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  1. Maybe I'm just being picky, but the face/jaw seems to be too small and pointy. It looks more like Bambi dressed up in a suit of armor than it does a beastly elk-monster race. The concept art up until now looked very different from what's shown here. Hopefully it's just this particular face option that looks like this, and not all of them.
  2. The best solution to stop alt accounts doesn't have to do with payment models, it has to do with changing gameplay. The benefits of investing a large amount of time into a single character should outweigh the benefits of investing a small amount of time into many characters. The only way to do this is to force players to spend actual time to unlock their character's potential on a per-campaign basis. For example, if a player has to spend 16+ hours of game time gradually unlocking their character's abilities through forced questing at the beginning of each campaign, alts would become a bad time investment. Another possibility would be daily 15-minute quests, which upon completion would reward a cumulative stat point buff for the remainder of the campaign (Crafting/Gathering/Combat stat). If you have 4 accounts, that's 1 hour of game time you have to spend just on character upkeep every day. Maybe make it so Thralls can only be used by the player who loots them. If a crafter or gatherer needs a thrall for their factory, they will have to go out into the field and actively hunt it themselves. If a melee character wants to get a major discipline, they will have to hunt the thrall themselves before trading it to a crafter to get it crafted into a discipline rune. This would create a significant timesink for each character played. Those are three simple (yet effective) solutions to mitigating the alt problem. Given some thought and creativity, I'm sure the Crowfall team could come up with their own better gameplay mechanics to make playing a single character more lucrative than playing multiple characters. We should encourage these avenues.
  3. Dailies are a reward system. This is a punishment system. Very different.
  4. It seems to me that everyone has admitted it's a chore to browse through skills, but everyone just accepts it because that's the way it is and it looks pretty. It's ironic that Crowfall of all MMOs would sacrifice function for form.
  5. Status: Guilded Me Region: NA (West) Play-Style: Crafter/Healer/Support. Casual/Hardcore?: Midcore Commitment: Committed. I don’t want to be the best, but I want to make a meaningful impact. When I’m going to start playing: Alpha. I am not into playing Pre-Alpha (yet?). Experience: Ragnarok Online, ArcheAge, and FFXIV. I was the second person on my FFXIV server to get max level in all crafting disciplines at launch. I think that speaks to my commitment level. My group was also the first group on the server to clear the final raid at launch. I absolutely hated the raiding theme park, but it’s a nice accomplishment at least. Also, I have played other non-MMO games at a competitive level. Comments: I am looking for something long-lasting, preferably with veterans from games like Shadowbane or SWG. Despite not having played myself, I think I would get along well with that crowd. What I want in a guild General: Must be a guild dedicated to only Crowfall. Not one of those guilds that exists in multiple games. Ultimately, the goal of the guild should be to make a meaningful impact in campaigns. The guild should strive to be a formidable opponent and a reliable ally. Victory is a bonus, not a necessity. Atmosphere: No ranks, just people. People who don’t have anger issues. Size: Medium. 20 ~ 50. Campaign Preference: Full-loot hardcore campaigns that last 30 ~ 90 days. Voice-Chat Services: I want a guild that prefers text chat for solo play, and voice chat for group play. This is very important to me. I don’t want to listen to a bunch of people talk into my ears when I’m trying to relax. Crafting in town? Voice chat off. Solo grinding mobs? Voice chat off. Ganking party? Voice chat on. Eight hour castle siege? Voice chat on.
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