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  1. I suggest we just make it a small damage rectical to place on the floor. Like the Rangers Arrow Shower but insted you leap and if the enemy is in the circle and you land on them, they are stunned and take damage.
  2. Rombot

    Arrows inventory

    This! Is the best idea I have heard as of yet. Just like Diablo and other games with rangers. Unless you make mages gather 7 reagents to cast spells this action is way more a pain than an advantage. Id take a reduction in damage to not have to do all the crafting or run out of ammo in combat. 1 log for 25 arrows, you cant harvenst in the middle of a fight and no other calss has to worry about that. I mean noone is always ready for everythig all the time. This just adds an extra thing for just one class and it does not make sense.
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