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  1. Now imagine playing at 10-15 fps in a giant zerg ball with knock ups every few seconds. Might possibly be the most infuriating mechanic ever introduced in a game.
  2. Not a fan of starting with no abilities (especially in pvp), but I like the idea of active progression (long as it's sane and doesn't require you to give up your job). The game can't revolve around just siege based pvp. Get people out there doing different stuff, leveling, harvesting etc. I need people to gank.
  3. Some projectile attacks aren't showing up (Confessor fire balls), also encountered a player named Darivaster who we couldn't deal damage to. Not sure if this was due to latency issues or other reasons (like level and gear disparity). If was in fact a gear and level disparity which was the issue here, that might need to be re-evaluated. Especially since we had him rooted, piled on him, and still couldn't scratch him.
  4. Performance Lots of janky character movements. Lots of skipping / rubber banding. Performance is still a huge issue.
  5. I think the game would benefit greatly from a "consumable" bar with limited consumable slots. You could have things like harvesting tools and/or consumables like bandages / potions / food. The idea being that instead of having to flip back and forth between the trays for trivial tasks or even when you're in the heat of combat is extremely jarring (especially after playing certain other games that do thing significantly better). Keep the survival bar, but keep the bar for abilities and stuff like the mount button (which I kinda thing should be it's own thing too).
  6. This is definitely something that needs to be looked at. Right now heals are super under powered early game.
  7. Bugs Many attacks do not appear to have sfx effects. Most of the cleric's attacks seemingly have no sfx (basic attack, etc). Rooting mobs inside the beach head causes them to get stuck and regenerate huge blocks of health until the root ends. Damage numbers and healing numbers were not showing up on my screen. General You should be able to level off higher ranked mobs past 10. This goes back to playing the way you want to play over playing the way the game wants you to play. 1-10 r1 mobs, 11-21 rank 2 mobs, 21-30 rank 3 mobs, etc. You can sheath your tool in harvesting mode, but you can't apparently sheath your weapon in action mode without shifting to harvesting mode first. Counter intuitive imo. Movement feels significantly better, but I would like at least an option to lock the camera to reticle when harvesting. Personally I think it should be locked, it introduces an element of uncertainty and risk when harvesting not being able to look behind you. You should be able to loot an item in an inventory my dbl clicking or shift+clicking on it. Perhaps even a loot all button. Apparently you can't have more than one character bound to a campaign. You should start with at least one ability, starting with no abilities is a bummer. Zones The zones feel too small and segregated. Terrain isn't awful, but it feels extremely homogenized. I hope we'll get different biomes and locales to fight at and over. Needs more bridges, and bottlenecks Map/UI Overall UI needs to be more flexible. Health bar should appear above or beside your character's avatar. Should be able to move resource bars over. Map looks nice, but information is lacking. Needs more details, way to mark / ping locations. The game desperately needs a consumable bar, going back and forth between action and harvesting bars to eat your food is clunky. Healing With no spirit healing feels completely insignificant in comparison to your base health. I can barely even notice my or others health moving when using tend wounds. Healing needs better early level scaling if it's to matter at all.
  8. Simply having the recipe in your inventory should be enough. I also don't think it would be too crazy to hook it into the crafting recipe UI with some sort of charge system. The current system seems really awkward and clunky.
  9. Having to equip and unequip recipes sounds like unnecessary busy work.
  10. Now all they need to do is clean up combat so it doesn't look like an IMAX light show and make daddy helix happy.
  11. Here's hoping that server performance improves to the point where campaigns can support thousands instead of dozens/hundreds.
  12. We got a recluse spider...but what we need is an introverted-living-in-parents-basement-spider and of course the most highly anticipated of them all .... The man-dolphin-spider.
  13. I haven't played in awhile, the last few iterations have not been enjoyable. Reading the same complaints from a year plus ago is disappointing.
  14. Very interesting; similar to crowfall in a lot of ways. Some of features: Crafting, harvesting. Classless system Aim based/Skill based combat. Supposedly they're going to have 10k players per world. Open FFA PvP with a UO similar crime system. Bounty hunting. Fortification Building. Sieges and territorial / resource control. https://wccftech.com/new-world-preview-amazon/
  15. I've been the biggest advocate when it comes to reducing the harvesting grind since the beginning. Harvesting is a huge component of the game, it's unfortunately unavoidable and a complete necessity. Some progress has been made with vendors offering alternative gear and I only hope the devs realize that harvesting is a terrible experience and continue to work on it. I honestly think harvesting is the biggest hurdle to having fun in this game and the need to specialize in it only makes the experience even worse and at the same time stifles you when it comes to options; especially since almost everyone with a brain in their head will most likely take a harvesting secondary. Crafting is great, I will say that. Hats off to the devs for a great crafting system. It might honestly be the best part of the game. Still waiting for that combat 3.0 EXTREME AWESOME mode overhaul.
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