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  1. On 3/26/2021 at 8:30 PM, McTan said:

    Yes, the voices asking for conquest to reign supreme were almost entirely in the biggest alliances, mine included. I think creating something that small groups could win conflicted with a vision of throne war. I hope that we get a dregs that is no import, strict guild size limits, and full on per-member cards.

    I think a lot of people were lead to believe that the game could sustain multiple campaigns with varying rule sets, while the reality is we're lucky to probably get more than 3. Another game recently experienced the unfortunately results of splitting your community up and the fall out that resulted. CF has to be very careful with splitting up the community too much.

  2. 1 hour ago, amaterino said:

    Sorry but you dont allow me to play the hunger dome tournament with rewards, then test it yourselves. if this is how you are going to treat people who play the game every day and try their bests to make it better experience for those that were lucky enough to be born and live in different countries and are able to participate. You have lost my trust

    Yeesh, imagine blaming the developer for your countries laws on lotteries and contest.

    • The game world design is bland. It's just as much where you fight in the world as it is how you fight. The world feels sterile and artificial; there's no interesting places to fight and the battles are fairly forgettable.
    • Combat is bland and boring; some of the combat animations are nonsensical. Too number sensitive, and more focused on gear over skill.
    • "Winning" doesn't feel like winning.
    • Performance is butthole and doesn't look like it will improve much without drastic measures.
  3. 2 hours ago, Meram said:

    It's going to be interesting (I expect chaotic), if Crowfall releases as intended, and tens of thousands of players flood in, or attempt to play the game. How will ACE respond? How will the maps handle large numbers of players? Just how much stress have their servers experienced, and is the current build optimized for potentially large numbers? Do they intend to migrate players, guilds, ISP Locations/Regions if the available servers start bogging down?

    Maybe none of these issues will manifest. Maybe they all will. ACE will get one shot for their maiden voyage, is it the Titanic?

    How will the zones handle getting pop capped... The game is in a desperate need of an OPEN BETA.

  4. Things they didn't really touch on that I wish they did.

    Game world incentives, and too much risk aversion.

    Right now it feels like all I need to do is get my character to where I want it, and then wait till a siege window opens up to log on. There's simply nothing encouraging most people to log on during the day, and it's a self perpetuating loop. People don't log in because they see a low population, thus the population dwindles even more because people don't log on.
    I wish things like open world dungeons were on the mid term plans, or more objectives that inject urgency into the game loop to get people on and competing against one another.

    On the subject of risk aversion; why is there so much of it? Obviously rule sets will resolve some of this with no import rules, but I feel bad for other rule sets that get an influx of riskless acquired gear imports. Risk should be a huge component of the game, but it seems like they're walking back from that with the introduction of things like disciplines that reduce or negate inventory drop, etc.

  5. 1 hour ago, mystafyi said:

    Grrrrr. I hate this type of talk. Game should begin when you login and end when you quit. If it begins at 30, then remove the wasted bits before 30 and refocus attention towards that gameplay. 

    Its like with many themepark games, they will build multiple extravagant low/mid level zones that never get seen 2 months after launch as everyone races to get to the endgame that doesnt really exist.

    There's not enough content to really make leveling a meaningful experience, and there most likely won't ever be. White vessel 1-30 is literally just a tutorial walk through. It's just there for additional character building and the feeling of "ownership" that the game desperately needs. Leveling is a tool used to make the world feel populated and to make the game feel more than gw2 WvW where blobs run from one objection to the next. It's padding, but it's a needed padding, other wise the game feels like a "drop-in-drop-out experience" which might be okay to some people, but that's not what I kick started.

  6. 15 hours ago, Teufel said:

    I don't enjoy gathering because PvP is coming my way.  I want no trouble when I'm gathering.  I want my PvP over large assets, and want my gathering done in peace.

    I firmly disagree. If guilds can't harass and deny resources to their opponents, that seems just completely off to me. Gathering should not be an "opt out" of pvp, it should just be another way to get people out in the world and force those pvp interactions. Obviously the decision to fight or flee should exist, but gatherers shouldn't get a free pass when it comes to loot loss.


    Crowfall should not just be a PoI siege simulator. We already technically have that, and look at the state of the game. You might as well call the game Borefall. If you're a gatherer and you don't want to get ganked, bring protection. When you're in a campaign world, regardless of the activity you're doing, you should be at threat of players at all times.


    Unfortunately I think because you have "safe spaces" in the game in the form of infected and eternal kingdoms that the entire flow of the game is flawed.

  7. 1 hour ago, mystafyi said:

    Both of these would have made handcrafted campaign maps quite difficult due to the other design goal of having multiple campaigns running. Thats a crapton of handcrafted maps. I do agree that the world generator needs more tuning and content to feel more alive.

    Just to elaborate, I didn't mean multiple handcrafted maps. Basically if they took the time to flesh out a single world map/design, and simply used that for all the campaigns (but with resources and objectives randomly generated; maybe stronghold claims as well), I would've preferred that over the uniquely mediocre campaign parcels/worlds we have now. Eventually they might've actually been able to create additional world maps later down the line, but having a great, well designed and focused world with interesting locales to fight at would've been a personal preference. The down side being possibility the inability to scale the world, so I'm sure that was one of the reasons we got what we did.

  8. 15 hours ago, Wrain said:




    I feel like a lot of the things that made shadowbane good were because back then developers didn't really know what they were doing with these games unlike now. There was no inhibition when it came to the vision of the game. I remember JTodd talking about how they were flying by the seat of their pants when they were making shadowbane, it was like the spaghetti method of developing these types of games back then. Shadowbane was an example of wild and untamed ideas and development. Crowfall is way more refined and tame in comparison (for good and for worse). In contrast with shadowbane, crowfall is way more balanced, but the unfortunate trade off is that it's more boring. Free form base building is great, but it's hard to balance. It doesn't surprise me it doesn't exist in the game, the developers just don't want to deal with it.

    The whole "you can ruin your character and you're forced to reroll" aspect of games is for the most part dead and gone because it's a terrible design decision. As a developer you don't want your players to anguish because they made a bad decision and are forced back into a grind. Also you don't want want players making good decisions at one moment in time, only to have to regret them and start over when the meta changes. Hence respecs. Even ultima online knew better than to lock players into horrible character decisions.

    Personally my biggest gripe with crowfall is the general world design. I feel like they really painted themselves into a corner with having to make everything procedural generated rather than having a single hand crafted world with random generated objectives / resource nodes. Hand crafted worlds are, IMO, way more interesting. Crowfall's world in general feels sterile.

  9. 2 hours ago, Wrain said:

    sigh.  (shakes head)

    Not talking about programming and porting code over.  



    18 hours ago, Wrain said:

    You have an engine, you have updated graphics, you have the ground-work.  Why cant you just port over the MAJORITY of the original and make it happen???

    Crowfall is its own thing; not shadowbane 2. While shadowbane had some good stuff to it, it also had a lot of baggage.

  10. 4 hours ago, BarriaKarl said:

    Indeed and the RNG thing works just right to me.

    I know we all remember the bad streaks, but do we remember the good ones? Yesterday i once again got a gravedigger on my first pass on a graveyard with a new toon. That is a lucky thing. I am aware enough to remember that when i get a bad streak. Most people dont. They might get 2 drops in the span of 5 nodes but once they go 15+ nodes without a drop they will scream bloody murder.

    And I dont know how you make it easier than a X chance to drop a disc.

    I decided to once again test while i farm today. 6 picks and 4 shovels to use. Already got a gravedigger like i said.

    And yes, it would be good if they changed it to fixed rates, but then they would have to make UI to track it, prolly change the rates. And today id rather they focus on the real problems this game has. Like you said, If it isn't broke, don't fix it.

    The old passive system took way too long for new comers to catch up to old boys.

    The new system is in some instances way too fast.

    You don't want people crafting the "best stuff" a week, or two weeks, or even three weeks in. You have to keep the carrot on the stick and have them chasing the "next" thing for as long as possible. You also, however, don't want to make it feel like a grueling experience. This introduce more grind, but it will be way more transparent and predictable. Rather than telling the player to use X number of tools and pray to RNGJesus, they'll be able to see a tangible goal post. RNG is the lazy answer.

  11. 10 hours ago, Wrain said:

    We WANT this game to succeed.  You have an engine, you have updated graphics, you have the ground-work.  Why cant you just port over the MAJORITY of the original and make it happen???

    That isn't how game development works.....


    But the fact that an 18 something year old game has more people playing than a modern day spiritual successor is troubling; even if It's mostly curiosity and nostalgia that's driving those numbers tho.

  12. 14 hours ago, BarriaKarl said:

    And what would be the other option? Wait god knows how many weeks to even bother to start trying gathering?

    And no, RNG isnt really random. I think the data was 1 discs every 9 nodes for mining.

    Sure sometimes you cant get some bad streaks but nobody acknowledges the times they get lucky. Yesterday i got my first grave digger on my 4th grave. Got another 8 or so graves later. That seems incredibly reasonable to me.

    They could hard code it and spend some time making a UI with a progress bar that shows you are this close from getting a drop. But honestly, it is the same stuff we have today. Just more troublesome to add. Yall would still need to mine 900 ores to get 100 explorations discs or whatever...

    If it isn't broke, don't fix it. Other games have succeeded in transparent and easy to understand crafting/harvesting progression where crowfall has failed. Saying RNG isn't random, and then saying you can get bad streaks is an odd statement.

    There shouldn't be good or bad "streaks". There should be zero randomness in how you unlock the green discipline milestone, or blue discipline milestone. You hit x resource for y amount of times, you reach the milestone, you buy the discipline. There should be a natural and easy to understand path to progress. The current system is totally hokey and amateurish.

  13. I kinda thought this would've been a 6.4 thing since the changes happened in 6.3

    The current implementation of crafting and harvesting progression is pretty terrible. I mean, come on, why is progression tied to RNG? Having crafting and harvesting runes discs pop out of thin air just seems really weird and unpredictable.

    Progression for these activities needs to be way more stream lined and predictable.

    Why can't we have linear progression when it comes to crafting and harvesting? You do a task, your bar increments towards the milestone which opens up access to the next tiered discipline. Simple and straight forward and easy to understand. It's also predictable.


  14. I agree that the game at least needs the option to have loot loss (equipment/inventory), but acquiring that loot shouldn't be a mind numbing experience. Loot comes pretty easy in Albion.


    I definitely don't think there needs to be any kind of inventory protection.

  15. Some of my biggest issues with the game.

    There's literally nothing to do outside of sieges. The game is literally aimless. This is a on going problem.

    The performance still sucks.

    Crafting / Harvesting progression sucks. There shouldn't be any RNG bull poorly made dergs involved in this. You should progress down a line by performing appropriate tasks, and unlock access to the runes (which you purchase) as you go. No RNG. Crafting in general is a bludgeoning experience.

    Disciplines that allow you avoid risk (item loss).

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