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  1. Diage

    Arrows inventory

    I didn't watch it - which video did they mention something about arrows?
  2. Regardless of pressing a button or holding a button, I/O is frankly the easiest part of botting. Whether you have to press f to harvest or hold it is just the same from a bot perspective. Honestly, annoying/tedious tasks on part of the game increase the opportunity for a bot to happen. I wouldn't put it past people to get basic macros just to hold the f key for them so they don't have to. And requiring macros is a gateway drug to botting - science says so.
  3. Diage

    Arrows inventory

    You can't have it both ways - you can't say 'oh we'll make crafting easy' while also saying those who don't want crafting want an easy game. Crafting arrows simply doesn't change the difficulty to playing. There is no skill involved in crafting arrows, it is an arbitrary task that doesn't bring any actual benefit. I am not looking for an 'easy' game, I am looking for a GOOD game. One which uses elegant and efficient mechanics as a form of communication to players to actually ATTRACT people to WANT to play that class. If you want to add a 'but' to a class, you better come with a justification to why that pain point HAS to exist.
  4. Diage

    Arrows inventory

    But logistics and tactics of skill usage and management can be implemented in ways that don't detriment entire audiences. You want to give players the flexibility to actually enjoy PLAYING the game. There really is no value in being required to spend some number of hours and resources before you are given a right to enjoy playing the game. Effective resource systems and cooldowns should more than suffice to give you that cost-benefit formula you're looking for while not making certain classes simply a source of work. Not sure why, 'crafting arrows and reagents' adds any actual skill to the game.
  5. Diage

    Arrows inventory

    This is the mentality I am interested in. What exactly do you believe reagents of any kind, whether for spell casters or for archers, brings to the game?
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