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  1. Good stuff; kinda wish combat got as much attention as crafting and harvesting tho.
  2. For auto run, why not simply have a button that can toggle it on and off like in just about every other game? Why? Because I've got a massive weiner and I need both hands to throttle this mammoth.
  3. Class identity kinda took a backseat once disciplines were introduced. I’m guessing the discipline system won’t be that open come release; right now everyone has access to everything. My problem is the majority of combat and class design is extremely bland and boring. Not necessary terrible, but not remarkable either considering the competition.
  4. My suggestions as of November.

    Those other battle royale games don't have class and role distinction. Everyone is a gunner. CF is not a first person shooter, doesn't strive to be and will never be one. In fact tblair said recently that the reticle gives off a false impression of the game; that should be a big signal. From a support perspective (and someone who actually plays the game), not being able to identify friendlies from enemies would make combat a even bigger clusterf!ck than it already it is. This level of obscurity works in games where you're solely responsible for yourself and not on someone else to keep you alive. It worked in DFO because that game is essentially a medieval fps with progression and everyone had access to everything. You can literally be everything in that game. If crowfall was more like dark fall, then yes. It's not tho and never will be. Clearly what the developers want the game to be and what YOU want the game to be are two entirely different things. You'll never be happy here. Time to pack it up. Now, I'm not against the option of being able to turn this stuff off. For damage and tank it might not be entirely necessary to have all those bars and names floating around, and I'm definitely not against cleaning up the clutter (decreasing the size of those status effect floaters and damage floaters would help).
  5. 1) I'm alright with clerics grinding people down 1v1, the game will will not and should not be a balanced around this. 2) Expose and/or root. Clerics are easy to train down if you know what you're doing. 3) Healing in general is brain dead, the only ability that requires a little bit of "skill" is rescue, but not much. Don't worry, when everyone is running around with blue and purple weapons, you'll laugh at that healing. Can only have 1 aura and the auras break on cc (right now they even break on root). 4) While I think there needs to be a better universal tool to deal with CC I don't think it should be nerfed only on the merits of being annoying. 5) The range attacks on the cleric are weird, but I'm not entirely against them. 6) Of which you can only have 1 at a time. Personally I'd like to see every archetype get 2 ultimate (why should cleric be the only one?). Honestly my problem with the cleric isn't any of the above, it's the fact that the cleric is kinda boring.
  6. When

  7. What We Want

  8. Except in crowfall this ideology actually makes sense. "Tanks" don't exist in pvp, since your opponents aren't mindless robots. Knights, templars and myrmidons really fall under the one or two roles; Initiator and disruptor. In order for a knight (or a "heavy") to be threatening they have to be a seen as a nuisance or an obstacle that needs to be dealt with. If you're not annoying enough, you're just going to get ignored and put on the bottom of the totem pole when it comes to kill priority. Basically as a knight, templar, myrimdon, you're going to initiate the fight on your terms, pressure your opponents with cc, create kill opportunities and peel for your teammates. That's the life of a "tank" in crowfall. You'll largely go ignored until your presence becomes intolerable.
  9. Controls are unuseful

    I'm not against options for click to move, but I think the current control setup is fine.
  10. My suggestions as of November.

    This is because the server and client are not perfectly in sync with each other. When you swing at a target client side, on the server side that target might actually be offset by a significant margin. So with this in mind they (the developers) have to work some "magic" to make aiming actually work. In this case it's the wider hit scan and not so much the hit boxes themselves. There also other things to take into consideration (like client-to-server validations), that all adds to the over head which pushes the client-server further out of sync with each other. The reality is that combat is actually closer to Wildstar and the reticle is just there to center yourself and the target. It's not a traditional aim system in the least. So the reason why people were missing 9 out of 10 attacks (that one video where I was literally fighting 10 guys in a house might be evidence of this behavior) is because of the above mentioned issue, but the hit scans were significantly more narrower which means you were more likely to miss a target that was standing right in front of you because on the server side he wasn't actually there. tl;dr it's not the hit boxes, it's the way abilities / attacks / whatever actually "searches" / scans for targets. Wider scans are used to compensate for sync issues between client and server.
  11. My suggestions as of November.

    1. I agree, release dates were a mistake. 2. In a recent post by tblair he said that he regrets removing telegraphs and building emphasis on the reticle because it gives people the wrong impression. He likened crowfall more to ESO and Wildstar than csgo when it came to abilities and aiming. Two options I see them doing. 1) They'll clean up the aiming cause right now it's giving everyone "false positives" as to what aiming is supposed to be. 2)They'll fall back to some telegraph system which accurate conveys the games combat, abilities and ability radius. I just want the reticle to work like it's advertised in game. If it's on a target, hit them, if it's not on them, you don't hit them. If accurate aiming is not a possibility, change the system up. 3. How many hard core pvpers do you think play crowfall? What criteria even qualifies them as "hard core". While I'm not against trying unrestricted friendly fire, I think it will be terrible for the game. If it's turns out bad for the game (even the developers don't think it will work), I don't want it. 4. I remember them saying that FFA and GvG will get rolled into each other. Makes sense to me, since the game isn't a first person death match shooter.
  12. Additional Feedback: Bugs There are two, I REPEAT, two elven eye disciplines. One in harvesting and one as a minor discipline which grants leather armor access. Call da paolice. UI The new character paper doll / inventory and stat dialog window takes up considerable real estate, even on an 1440p monitor. As displayed in the picture, it completely overlaps / obscures your buff tray, unfortunately you need it open since the inventory window is not a module. Makes crafting very annoying. The lack of a health bar above your character avatar is kinda infuriating. Since there is so much going on in these fights your eyes are usually fixated on your teammates (who, ironically DO have health bars over their head). The bigger the monitor / higher the resolution, the more of a problem this is. As displayed in the above picture, your resource block, buff blocks and party blocks are "out of sight" of the actual action. Dragging functionality will obviously help, but the "blocky" nature takes up valuable screen real estate. Instead I purpose two options as displayed below: A Like your teammates, a simple health bar which is anchored above your character's avatar with the option to turn it off, on or even adjust the opacity. Another option to the above idea. Your resource bars can be anchored next to your character in a manner which does not obscure your field of view. The opacity should be adjustable. Keeping track of your buffs / debuffs is important (but more so debuffs imo). Instead of dragging a huge block over perhaps a smaller, slimmer transparent block with smaller icons (eventually you'll be able to recognize the icons). I think either of these is a better option over dragging a big block next to your character.
  13. Bugs Got hit so hard my armor flew off. Had to re-equip it. Not sure if this is a visual bug or if the armor actually falls off after you die. Roots still don't seem to break. Got plowed by multiple bad men with no reprieve.
  14. HoA/UDL/LoD/TB vs. Sugoi

    Having played gw2 I can honestly say this is not nearly as bad, but it's still kinda a mess. I don't know what the solution is beyond removing ground targeted abilities or giving an option to turn them off (which would severely hinder anyone that cant see them). If anything, some of the ground based stuff isn't really that well defined on certain abilities (like fountain of life). If they reduce the duration of ground based ability durations, considering how much movement is in combat now, people will just walk out / into them unmolested with not a care in the world. I guess an option to turn off the particle effects but keep the radius borders might not be bad.