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  1. In my opinion, yes but I can only speak for myself. The vessels will definitely provide a level of attachment especially since players can customize the look but ultimately they're fleeting, which leaves the player with nothing permanent aside from their skill progression. I can see this working as a band you can join that negates all your skill training for the duration of the campaign so you can train from scratch; that would work to satisfy your point of view while allowing others who want it to maintain a trained "legacy" account from CW to CW, which more in line with ACE's curr
  2. That's not a bad system and it would placate both sides as you mentioned, it's not really getting rid of the passive system but rather resetting it. The problem I see with it is character attachment which, imo, is important for an rpg. This would lessen the sense of permanence in a game that already has impermanent worlds. I see how the ladder system could work easily in Crowfall, though, and be a hit; other successful games have done it and that's a testament to its popularity. The beauty of Crowfall is if there is enough support ACE could make a Dregs band with ladder-type game play a
  3. If I am understanding correctly your idea is to give people points at the start of a campaign based on the number of campaigns they have participated in? Or is it handing out a set number of points to everyone and letting them re-distribute the points at the beginning of each campaign? I'm not familiar with the ladder system you mentioned so I need some clarification as to what you are proposing to replace the passive system.
  4. Is it basic weapons only? cause that's all I'm willing to craft.
  5. Curious, where does it stack up based on new-school mmorpg testing?
  6. Got a crash course in cleric as I had logged in to 5.3 for the first time right when the battle had started, ran my cervid legs off only to arrive to a sheitshow where I promptly got melted Good fight, until next time!
  7. I'll give a tentative "yes" contingent on me waking up on time.
  8. I'm assuming all this is for testing purposes and no storage in the Dregs come release will be safe from looting? Or am I assuming too much?
  9. Putting hitboxes on the arms alone should cover the entire model quite nicely.
  10. The premise of your complaint is inherently flawed, scree; choices do have consequences as any time spent going down the wrong path is time you'll never get back, regardless of how many tomes you pump in to it, time lost is never regained...so choose wisely.
  11. I already turned in my "name a fallen hero/monarch" elections but either would be a perfect opportunity to immortalize him in something he cared about.
  12. This is really sad news. I didn't know coolwaters personally but reading someone's posts for two-plus years almost every day makes you feel like you know them in some capacity, however limited. I always had respect for him because he seemed very genuine and passionate about the points he would argue and defend. I had questions about his forum name and the thought has crossed my mind over the past few months to send him a PM asking him about it but I never did and now I can't and that makes me sad. I know it's a small, petty thing to be concerned with when you consider the weight his family and
  13. I hope (and am assuming, since they've had the time) that they put some real thought in to the new skill tree insomuch as the progression we'll see makes sense. It makes no sense that'd I'd have to train my health pool to unlock some extra AP or skill up two or three armor types to get to the node past them. I have faith ACE committed some poor intern to putting their heart and soul in to designing a very nice and practical skill tree.
  14. Nah, i'll just come back at 3am when the store's closed and "borrow" the ladder.
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