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  1. 5.4 Ressource cost

    Been screaming to the high heavens about this sh!t for a long time. This isn't fun devs. Easily gained, easily lost should be the mantra. Honestly I think they should worry less about making experiences painful, and making them actually enjoyable. If harvesting, acquiring gear is too much of a PITA, players will turn tail and run to the competition. I strongly doubt there are enough people who enjoy harvesting in a pvp centric game to justify making it an unforgiving, tedious and necessary experience.
  2. Not looking forward to a potentially higher turn around for crafted gear with the new death penalties, especially with the amount of time it takes to acquire gear.
  3. Having to apply small increments of time to skill nodes when you've accumulated A LOT of time is a tedious chore. I suggest another mechanism / feature where you can adjust the amount of time you want to spend on a node, something like the slider bar. It wouldn't let you go beyond the max amount of time needed to complete the node, so you couldn't "waste" time, but it would cut down on the process of "leveling up" nodes.
  4. Seem like good changes, but I find the lack of man-dolphin disturbing...
  5. One shot? Perhaps not. Instagibbed? Most definitely. Not something I'd like to see in a game with supposed loot drop.
  6. Needs to be a better way to apply the desired amount of time bank to a skill node besides spamming LMB. Maybe a slider of some kind when you click on the node. The recent visual changes to the skill line UI looks worse as well.
  7. Well then.... no excuse NOT to have a man-dolphin race in that case.
  8. That's great; so no excuses as to why we can't have numlock auto run ;p.
  9. Combat, Movement and Mounts

    Oh man, you're about 2 years late on this one. That's how combat originally was, but it was extremely mediocre and felt like sh!t. The combat we have now is a step up, it just needs a fine tuning which what you'd expect with a finished product (hopefully).
  10. WTB real crowd control class

    PvP in DAoC really came down to who got off their 10s+ mez on the opposition first. Hard CCs just need a lower duration. Anything above 2 seconds for a knock down or stun is too long. Soft CCs like roots and sleeps that break on damage are okay if they're longer. On top of that you can go the route that ESO went and have an active CC breaker on a low cool down and/or which consumes stamina or some other resource.
  11. Crafting Tools - Feels bad

    In 5 hours... Most players won't last 30 minutes much less 5 hours. If the first impression of the game is it's a horrible, boring grind which requires you hours to be semi-competitive at the least, I'm telling you now, with 100% certainty that it won't last. You might be singing the "this game requires dedication" song now, but 6 months after release you might be end up wondering where the custard everyone went to. The OP's observations are a quite common, in fact I recently asked my friend (a $200+ kickstart pledge) if he gave crowfall another shot, and his response was he thinks the game is quite hard to get into. Think about that for a second, a person who invested 200 dollars into playing the game is saying it's too hard to get into. Imagine what happens with you have people with less invested get the same first impression? Thankfully this is a impression on the "pre-alpha" and not the finished product so changes can be easily made, but if the devs don't take this feedback seriously, and if it continues to get dismissed by "yes men" the game is going to be in real trouble and we'll end up in a blame game of "who dunnit" with fingers getting pointed all over the place. If harvesting and acquiring gear (at least the lower tiers; white to green) was less of a tedious chore, it would be way more approachable and fun to the majority of people who pick up the game. If the game doesn't try and bridge the gap between solo players and players with groups, there is going to be a problem.
  12. Crafting Tools - Feels bad

    Tool loop is pretty dismal. Whoever thought "players will love it when tools break after 20 uses" and thus be required to craft more tools only to have them break relatively quickly needs to re-evaluate life.
  13. I'm not against something like this, I even advocated for something like this with critical hits being location / position based and not on RNG. Want those crits? You should have to work for them. However I doubt we'll ever see anything like this, I think some limitations when it comes to latency, server / back-end infrastructure and combat in general will prevent anything like this from happening. In DFO and other games which revolve around aiming a lot of it is on the client side, but crowfall is different in this regard. There seems to be way more work going on in the back end. I know many people are against it, but I can see the combat / aiming system going the way of W* with variation of damage based on where the target is in the hit scan. Personally I would like it if 2h weapons cleave everyone in it's attack path up to a cap and with primary, secondary and tertiary damage based on where they are in the cleave radius. If they do go this route I'm not sure a reticle would make sense and they might have to go with aiming telegraphs which accurately depict the DM.
  14. This is a pretty common complaint; hence the name "harvest fall". We can only hope the devs take the feedback and adjust the game accordingly. Harvesting is not fun and even less so when you're forced to do it to progress your character.