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  1. Crowfall is more of a broad linear game than a sandbox. Downfall very much tell you what you should be doing, it's just not interesting doing those things. I went from definitely playing the game to a maybe, if I'm bored and there's nothing to play.
  2. As much as it hurts me (and my wallet) to say this, I think the game is just inherently flawed. The devs were banking on the players being the content, but the things they have in the world are not interesting or fun, so people just don't do them. It's a vicious cycle that feeds into itself and we end up with people either bored, disinterested, or disillusioned. Part of the reason they removed passive training is to get people out in the world and progressing their trade, but I'm not sure that will pan out like they want. It's a sad thing, that the game in the trailer (on the front page) looks
  3. They just need a system that doesn't revolve around RNG. Even as a placeholder the current system is terrible. The game, overall, is better without the passive progression.
  4. This is just acase Crafting is just way too involved for the a lot of the people who are interested in the game (those being people who want to kill others). Basically they took crafting out of SWG, a game with pvp but not predominantly built around pve and was conceptualized primarily as a pve game and hot dropped it into a predominantly pvp game. The investment in creating gear had the unfortunate side effects of increasing it's importance, and thus the longevity. CF is not an easy come, easy go game; a hallmark of previous games that have made them PvP gems IMO. CF is a good example
  5. You'd be surprised, a lot of developers would take the artisan engine over vanilla unity because it at least has features/components that they don't need to build from scratch. I remember artcraft talking about two customers that are using the artisan engine, but maybe I'm just imagining things. In terms of scope, crowfall has pushed unity further than I thought they could.
  6. I honestly think that they'll make more money off of the "Artisan Engine" than crowfall; crowfall feels more like a proof of concept. I feel like ACE really screwed themselves with a purely procedural generated world. The world itself is unattractive, sterile, and seems to be a limiting factor as to what they can and can't do. Maybe I'm totally off base, but shadowbane had a hand crafted world and there was significantly more freedom when it came to city building. People were building cities on mountains, on islands, the cities had interesting designs, at least for the first few months be
  7. A small subset of players monopolizing land was a huge issue in another game I played as well. More keeps would definitely help elevate this, perhaps even a cap as to how many keeps a single entity can own at the same time. Maybe even upkeep with exponential growth making owning multiple assets exceedingly harder?
  8. That's just the nature of the beast. Blob fighting has always been about wrangling your lemmings, and never so much about individual skill. My biggest issues right now with the game is that performance sucks, and there isn't a whole lot to do in between sieges (and the few things you do have to do are boring). The game feels extremely sterile for some reason; passive progression might be partly responsible for this, but I think world design is another. The world design in the game sucks, and the combat, while not terrible, feels archaic .
  9. My thought on nuanced mechanics has always been that if its not intended, remove it OR expland on it and explain it. Pre-casting in UO was never intended, and although it increased the skill ceiling a bit it was removed. Ice skating or "god mode" in AC was never intended and eventually (it took a while) I believe sas eventually removed. I know they're either trying or tried to remove animation cancelling from ESO. Crowfall does need a noticable skill ceiling, I'm not sure the unintended animation cancelling is it tho.
  10. Typically your guild will gear you out. At least that's how it's always be. I agree that the skill tree should unlock new and interesting ways to play, but it shouldn't block character progression especially considering it's current pace. Passive skill gain just isn't interesting.
  11. Lol, of all the things you could be upset about. Grab the popcorn boys this is going to be a good one.
  12. That's the best part of the game. The fact you can get geared up by hand downs and be fairly competitive right from the start. If I had to wait on passive training to wear x armor, I'd waiting a long ass time (unless they adjusted the speed of training). Passive progression is a complete slog when it comes to crafting and harvesting, I couldn't imagine if it was used to restrict your weapon and armor choices. Would probably scrub this game from my memory if that was the case, lol.
  13. Zerging isn't really the problem, the problem is that multiple features and mechanics in crowfall favors it. Personally I think the TTK is way too long, a long TTK general favors zerg balling in my opinion. As far as zerging, I don't think it needs to be "solved", there just needs to be more tools for smaller groups to deal with them. Larger maps, more objectives giving more breathing room for smaller groups. Numbers and gear are the only thing that really matter in CF and that's unfortunate.
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