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  1. We got a recluse spider...but what we need is an introverted-living-in-parents-basement-spider and of course the most highly anticipated of them all .... The man-dolphin-spider.
  2. What went wrong?

    I haven't played in awhile, the last few iterations have not been enjoyable. Reading the same complaints from a year plus ago is disappointing.
  3. Very interesting; similar to crowfall in a lot of ways. Some of features: Crafting, harvesting. Classless system Aim based/Skill based combat. Supposedly they're going to have 10k players per world. Open FFA PvP with a UO similar crime system. Bounty hunting. Fortification Building. Sieges and territorial / resource control. https://wccftech.com/new-world-preview-amazon/
  4. I've been the biggest advocate when it comes to reducing the harvesting grind since the beginning. Harvesting is a huge component of the game, it's unfortunately unavoidable and a complete necessity. Some progress has been made with vendors offering alternative gear and I only hope the devs realize that harvesting is a terrible experience and continue to work on it. I honestly think harvesting is the biggest hurdle to having fun in this game and the need to specialize in it only makes the experience even worse and at the same time stifles you when it comes to options; especially since almost everyone with a brain in their head will most likely take a harvesting secondary. Crafting is great, I will say that. Hats off to the devs for a great crafting system. It might honestly be the best part of the game. Still waiting for that combat 3.0 EXTREME AWESOME mode overhaul.
  5. Is your profile pic the lead singer from the 80's hair band Helix? Don't ask me how i'd possibly know that :P

  6. With this tech does that mean adventure zones can have entrance caves / portals and thus be decoupled from the mainland? If that’s possible maybe we can have public dungeons, or is it the intention for adventure zones to substitute for dungeons? I know one of the bigger hurdles was “digging” into the terrain for unity and hollowing it out to create a subterranean looking biome, but maybe this could be the solution. Fighting against players for tusker / olthoi dungeons on dark tide in asherons call was some of the better experiences I had in an mmorpg
  7. I'd like to see combat be a little more tactical and require more coordination. Not in the snails pace sense, but in actually having to coordinate certain abilities with your allies. GW2 kinda did this with the combo fields. Personally I'd like to see something similar to divinity original sins where you can "set up" stuff for your team. I'd like to see aoe CC require more stuff like that. Set down a field and ignite it to burn, slow, stun, etc, whatever. Something like the duelist barrel except you can detonate it with your ranged attack and cause it to explode, knock down people, etc. I have no delusions as to combat getting faster or more mechanically skill based, but I think the above would be way more interesting. Combat right now just needs more layers; there really isn't anything to it. In terms of abilities in general, everything just kinda feels the "same" and sterile. I'd personally like a little more uniqueness. The discipline system is an opportunity to get really crazy, but I feel like it's way too tame. Some of this might be due to the time constraints available when it comes to animations, sfx, and just general ability design.
  8. Is crowfall fundamentally boring?

    Combat is pretty meh, I'm not sure what they can do about it tho, or if anything is even planned. Seems like they're happy with it and it's not really awful; it's just seems under developed in comparison to the rest of the systems and doesn't really offer something "new".
  9. Lets Talk About Runegates

    I'd rather armies / groups not get separated and spread out. Seems like a inconvenience just for inconvenience sake. Eventually those armies will regroup and wreck face anyways.
  10. Healing and Crowfall

    Healing is tricky. It's either strong and an obstacle to overcome or it's weak, meaningless and you're forced to bring a bazillion supports to compensate. I think the better alternative to nerfing healing is simply providing more or better ways of dealing with healing. Giving cetain classes stuff like deep wound (which decreases healing) on a moderate cd at a base level might not be a bad thing. Giving supports ways to REMOVE said debuff would be good to because now healing and debuff stripping actually becomes tactical. Stuff like disease should reduce healing and spread from target to target and (again) also be removable by supports. My biggest complaint with healing isn't that it's only strong; it's strong AND nearly brain dead. Having strong healing is fine, but when there is no challenge or price attached to it, and the counter weights are non-existent, well, that leads to all sorts of problems.
  11. Finite usage on vessels?

    This seems to be something in limbo at the moment. I think the original idea was that vessels would decay, die and need to be replaced (along with all the disciplines attached to them). Something I'm not particularly fond of, but understand why it might be necessary. An alternative to vessels simply decaying (either because of durability or usage) is to limit the number of times they can be imported into a campaign. For example if a vessel could be imported 5 times before it expired, and each campaign lasted a month, that's at least 5 months of possible usage out of a vessel. Considering the amount of time and effort that goes in to acquiring a vessel (and everything attached to it), I don't think that's too bad.
  12. Big news for ArtCraft !

    Is the artisan engine purely back end? If so I would assume it has to be front end agnostic? How do you see performance increasing in the next few months both front and back end? What obstacles have you, are you and do you think you'll encounter when it comes to getting performance to the point where 50v50+ is feasible?
  13. Food > PvP

    I don't think food should be a "fight timer". Food in general feels like another tedium, so hopefully they find a way to make it important but not directly neuter players to the point of not actually enjoying the game anymore. As far as "no fire hose healing" goes, I always felt that was impractical. A complete fantasy. You have fire hose damage but no fire hose healing to act as a counter weight? I think eventually the devs saw that this was just not practical, and the current situation with groups running around 2 healers (cause 1 healer is usually a sitting duck) is one of the results of that that earlier thinking.
  14. Food > PvP

    I don't think anyone can say with a straight face that losing due to starvation in a competitive pvp game is fun. I'd rather die because someone clubbed me over the head.
  15. What direction is the game going?

    I feel like what you want isn't necessarily healthy for the game when it comes to retaining players. Should death sting and be avoided at all costs? Certainly. Should death give you the urge to break your keyboard in half? Absolutely not. Right now the time it takes to get to a competitive level feels way too long (since the criteria to being competitive is advanced armor, and that criteria changes with the introduction of higher grades of advanced armor). People are bitching when they have 10x training and can effectively do everything, imagine when that's not the case. Full inventory loot was possible for that very reason, competitive gear was relatively easy to acquire and easy to lose. Imagine how rage inducing it would be if your advanced armor that took you 2+ hours armors to harvest / craft broke in 1 or 2 deaths or was looted? In fact you don't have to imagine because that scenario existed early last year when gear broke in 3-4 deaths and there was a huge outcry.