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  1. My biggest fear is that with the addition of seasons and winning through attrition of supplies that the later stages of a campaign will become virtually unplayable for a large portion of players that aren't in super alliances. While I can appreciate the intent behind this type of micro play, I can see it becoming a huge discouraging issue. If a large population of the campaign world has little to no options to continue playing and feels hopeless, is that a good thing for the game? When you're under kitted in the late game of other BR type games, sure, it's a similar situation. However you have
  2. If later seasons are too penalizing I can see it going from a challenging mechanic to an outright tedious one. You don't want winter and fall to become depressing slogs and suck all the fun out of the game.
  3. Yea, I thought the original source of the quoted discussion being about CU would be a clear give away.
  4. The numbers have meaning; semantic versioning.
  5. According to the CSE guy I talked to, they're still hellbent on implementing it. I should've been more descriptive it's not "in", but it will be implemented in some form.
  6. Unfortunately it's still in, I hope they do drop it tho. Unless they get it to work by maybe splitting the "health bar" into 3 segments (head, upper, lower) and have healing replenish those different segments. Would lead to a lot of ability bloat too tho, which I'm not really keen on.
  7. The body part system isn't in (something I'm not hyped about; they might even remove it if the feedback is negative) and is a huge aspect of combat. The animation system isn't fully implemented yet, the abilities we have now supposedly arent the abilities we'll have in the final product. We'll most likely get more visual queues to be honest, especially since most of the abilities are just prototypes, they wont really function the same way in the final product. The upcoming beta is going to be more like an alpha, so I wouldn't be surprised at a lot of changes when it comes to combat. They ultim
  8. The combat in CU atm isn’t necessarily the combat that will be in the game; that’s supposedly being worked on.
  9. Building your own engine has advantages and disadvantages. Smaller knowledge base, more overhead when it comes to training newcomers with the tech and a significantly smaller ecosystem to draw from are definitely cons. CU’s engine has only been tested with headless clients, so I’m interested in how it performs in reality. I’m equally interested to see if they can make unity work for a large multiplayer project like this; so far I have yet to see one successful mmo come out on unity. ACE needs to deliver on the performance front, other wise they suffer the same fate that bless is.
  10. Actually you're stuck with the same 4-5 abilities in "battleground arena" type games, like league of legends, dota 2, etc. The journey should be important in MMOs, but players also like seeing their character grow and change at a steady pace during the journey. It's all about that dopamine spike when you hear that "DING!" or acquire that new piece of gear, or find that new ability. Progression is sluggish in crowfall by comparison in this department because you don't have many alternatives outside of crafting. It's hard to judge right now since we have easy access to disciplines, but I would
  11. Crowfall had a way more flashy pre-alpha / alpha than CU. I'd imagine that CU's "beta" will look a lot like crowfall's current state of "pre-alpha".
  12. Call me a buster if you want, but I'm actually very much against having any kind of PvP outside of the CWs. CF isn't going to have a huge population as it is, I don't want see a competing feature that would potentially take away from the CW population.
  13. So will elementals drop resources? (namely ore) I hope so, having alternatives to beating on rocks all day sounds good. Having mobs that also provide a source of resources I think is a good thing. You can even set it up so you can harvest the corpses if necessary with a pick axe. The way I'd set it up is have the elemental drop some ore on death that can be picked up, and the rest you have to go at it with a pick axe.
  14. The shine comes last in most cases, not first. Rarely do you ever get anything right on the first attempt when it comes to development. Development is iteration. To say "game should be further along" is silly, since we really don't have anything to base on that on. Who knows how long games like ESO, WS, WoW, etc were in a pre-alpha state of development. Years maybe, till we actually saw anything of them. In comparison, camelot unchained has been in development for roughly 5-6 years. Games take a long ass time, and we're actually getting to see the sausage made, something that would be unh
  15. Except that's not what I'm trying to purpose at all; consequences will still exist, especially when you consider full loot in the equation. I'm a firm believer of easy to acquire, easy to lose. Right now we have hard to acquire, easy to lose. I have my doubts (partly confirmed by many peope I've talked to who have experience with playing within the game/test, and many who have an outside perspective) that having such a grueling and mind numbing game mechanic being so front and center (namely harvesting) will be able to retain players numbers of any financially sustainable possibility. Right n
  16. Yet Ultima Online was able to find the perfect balance when it came to keeping harvesters, crafters needed and not bogging the game down into unnecessary tedium. Right now the fear of losing gear is largely due to people not wanting to get throw back into the harvesting grind. That to me, from a player perspective, sounds terrible. Your players should never "dread" having to do something in the game. The reality is that there really won't be a distinction between harvesters and fighters; with VIP they're one and the same. You have to harvest, there is no way to avoid it. Factories won't s
  17. I guess the question is how "hard" should people have to work for it? There's group loss, and individual loss. If an individual has to grind for an hour +,and then spend 20 minutes crafting to acquire one set of armor and maybe a weapon, only to have that set of gear break after a few deaths and have to do it again. I'd consider that a questionable loop. If a group pools 10s of hours time and effort into a city/stronghold/whatever and that base gets wrecked in only an hour of play, some might consider outright quitting depending on the fun they've been having up to that point. I've seen i
  18. Who said anything about wanting to turn the game into a MOBA? I just don't think getting the "basic stuff" should take long as it does now. New players, especially solo players, aren't going to stick around for the time it gets to acquire lower tier armor so they can go out and start working towards semi-decent gear. This is obviously a NPE problem, so let's see what they do to. I'd imagine they'd relent a little when it comes to mat requirements for lower tier gear. CF doesn't need to be a repetitive, tedious experience. I don't know why you think it does.
  19. Right now, if you're not harvesting than you're not pulling your weight. The way I see it, most people will go combat/harvesting and have an alt account or two that specializes in crafting. That seems like the most logical choice to me. The question is can ACE make the game fun for those who don't want to harvest at all, or is harvesting a prerequisite to having fun for these people. It's like asking someone who is fully capable and enjoys walking to crawl on their belly for x amount of hours. Hypothetically, if you're building your systems around 25% of your populace that likes harvesti
  20. I never really considered crowfall a niche game to be honest, but I agree that if they can "disguise" the grind that it would help a lot. That's a thing MHW does great, it's grindy, but the systems wrapping it are fun enough that the players most of the time don't notice or mind it as much.
  21. I mean, you can find the similarities between many games. It's like saying that GTA has a lot in common with CF if you dig deep enough. That doesn't mean the player base is interchangeable . The reality is there really isn't any meaningful similarities between these games other than hitting things, crafting stuff and subtle player progression. They have similar loops, but A LOT of games do, and MWO has a much different (and more fun) approach. The people who play MHW aren't necessary the same people that would enjoy a game like CF.
  22. There's enough significant difference between the two tho. In fact, these games are miles apart. MHW is all about the carrot on the stick; crowfall is not. MHW is all about permanence; crowfall is not. MHW has combat only crowfall can dream about. MHW has significantly better AI encounters. MHW is about socializing with others and teaming up to beat on NPCS to acquire mats to crafting PERMANENT and cool looking armor sets. Crowfall is about teaming up to tear down other peoples stuff ultimately. MHW gear crafting revolves around fighting monsters and skinning them
  23. Stick to comic books and/or have them up your adderall dosage.
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