I'm all for giving players more options to contribute and this just straight up sounds miles better than the current implementation
  21. There are a few classes that have CC and control based promotion classes. I believe Templar (stacking hp on cc), Myrm (AoE slow/debuff/bleeds), Knight (standard CC), Champion (high mobility knockdown). I'm sure im forgetting some but those are all pretty heavy cc classes. That said, right now CC isnt super impactful because people can spam retaliate for the most part. At least I assume that's similar to the last few patches
  22. Well it's not technically RNG, it's just on a timer that runs in the background regardless of when you use any dodge pip. But yeah obviously there needs to be a fix for that tick happening right after you steal someone's pips. I'd just say have shield inhibit the affected target from receiving dodge pips for X amount of seconds after getting hit.
  23. Druid being ripped apart from a whole class into the promotions really ruined a lot. I mean you literally gain nothing new from any of the promotion trees that didn't used to be in the druid kit. And while back then I was on the side of druid and ranger having wayyyy to many abilities in general, there just weren't enough for ACE to split the class into three trees. I really think they need to take a look at the druid and get back to the root of the class that made it fun to play.
  24. I certainly think Crowfall has some of the worst combat out of almost all the current MMOs on the market. There are plenty of situations where movement, animation, and hit registry really feel off. I'm not sure what the fix is, but i certainly think adding more feedback and making some sharper movement would go a long way to making it feel better. Overall i think Crowfall has the opportunity to be one of the best character building MMOs in the current market and if they can capitalize on that with the ability to make unique builds then that could cover some of the sourness of combat.
  25. I think its important to make people invest into strong offensive or defensive talents through other nodes that may not be 100% ideal. That said, out of combat always has been and always will be a generally useless stat and should really just be replaced by something else.
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