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  1. Delays are inevitable, no one has ever built a Crowfall before... lots of unknowns If I have a concern (or two), they'd be these: 1 - I joined the project primarily on the promise of a deep economy and crafting system. I understand those things have to come eventually, but even in today's announcement those portions of the game were not addressed. Or the Eternal Kingdoms. My fear is the game will inadvertently shift direction into more of a glorified battleground and shift away from the potential economic gameplay. Any reason to worry? 2 - A longer schedule means more $$ burn to support the staff (look at the Motiga situation as a current example, which actually had some good news as far as resolution today!). Will more money be needed? Or another way to say it, is there any of this type of risk due to extending the schedule? 3 - Nerf druids. Thanks guys
  2. I wouldn't expect any of that kind of narrative out of Crowfall.
  3. There are absolutely engineering and architecture practices that would prevent this sort of thing before it happened. But they're usually not in place for video game development on a budget.
  4. Can't stop it. Better to embrace it and make it a key dynamic in the economy and politics of the game, like EVE.
  5. I guarantee you AC wants WoW players here. As it stands, CF will be a very small, narrowly focused niche game. It can of course never compare with the broad appeal or customer base of Warcraft. And that's fine.
  6. If you're not going to do the work specifically for this game (you can't even edit the NDA information?), then what value are you providing? Anyone can copy and paste common sense and generic known information. Bottom line is this is wholly unnecessary; the developer will give all testers specifically what they need to know. If you're going to help the community, which is great, do it in an area where it matters. But it appears you're just glory-hounding anyway.
  7. You can expect to have very, very low fidelity I think to achieve playable results anywhere near that. IMO, of course.
  8. I'm not sure why there's always one person who comes out of the woodwork, bearing this knowledge that they think others don't know or that the developers won't tell them.
  9. I'm a little confused about this stretch goal (most of them, actually...). There isn't anything beneficial to me as a player by helping reach it. I feel most of them (other than the rullesets) were that way. That would seem to be why it's going so slow; there's nothing in it for every player if it is achieved. This is the kind of thing that really shouldn't be a community-facing stretch goal, but rather some bullet point on an internal capital expenditure plan.
  10. I like the idea of private forums for top-tier contributors... These people really put their money where their mouths are and deserve to have that perk remain private for them, I think. In Revival, founders get access to an IRC channel with the devs. In Star Citizen, there is not 1 but 2 (that I know of) private forums - one for Subscribers (people who pay $10-$20 each month) and Concierge (backers who have spent over $1000). And who knows, maybe more I am not privvy to
  11. Yeah, I am going down this road as well. The combat isn't enough to hold the game; I have combat in any/every other game I play. The dynamic with the virtual economy was/is the draw, so I'm wanting to hear lots more now.
  12. If I've learned anything about the sorry state of the MMO player base is that they won't do anything unless they are incentivized to do so. As it stands right now, the EKs are not enough. They need to have more importance and meaning; not necessarily in the context of a campaign, but in a way where it is a major focus for player progression.
  13. They *have to* be more important than they currently appear.
  14. It's pretty clear the EK continue to be a source of confusion for players. How can they be totally optional yet also be the place where most of our resources and wealth end up after a campaign? The answer should be that they remain optional, but, there should be significant activity and progression within them. I don't think we know (or even ACE knows) all of the potential customization that the EKs can have. Once we know more about that it will be easier to see. But generally, right now, I feel like the Eternal Kingdoms need to carry much more weight.
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