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  1. @Jah it is still amazing you just do not get it. Minus this campaign, the fighting has been more or less even. All three sides had a stock of decent players / guilds and it was competitive. Then it is announced there will be a "prize" for the win. Now you go and move heaven and earth to make sure to get as many as you can to the balance side. All because you wanted " that first campaign win ". There is no secret about this, it was said many times in your own team speak. The point most of us are talking about is not that you are " winning " but that you , the self proclaimed server health police, went out of your way to make sure that the health of the server was the last thing you gave a crap about. The curtain was pulled back and all your crap was revealed, now you have to do damage control. spin spin spin all you want, this was never about making the server health, it was about getting that first win and doing whatever to do it. Hey that's your play, play it, just do not have the audacity to think this is anything other than the need of a shinny by you. You have resorted to using cali-math, videos, ambiguous screen shots, " first time posters " coming to your side. But you get an atta boy jah... the pixel hugging gold border is alllll yours spanky.
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