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  1. stop pushing the recruitment and fix the game. Its just insulting at this point.
  2. This graph from that post sums up crowfall as you get further into the game.
  3. So basically you just waste your time and you life achieving nothing.
  4. Decided to check on https://mmo-population.com/r/crowfall/ about died laughing when I read that.
  5. If you fixed the rates and the crafting amount cost people would spend less time grinding and more time fighting over points. Plus if they add a system in the game that gives people a reason to pvp for all group sizes people will be much more inclined to pvp, but first you have to let people stop pveing/grinding and let them pvp.
  6. Crowfall is a pve game plan and simple. With 5% of your time spent pvping.
  7. When you open the main webpage you are greeted with this line. MASSIVE PVP SIEGES. RAIDING PARTIES. WORLD DOMINATION. CHOOSE YOUR BATTLE. CROWFALL. This is 100% a consumer lie. Massive pvp sieges are more like massive pve sieges in who can kill the dam trees fast enough to end the seige. Not Who fought the best for the keep or the most tactfully. Raiding parties lmao if parties of five are raiding parties we have a huge problem. World domination set on shet times that most people can't make even when they live in time zone, F off and more importantly what battles do we get to choose? Nothing? people dont pvp in this game they just back cap and hunt harvesters and gank people farming gold. There are no battles to choose ACE sets up the shet times for all forts and keeps and we are forced to log on and fight then. Crowfall is the slave simulator. Do this dont do that do this now dont do it when you want to. You want to harvest get jumped by pvpers. You want to pvp run around looking for pver's. This game is nothing like what the development team promised us. Its a shet show. Player numbers are low and the devs aren't doing shet to fix it and if I had to guess sense there in texas and covid is surging there they will put everything on hold and slow work down on the game to a crawl. This game is done.
  8. considering I was running the leadership and left with the last two other people playing, I can tell you for a fact that everyone left because of lack of pvp and pve grind and also just because they stopped playing doesn't mean there not still in my discord and being active members. They have just moved on to better games. Second I can also tell you that we are not lacking in the crafting and harvesting skills in the game and have maxed all those out as well. This is a game that I have played for the last four years and know very well. When I say its a bad game with a bad model that pushes people away from it I mean it. hence the statement of 50+ people leaving the game. You can defend a pile of shet all you want but in the end it still smells like shet and people dont want to play shet.
  9. I agree with this statement my guild ebola is done 50+ members quit.
  10. Crowfall must get back to pvp in the game. All this pve is killing the game. Put in mini games give us a reason to defend outpost make forts worth something. Let us get points to get gear from pvp, skull store, Honor store, give me something then just jack shet pve harvesting for hours to do one siege then run around looking for people that dont even want to fight because there pveing. Its not even fun fighting the pvers, whats the point in killing something that wasn't designed to fight other characters and is not a challenge.
  11. Right on here. Only progression in this game is linked to pve. Now pull your panties out of your butt before you get on about dregs rewards or FvF rewards progressing people and thats pvp related right. No there are not enough rewards handed out in dregs or FvF that cant be done in less time if you just sit your ass down and do some pve. This game is a pve feast of boring and they need to turn it back into a pvp game.
  12. You as well failed to read my post and come to the true meaning of what I was saying. Go read the front page and realize this game has only given you a small percent of what it has promised. I dont care if you kill harvesters or not. The fact that most pvp circles around pve activities is the problem with this game. Its supposed to be around pvp events outpost forts and keeps. That was there promise, they have either broken it or just don't care to make it happen.
  13. Maybe there is but you haven't been playing the game long enough to find it. Please just stop responding your insults become weaker with every pass.
  14. You have hit on one of the most important factors of this game. Scoring only benefits the zergs or larger guilds. Why bother taking a fort or and outpost and hour ahead of when the score is taken. All you need to do is cap it in the last 5 mins and you get the points for the whole dang hour worth of play. Taking 20 outpost would take a 5 man guild a whole hour but for a zerg they can send people to take all 20 outpost in the last five mins of play before score is taken thus giving them all the points and hurting the few. Not to mention that 5 man also missed out on grinding for materials or gold for that whole hour as well. This game is based to avoid combat at all cost and allow those with the biggest groups to get ahead and for the last four years all the big beta guilds have been pushing it this way. Make it easy for them and hard for the little guy.
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