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  1. This is a pretty common complaint; hence the name "harvest fall". We can only hope the devs take the feedback and adjust the game accordingly. Harvesting is not fun and even less so when you're forced to do it to progress your character.
  2. Sure, if it's easily implementable and makes sense within the context of combat/the game. I do think that combat in general should remain consistent between the rule sets, and when I say that I mean how abilities are used and work. Having different rule sets with different rules for abilities sounds like a potential clustercustard. If there is a large demand (I don't think there is, at least within the community, and outside the community there are already alternatives that require less dedication and are more casual friendly) they should do it, but perhaps not as a core aspect
  3. There is no problem with offering different shades of the same experience. The same experience being the key word here tho. If a rule set requires them to alter every facet of the game to accommodate it and is detrimental to those other rule sets in some way that's definitely an issue that needs to be sorted out. Unrestricted FF isn't something that can be easily worked into the current flow of combat with the ability mechanics present; even the developers thing FF would be terrible. Unless of course you don't mind having a rule set full of ranged with little to no melees because getting snuf
  4. Well I respectfully disagree with this statement. DFO at it's prime was perhaps the most competitive MMORPG I've ever played, with one of the highest skill ceilings I've encountered. In DFO you HAD to be good other wise you were just cattle to be slaughtered. That was partly the problem, the skill ceiling was outrageously high to the point where newer players didn't stick around to grow and get better, and eventually the little gimmicks that the good to great players abused to separate them from rest became a crutch. It doesn't surprise me that the developers don't want the gap between differe
  5. Those martial arts films are terrible examples considering the amount of choreography that goes on. In reality the "good guys" would've been snuffed out by the over whelming odds. This is not how it played out in DFO. Sure FF required you to play around it but when you take in the context of that game it wasn't hard to do. Melee attacks had both a cleave and overhead single target attack, the majority of character building revolved around you having to do everything and sieges /large engagements turned into ranged poke wars which negated a lot of what FF even offered. FF isn't an i
  6. I bet you full FF with slow gear progression and hard to obtain items won’t generate as much interest as FvF or be nearly as populated. Why does this work in other games? Gear is easy to obtain and easily replaceable, and those games are generally drop in drop out with little dedicated needed. Why did it work in UO and DFO for some of the exact same fore mentioned reasons. Easy on, easy off and more importantly harvesting wasn’t a pita. For FF to work properly there had to be some other system of give and take, not just take and take. Why won’t it work in crowfall ? The dynamics of combat
  7. Cancer is a real son of a b!tch. Much respect and condolences.
  8. That's like the whole point tho . What do you think a guild is anyway? Bunch of people coming together to work towards a unified goal. An faction/alliance is just an extension of that. This system worked fine for DAoC and Warhammer (although there was bickering, that's just how things are). On merlin during the prime of DAoC we literally took all the relics within the duration of 8 hours from the rival factions because we worked together to accomplish it; a feat that at the time was unheard of. Besides, if you don't like being part of an all-encompassing faction you'll have an opti
  9. Nah. its not practical for them to scrap the system, and I doubt they have the time to develop another intricate system thet runs parallel. Sure “sacrificing” is basically alternative progression, but it’s actually quite simplistic. I have a love / hate relationship with the passive system, but It’s here to stay.
  10. I think it was tblair that said that he mourns the loss of telegraphs, and that the reticle gives people false impressions about what combat is really like. He also likened the current state of combat to something more like wildstar and less like a traditional FPS. When they showed the telegraphs originally people got all up in arms because, "oh my god, colors!". Although I personally like the reticle for aiming and help "centering" your character, if it's not an accurate display of how long or wide ability DMs truly are, perhaps they should go back to self-only telegraphs.
  11. It took eso 6 years or so before release. That’s with a significant larger budget and team. Wildstar was supposedly in the oven for even longer. Who knows how long those games were in “pre-alpha” a state that we’d normally never see. If we were to believe crowfall was/is going to be a”true” mmorpg I don’t think it’s hard to believe how long the game is been in development. It was silly for ace to set any kind of deadline.
  12. I don’t mind the slower pace of combat and I find it more fitting for a large scale pvp game. A low TTK doesn’t make sense here. Now if you’re talking about the “fluidity” I agree. Combat does feel clunky and awkward. It’s still very rough around the edges and something that needs further iteration. My biggest issue besides that is the lack of inspiration when it comes to the actual ability kits of the classes and even the disciplines. Aiming in general needs to be reviewed and the devs need to be clear and concise on this. If they don’t want aiming to be a big component of what “skill” is in
  13. I don't think you understand what he's getting at. He's not saying aiming sucks, as in it's too hard. He's saying aiming sucks because it's too easy / forgiving. Right now, it's not even really aiming. You just point in a general direction at a person and you're almost guaranteed to hit them. It's like aiming for preschoolers. It's not just the aiming that's wrong with combat, there is some else definitely missing that makes it feel quite bland.
  14. Just enough particle effects and ground targeted color circles to give wild star / gw2 a run for it's money. Should've used daft punk instead for the music.
  15. I'm pretty sure you have to hold them down which is slightly less terrible then what we have now; but still terrible. Numlock toggle or bust!
  16. key related, I would like to see an option for "quick cast" when it comes to ground targeted abilities.
  17. I might be alone when I say I prefer active progression over the passive progression we have now.
  18. Play to crush? More like play to be infuriated.
  19. Pretty much my reaction to the armor normalization. Armor is already a pita to make, making all the armor sets a pita seems counter productive. Anything that quickens the harvesting / gear grind and gets people into the action faster is a plus for the game, this? Not so much.
  20. Good stuff; kinda wish combat got as much attention as crafting and harvesting tho.
  21. For auto run, why not simply have a button that can toggle it on and off like in just about every other game? Why? Because I've got a massive weiner and I need both hands to throttle this mammoth.
  22. Class identity kinda took a backseat once disciplines were introduced. I’m guessing the discipline system won’t be that open come release; right now everyone has access to everything. My problem is the majority of combat and class design is extremely bland and boring. Not necessary terrible, but not remarkable either considering the competition.
  23. Those other battle royale games don't have class and role distinction. Everyone is a gunner. CF is not a first person shooter, doesn't strive to be and will never be one. In fact tblair said recently that the reticle gives off a false impression of the game; that should be a big signal. From a support perspective (and someone who actually plays the game), not being able to identify friendlies from enemies would make combat a even bigger clusterf!ck than it already it is. This level of obscurity works in games where you're solely responsible for yourself and not on someone else to keep you
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