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  1. Maybe I'm just being picky, but the face/jaw seems to be too small and pointy. It looks more like Bambi dressed up in a suit of armor than it does a beastly elk-monster race. The concept art up until now looked very different from what's shown here. Hopefully it's just this particular face option that looks like this, and not all of them.
  2. The best solution to stop alt accounts doesn't have to do with payment models, it has to do with changing gameplay. The benefits of investing a large amount of time into a single character should outweigh the benefits of investing a small amount of time into many characters. The only way to do this is to force players to spend actual time to unlock their character's potential on a per-campaign basis. For example, if a player has to spend 16+ hours of game time gradually unlocking their character's abilities through forced questing at the beginning of each campaign, alts would b
  3. That's my preference too, but it's all the more reason to implement some good user experience design to make the alternative a little better. Dailies are the most rudimentary form of a reward system. I wasn't suggesting them. Reward systems that aren't annoying/tedious can be implemented with a little creativity. And even then, the newly proposed system already requires a daily login. It's a login to avoid punishment. So even a generic daily login for a reward would be better than that.
  4. I'm sorry, but reward versus punishment systems is a tried and proven principle of user experience design. There's a reason that every game implements their mechanics this way. It's just bad game design not to do it. Your individual perception of rewards systems may be subjective, but statistics are not. There are also more creative ways a reward system can be implemented to obfuscate the punishment being turned into a reward. I dare say that such a system might be so good to make even you yourself feel less bad about missing a reward.
  5. The effect on player psychology. Logging in every day to receive a reward makes the player feel good and want to keep playing. Logging in every day to avoid a punishment makes the player irritated and want to stop playing.
  6. Dailies are a reward system. This is a punishment system. Very different.
  7. It would be perfect if non-VIP could queue skills a maximum of 24 hours in advance. There needs to be some sort of buffer. I think it's necessary to... not piss people off? Multi-accounting non-VIP would be still be mitigated, while non-VIP players would be kept happy. The best of both worlds.
  8. It seems to me that everyone has admitted it's a chore to browse through skills, but everyone just accepts it because that's the way it is and it looks pretty. It's ironic that Crowfall of all MMOs would sacrifice function for form.
  9. I memorize hotkeys too, but there are two things you have to keep in mind. 1. The experience is still miserable for the first day as you get acclimated to the new skill list, constantly checking back on new skills. This issues is amplified by the existence of discipline swapping, which will make the tedious skill learning process something that happens on a regular basis, enough to drive a person insane. 2. Not everyone plays like we do, and not everyone is good at hotkey memorization in the first place. It will only be more miserable for other people. But it's not a p
  10. @Tinnis You are completely missing my point. I never said they weren't meaningful. You just cannot reasonably expect a human being to look for details like that and make a snap realization of which icon is which. It takes some serious mental gymnastics to argue that four icons the same color are faster to identify than four that are not. Not to mention the details are so abstract, which deepens the processing time. Please, take a step back. Edit: Actually, I'm facepalming at how much more functional the old icons were, particularly Knight and Champion. It's my first time seeing them,
  11. I totally agree that the art is well done and consistent. It's very well thought-out. However, that doesn't mean it's functional. Presenting more information isn't always better, it's about when, where, and how the information is presented. UI needs to be designed with purpose in mind. If you are designing icons for a situation where you are intended to sit and think for 10 seconds to identify and extrapolate all of the meaning from an isolated icon, Crowfall's skill icons would be wonderful! However, combat game UI doesn't have the luxury of time. It's much more functional to have a memorable
  12. Disclaimer: This post is critiquing a Crowfall UI design choice, not the current state of UI in Pre-Alpha. In this post, I will argue that Crowfall’s monochromatic skill icons are creating a non-functional user interface. ---- "Crowfall's skill icon design is the equivalent of using a binary search tree when you should be using a hash table" There are 3 primary features the human brain looks for when trying to quickly identify and remember an icon. In order from fastest to slowest, they are: color, symbolism, and shape. Crowfall’s monochromatic flat icons are t
  13. Status: Guilded Me Region: NA (West) Play-Style: Crafter/Healer/Support. Casual/Hardcore?: Midcore Commitment: Committed. I don’t want to be the best, but I want to make a meaningful impact. When I’m going to start playing: Alpha. I am not into playing Pre-Alpha (yet?). Experience: Ragnarok Online, ArcheAge, and FFXIV. I was the second person on my FFXIV server to get max level in all crafting disciplines at launch. I think that speaks to my commitment level. My group was also the first group on the server to clear the final raid at launch. I absolutely hated the raiding theme park
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