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  1. Maybe if they had a 5+ year development cycle and millions of dollars. Most likely not.
  2. Short answer, yes. As someone who pvp a lot I like to min-max, thus I like numbers a lot. They help you fine tune your build and more. ESO took this whole "hide the numbers" approach and it hurt pvp.
  3. I think the majority understood it. It's just a jumbled mess of an idea (if you would even consider it that). He spewed a bunch of poorly made socks, but in the end said absolutely nothing.
  4. Small numbers aren't exciting, big numbers are. I think personally they can find a middle ground. I wouldn't like to see the wild stat inflation you see in games like WoW.
  5. I pretty much face palmed to your original post, so it's okay.
  6. I'd rather keep the statistics in game (hp, mp, etc). Pvp shouldn't be a guessing game.
  7. It was a pre-alpha build, a lot of that stuff might be placeholder.
  8. We have no idea what combat is like. If it's faster pace action skill oriented I might be willing to agree with you (in terms dodge/parry, crit can be stupid but people like big numbers). If the combat is more traditional a little bit of RNG might not be a bad thing.
  9. Will classes be race / gender locked (I hope not) Will archetype appearance be static or will you be able to customize it? I'm starting to wonder how open of an mmo this will be, or will it be more like a hub based mmo (i.e. gw1).
  10. I've never been a fan of this. I'm okay with name plates being invisible due to proximity (where if you get closer the name plate will appear) but no nameplate at all unless you friend zone them is totally whack. Pvp requires some transpancy in combat, otherwise it becomes a heaping mess of unwarranted confusion.
  11. I'm willing to bet the game's combat will be closer to eso / gw2.
  12. I'm curious what your expectations are from a game with a motto of "Play 2 Crush". Especially consider this wording:
  13. No metrics (eso). Needs my scroll combat text.
  14. Mobs would level up in asheron's call the more they killed players. Wouldn't mind seeing something like that again
  15. Can only hope they don't over do it with safe zones (I.e. Ass-age). If they do split the world trammel style, hopefully they'll have a server rule set that is more cutthroat. All hypothetical of course.
  16. That's nice for you, but what about the rest of the oceanic community that doesn't have access to ultra-five (btw I hear internet is expensive as custard down there). Global servers have been fail speaking from experience, especially when you throw pvp in to the mix.
  17. You like playing with 200ms+ ping from nz to a Dallas data centre?
  18. If they're cosmetically rare, I'm okay with it. If their is a numerical advantage tied to them, however insignificant it might be, no way.
  19. I hope the pvp is as fast, fluid and responsive as at least guild wars 2. I doubt we'll get anything that we're asking for in this thread however.
  20. I think this would be boring. Sure buffs are an external element and can be problematic if not done right, but they also add depth and strategy to the overall meta. Long as the devs follow the "easy on, easy off" ideology I honestly don't think it should be too bad.
  21. PvE if done right can actually enhance the pvp experience. This was the case for shadowbane (fighting over grind spots) and DAOC. Many a times in emain did we fight over the imp or ww spawn. Two of the highest contested spawns at the time, lots of fun. Guilds on Darktide would take over towns and monopolize nearby dungeons for leveling and loot. Just a few examples of how leveling / grinding pve can add more objectives to pvp outside of just sieging.
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