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  1. I think a lot of people were lead to believe that the game could sustain multiple campaigns with varying rule sets, while the reality is we're lucky to probably get more than 3. Another game recently experienced the unfortunately results of splitting your community up and the fall out that resulted. CF has to be very careful with splitting up the community too much.
  2. Yeesh, imagine blaming the developer for your countries laws on lotteries and contest.
  3. The game world design is bland. It's just as much where you fight in the world as it is how you fight. The world feels sterile and artificial; there's no interesting places to fight and the battles are fairly forgettable. Combat is bland and boring; some of the combat animations are nonsensical. Too number sensitive, and more focused on gear over skill. "Winning" doesn't feel like winning. Performance is butthole and doesn't look like it will improve much without drastic measures.
  4. I could've sworn the reason for the caps was because of network reasons.. Regardless, I'd like to see the caps increased if not out right removed. CF is way too numbers intensive. For things like templars, I feel caps might not necessarily be a bad thing, everything else should be free game.
  5. How will the zones handle getting pop capped... The game is in a desperate need of an OPEN BETA.
  6. I fear that the 31 flavors of pvp approach will doom things like the dregs.
  7. Things they didn't really touch on that I wish they did. Game world incentives, and too much risk aversion. Right now it feels like all I need to do is get my character to where I want it, and then wait till a siege window opens up to log on. There's simply nothing encouraging most people to log on during the day, and it's a self perpetuating loop. People don't log in because they see a low population, thus the population dwindles even more because people don't log on. I wish things like open world dungeons were on the mid term plans, or more objectives that inject urgency into the g
  8. I've played in some of the most toxic communities and cf is by far one of the softest, least toxic ones yet. There's so much risk aversion available that it makes the game feel extremely low stakes and casual in comparison to others.
  9. There's not enough content to really make leveling a meaningful experience, and there most likely won't ever be. White vessel 1-30 is literally just a tutorial walk through. It's just there for additional character building and the feeling of "ownership" that the game desperately needs. Leveling is a tool used to make the world feel populated and to make the game feel more than gw2 WvW where blobs run from one objection to the next. It's padding, but it's a needed padding, other wise the game feels like a "drop-in-drop-out experience" which might be okay to some people, but that's not what I k
  10. Leveling is just a means to an end, not the end itself. The game doesn't begin at level 1, it begins at level 30. I could even imagine what a grueling level grind would feel like in this game, and IMO it's not grueling level grinds isn't something which lends itself well to pvp games.
  11. I firmly disagree. If guilds can't harass and deny resources to their opponents, that seems just completely off to me. Gathering should not be an "opt out" of pvp, it should just be another way to get people out in the world and force those pvp interactions. Obviously the decision to fight or flee should exist, but gatherers shouldn't get a free pass when it comes to loot loss. Crowfall should not just be a PoI siege simulator. We already technically have that, and look at the state of the game. You might as well call the game Borefall. If you're a gatherer and you don't want to ge
  12. A lot of people under the impression that pvpers don't gather, and that's far from the truth. There should be zero gathering protection. If gathering protection is necessary, they should full stop the game and pivot into something else. At the least this should be a campaign rule set and not a discipline.
  13. Just to elaborate, I didn't mean multiple handcrafted maps. Basically if they took the time to flesh out a single world map/design, and simply used that for all the campaigns (but with resources and objectives randomly generated; maybe stronghold claims as well), I would've preferred that over the uniquely mediocre campaign parcels/worlds we have now. Eventually they might've actually been able to create additional world maps later down the line, but having a great, well designed and focused world with interesting locales to fight at would've been a personal preference. The down side being pos
  14. I feel like a lot of the things that made shadowbane good were because back then developers didn't really know what they were doing with these games unlike now. There was no inhibition when it came to the vision of the game. I remember JTodd talking about how they were flying by the seat of their pants when they were making shadowbane, it was like the spaghetti method of developing these types of games back then. Shadowbane was an example of wild and untamed ideas and development. Crowfall is way more refined and tame in comparison (for good and for worse). In contrast with shadowbane, crowfal
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