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  1. I'm assuming all this is for testing purposes and no storage in the Dregs come release will be safe from looting? Or am I assuming too much?
  2. Putting hitboxes on the arms alone should cover the entire model quite nicely.
  3. Like xPastie above I, too, am getting weird graphics around broken beachhead walls.
  4. Choices No Longer Have Consequences

    The premise of your complaint is inherently flawed, scree; choices do have consequences as any time spent going down the wrong path is time you'll never get back, regardless of how many tomes you pump in to it, time lost is never choose wisely.
  5. A Crow has Fallen - Coolwaters

    I already turned in my "name a fallen hero/monarch" elections but either would be a perfect opportunity to immortalize him in something he cared about.
  6. A Crow has Fallen - Coolwaters

    This is really sad news. I didn't know coolwaters personally but reading someone's posts for two-plus years almost every day makes you feel like you know them in some capacity, however limited. I always had respect for him because he seemed very genuine and passionate about the points he would argue and defend. I had questions about his forum name and the thought has crossed my mind over the past few months to send him a PM asking him about it but I never did and now I can't and that makes me sad. I know it's a small, petty thing to be concerned with when you consider the weight his family and friends must bear but, for me, it's a reminder of the brevity of life. My condolences to the Winterblades and Fowler families, the community mourns with you.
  7. I hope (and am assuming, since they've had the time) that they put some real thought in to the new skill tree insomuch as the progression we'll see makes sense. It makes no sense that'd I'd have to train my health pool to unlock some extra AP or skill up two or three armor types to get to the node past them. I have faith ACE committed some poor intern to putting their heart and soul in to designing a very nice and practical skill tree.
  8. Nah, i'll just come back at 3am when the store's closed and "borrow" the ladder.
  9. Someone working that much can afford $15/month Also they should request at least one day off, working that sweat shop schedule.
  10. Luckily for us no one is asking that we eat poorly made socks, only that we press a few buttons.
  11. Or we can formulate hypothetical situations on which to preemptively judge something we haven't tried and then fill 10 pages arguing about the "maybes" we came up with in our heads. I prefer to try it out before knocking it but to each their own.
  12. ITT: People upset to learn that a company is in the business of making money.
  13. For those who couldn't think of a good reason to have VIP before, there is one now.
  14. Join the discord, people, it's like a multicultural appetizer leading up to the main course!