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  1. I don't know many people who will last past that first month to be honest. That first impression will filter out A LOT of potential customers. If they can make the early game not such a dull, mind numbing experience, that would put a lot of my concerns to bed.
  2. Is crowfall boring? Does it feel like a tedious chore? Is the amount of time investment to get ready to the "juicy" parts of crowfall far too much? Does harvesting and crafting suck? Should there be less of a time investment in needing to gather? Should gear be faster to acquire? (At least the lower tiers: white, green). Does combat feel far too basic? Is skill training boring? IMO, yes to all of the above (excluding crafting, which I actually think is quite good, just not the amount of mats required to craft the lowest tier of armor), and with soft launch su
  3. The ability to anchor health, mana, etc bars above your character. Not your HP box mind you, I mean something akin to how health bars are anchored above avatars like they are in game.
  4. Doesn't really seem like a whole lot of "play making" potential on most of the classes. They're pretty straight forward and simplistic, and I think that partly hurts any semblance of "skill". Gear being a huge mountain to climb (in both acquisition and statistical advantage) is definitely an issue. Seems like the devs will have a real conundrum when it comes to the have and "have-nots" 6 months in with passive training and gear tiers. I'm not sure what the options are besides gutting passive stat training and gear to irrelevancy and increasing the base amount of things that classes can do.
  5. I'm not sure we'll ever get tighter aiming, mostly because I don't think the game can actually handle it. However I can see them having some kind of damage:range reduction when you're say over 40m (which seems to be the sweet spot).
  6. Is it just any plain old axe? Not sure I'm a fan of this. Think I'd just prefer if there was no requirement.
  7. Why not just let everyone use accessories? Seems kinda silly to have to require a discipline to use a ring or amulet; it's just a ring after all. I'd be okay if certain races / disciplines ENHANCED the accessories tho and gave you additional bonuses.
  8. Most definitely human. Additional passive and active too good to pass up.
  9. I hope not, sounds terrible to be honest. Doubling down on disciplines is not the way to go, especially when we're not sure how hard and/or accessible they'll be due to thralls. The classes feel bland and homogenized now, so imagine when they strip out anything interesting and outsource it to disciplines. Disciplines should EXTEND your class / play style. If the base class is basic and boring, that could be a huge turn off to many. Remember that first impressions matter, and many wont wait 20+ hours to finally "start playing the game". If it's not fun and engaging from the beginning you risk l
  10. I'm not too fond of the class design in the game. It feels very much like the "throw spaghetti at the wall and see what sticks" method of design. Been participating in the test from the beginning and honestly can't say that I've found a class that I've enjoyed. They all feel the same, and their ability kits in general are very bland. The amount of CC per class in the game is way over the top as well.
  11. Templar is my most played class (I think), and I don't believe they need massive changes. I like the fact that they have strengths and weaknesses. Now with that said here's a few things I'd like to see fixed: I would definitely do something about pips and getting pip starved. I can appreciate the ability to counter play a templar by starving him out, but you also have to look at the other side of the equation. A starved out templar can basically do NOTHING, or next to nothing, and being stuck in a situation like that is awful. Censure is still clunky and buggy. Especially when you're
  12. I liked being able to mark your lead man or a target in gw2 but I can see how this would be a problem. Part of what made rolling zergs possible in ESO was because they didn’t have these tools. If you give the Zerg tools like this it definitely makes their jobs extremely easy and makes it harder on smaller groups which would other wise have better coordination to use the confusion of battle to their advantage.
  13. Good stuff. One question that didn't get answered: What are your thoughts about possible refactoring retaliate to something similar to how CC breaks work in Wildstar or ESO. Where the cool down is low, but it costs stamina to break out.
  14. Not looking forward to a potentially higher turn around for crafted gear with the new death penalties, especially with the amount of time it takes to acquire gear.
  15. Having to apply small increments of time to skill nodes when you've accumulated A LOT of time is a tedious chore. I suggest another mechanism / feature where you can adjust the amount of time you want to spend on a node, something like the slider bar. It wouldn't let you go beyond the max amount of time needed to complete the node, so you couldn't "waste" time, but it would cut down on the process of "leveling up" nodes.
  16. Seem like good changes, but I find the lack of man-dolphin disturbing...
  17. One shot? Perhaps not. Instagibbed? Most definitely. Not something I'd like to see in a game with supposed loot drop.
  18. Well then.... no excuse NOT to have a man-dolphin race in that case.
  19. That's great; so no excuses as to why we can't have numlock auto run ;p.
  20. Oh man, you're about 2 years late on this one. That's how combat originally was, but it was extremely mediocre and felt like sh!t. The combat we have now is a step up, it just needs a fine tuning which what you'd expect with a finished product (hopefully).
  21. PvP in DAoC really came down to who got off their 10s+ mez on the opposition first. Hard CCs just need a lower duration. Anything above 2 seconds for a knock down or stun is too long. Soft CCs like roots and sleeps that break on damage are okay if they're longer. On top of that you can go the route that ESO went and have an active CC breaker on a low cool down and/or which consumes stamina or some other resource.
  22. In 5 hours... Most players won't last 30 minutes much less 5 hours. If the first impression of the game is it's a horrible, boring grind which requires you hours to be semi-competitive at the least, I'm telling you now, with 100% certainty that it won't last. You might be singing the "this game requires dedication" song now, but 6 months after release you might be end up wondering where the custard everyone went to. The OP's observations are a quite common, in fact I recently asked my friend (a $200+ kickstart pledge) if he gave crowfall another shot, and his response was he thinks the ga
  23. Tool loop is pretty dismal. Whoever thought "players will love it when tools break after 20 uses" and thus be required to craft more tools only to have them break relatively quickly needs to re-evaluate life.
  24. I'm not against something like this, I even advocated for something like this with critical hits being location / position based and not on RNG. Want those crits? You should have to work for them. However I doubt we'll ever see anything like this, I think some limitations when it comes to latency, server / back-end infrastructure and combat in general will prevent anything like this from happening. In DFO and other games which revolve around aiming a lot of it is on the client side, but crowfall is different in this regard. There seems to be way more work going on in the back end.
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