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  1. I don't think the problem is so much with the crafting system, it's actually pretty neat. However the problem comes with all the restrictions and inter-dependency. If I want to make a piece of armor I need string from johnson, some leather from bobby, and so on and so forth. Those two people might need components from multiple other people so it becomes a recursive nightmare where we all end up nut cupping each other to make one piece of armor; multiply this over a full set and you'll see the problem. This problem is further compounded when you realize you have a choice between being an excellent fighter or a crafter (since fighting and crafting generally don't work well together, but picking a harvesting line and fighter do). This largely leads to people buying crafting alts and doing the crafting on them instead. It's a similar system with harvesting, except you can at least be a fighter as well as do some harvesting. This all wouldn't be so bad if there was a global market place where we can buy/sell what we wanted, or even neutral towns where we could have a local market place. I don't think that's currently in the works but it should totally be. Some UO-esque city where you can buy/sell/trade that have guards that will protect you to some degree. The majority of players want some dependency on others (this comes in the form of trading, partying up, joining a guild, conflict, territorial control), but they don't want to be tied at the hip. The real problem here is that the devs over estimated how many people really want to play JUST crafters and JUST harvesters. The majority of the player base might enjoy dabbling in one or the other but they don't necessarily want to be strapped into a decision for an indefinitely (or near permanent) amount of time. Especially in game where things change very often. The main theme of the game is conflict and conquest which will bring a certain demography of players that don't necessarily want to just hit rocks or sit by a forge all day. I mean doubling down on harvesting really makes no sense. When in the past tblair made comparisons to fortnites pve mode, I've honestly shuddered. Fortnite pve was a huge failure and it wasn't even nearly as restrictive in choices as crowfall is. I think the recent introduction on loot on mobs is a possibly good move. Giving players more alternatives and options to acquire gear is definitely the way to go. Performance, campaign and zone capacity and character progression are also big issues the game needs to sort out.
  2. I partly agree, and it's definitely one of the reason I and many others have kinda taken a hiatus. A lot of work for a few fleeting moments of pvp. Crowfall has potential but I fear that there are technical limitations that will hinder that potential. I've never been a fan of the whole fighter, crafter-alt, indentured servant model that the game tries to push. I'm hoping that dregs really opens up the possibilities with this game, but I'm honestly not holding my breath. For those who enjoy the game I'm happy for you.
  3. Full loot; easy come easy go as far as gear is concerned. Should be able to get geared up and be competitive quickly. Unfortunately the convoluted crafting system makes this hard, as does the harvesting. Large storages that we can build in bases to store mats, etc. Large zones and significantly larger zone caps. More interesting locales (fighting on bridges, etc) and more diverse biomes. I'd like to see some serious re-evaluating when it comes to combat. Way too number and gear oriented.
  4. Not a fan of starting with no abilities (especially in pvp), but I like the idea of active progression (long as it's sane and doesn't require you to give up your job). The game can't revolve around just siege based pvp. Get people out there doing different stuff, leveling, harvesting etc. I need people to gank.
  5. I think the game would benefit greatly from a "consumable" bar with limited consumable slots. You could have things like harvesting tools and/or consumables like bandages / potions / food. The idea being that instead of having to flip back and forth between the trays for trivial tasks or even when you're in the heat of combat is extremely jarring (especially after playing certain other games that do thing significantly better). Keep the survival bar, but keep the bar for abilities and stuff like the mount button (which I kinda thing should be it's own thing too).
  6. Simply having the recipe in your inventory should be enough. I also don't think it would be too crazy to hook it into the crafting recipe UI with some sort of charge system. The current system seems really awkward and clunky.
  7. Having to equip and unequip recipes sounds like unnecessary busy work.
  8. Now all they need to do is clean up combat so it doesn't look like an IMAX light show and make daddy helix happy.
  9. Here's hoping that server performance improves to the point where campaigns can support thousands instead of dozens/hundreds.
  10. We got a recluse spider...but what we need is an introverted-living-in-parents-basement-spider and of course the most highly anticipated of them all .... The man-dolphin-spider.
  11. I haven't played in awhile, the last few iterations have not been enjoyable. Reading the same complaints from a year plus ago is disappointing.
  12. Very interesting; similar to crowfall in a lot of ways. Some of features: Crafting, harvesting. Classless system Aim based/Skill based combat. Supposedly they're going to have 10k players per world. Open FFA PvP with a UO similar crime system. Bounty hunting. Fortification Building. Sieges and territorial / resource control. https://wccftech.com/new-world-preview-amazon/
  13. I've been the biggest advocate when it comes to reducing the harvesting grind since the beginning. Harvesting is a huge component of the game, it's unfortunately unavoidable and a complete necessity. Some progress has been made with vendors offering alternative gear and I only hope the devs realize that harvesting is a terrible experience and continue to work on it. I honestly think harvesting is the biggest hurdle to having fun in this game and the need to specialize in it only makes the experience even worse and at the same time stifles you when it comes to options; especially since almost everyone with a brain in their head will most likely take a harvesting secondary. Crafting is great, I will say that. Hats off to the devs for a great crafting system. It might honestly be the best part of the game. Still waiting for that combat 3.0 EXTREME AWESOME mode overhaul.
  14. Pok

    Is your profile pic the lead singer from the 80's hair band Helix? Don't ask me how i'd possibly know that :P

  15. With this tech does that mean adventure zones can have entrance caves / portals and thus be decoupled from the mainland? If that’s possible maybe we can have public dungeons, or is it the intention for adventure zones to substitute for dungeons? I know one of the bigger hurdles was “digging” into the terrain for unity and hollowing it out to create a subterranean looking biome, but maybe this could be the solution. Fighting against players for tusker / olthoi dungeons on dark tide in asherons call was some of the better experiences I had in an mmorpg
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