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  1. From a lore/color standpoint I enjoyed the Templar. Surprisingly emotional response to the "flavor text" written for the class. But I must confess to purposefully attempting to not connect to a specific archetype until I see their skill trees. I <3 support classes and debuff//cc classes and want to see what is in store. Stalker had the best Valentine's day card.
  2. Enjoy the style. Looks like it should run on some pretty low end machines. Only complaint is the zombies got "shafted" with their weapons when compared to their concept art.
  3. I can't help but say, "Nice!" A great concept, only thing that could make it better would be the occasional hardcore campaign world rule set.
  4. I'd like the npcs to have some sort of greeting that is verbalized. But beyond that... I generally skip the narration. SWTOR had me listening to their npcs for a couple hours. And then the rest of my gametime involved a lot of space mashing.
  5. While I have always enjoyed support roles in games, having strong healing usually turned the role into healbot far too much of the time. Overall have always preferred the debuffer and/or cc roles <3 CoH archetypes. Other forms of support exist and hopefully this change in crowfall will allow for more of a variety of support... flavors. However, I can understand wanting to only play as a healer. Hopefully the limited healing capabilities listed will be strong enough to allow those dedicated to their craft to be the Nami or Alistar of crowfall. Where, their sustain is a fundamenta
  6. I voted tab targeting, just because I would like to see a refined version of the friend & foe dual targeting of Vanguard. Whatever it is, please no button spam.
  7. Loss of items (even just 1 or 2) would be a severe enough penalty. Perma death would drive players to be too overly cautious and bring about some playstyle choices that would get ugly fast. I impose a permadeath punishment on myself to make leveling a little more exciting. So, I could see a server with that rule set being the bee's knees. I don't think it would be for everyone, but it would be a nice option. Yes, I realize I just did an about face, but I talked myself into it, assuming it is just a specific server.
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