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    cannibal man got a reaction from warcrimes in Frag/pvp Videos. What's Your Favorite?   
    Lol, this guy is claiming WoW takes skill? Hahahaha what a scrub.
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    cannibal man reacted to freeze in Frag/pvp Videos. What's Your Favorite?   
    you opened the thread with a wow video... this is for you:

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    cannibal man got a reaction from courant101 in Frag/pvp Videos. What's Your Favorite?   
    Obviously any video with me in it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bYnr0laVAp0
    On a serious note: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fDz0deTBUQM
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    cannibal man got a reaction from Zushakon in I See Your Game Blair   
    Even in the Q&A all he talks about is the confessor. It's okay bro, I have an attachment for pixels when they're formed correctly too.
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    cannibal man reacted to lakez in Angry Crows - The Crowfall Political Forum   
    There is only a few admins and cannibal so I'm not sure who sent someone's IP. Thanks for the heads up but I highly doubt valor or myself gave anyone's IP to anyone and I would throw cannibal in that mix as well. Maybe one day others can equal your keyboard warrior skills though... One day, I hope. I guess your too hardcore for VN
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    cannibal man got a reaction from courant101 in Interviews Summary   
    You know you're the poorly made socks if even I give a custard carebear-system like. GJ Courant.
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    cannibal man got a reaction from Steven Yannic in Angry Crows - The Crowfall Political Forum   
    This thread is an invitation. Now come join the cool club.
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    cannibal man reacted to Vitalized in Free-for-all/Pve   
    Wolds are extremely dangerous. I wouldn't mess with them.
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    cannibal man got a reaction from Unnamed in Free-for-all/Pve   
    Mobs are there so it brings carebears like yourself; giving me more people to kill.
    FFA.... Because the players decide who is enemy or not. Going down a per-determined path is never fun. Maybe I want to plant a spy in an enemy guild's ranks and then have him join our side as the fighting progresses? Maybe I want to be a lone wold who terrorizes a bunch've clans in the area?
    I'm not sure where you got the idea it's either clan warfare or go home. Solo players/small teams have just as much impact if not more sometimes, if done right.
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    cannibal man got a reaction from arro in I See Your Game Blair   
    Yeah, that confessor looks awfully like how you would imagine yourself as a hot chick. It's cool bro, I like grey hair too!
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    cannibal man reacted to DraceR in I See Your Game Blair   
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    cannibal man got a reaction from sneaky_squirrel in Interviews Summary   
    You know you're the poorly made socks if even I give a custard carebear-system like. GJ Courant.
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    cannibal man reacted to courant101 in Interviews Summary   
    Information may be inaccurate or outdated, subject to change.
    SB : Shadowbane, UO : Ultima Online, CW : Campaign World, EK : Eternal Kingdoms, GoT : Game of Thrones, KS : Kickstarter, POI : Point of Interest
    rampant speculation   12/22 to 02/23   ♣
    Kickstarter   02/24 to 03/26   ♠
      03/27 to 07/21   ♦
    g e n e r a l 

       Crowfall goes back to the roots of the MMO : hardcore PvP / player-driven economy and gear destruction
       radically different game for a niche audience
       no need for millions of customers thanks to a cheaper development cost
       consequential choices : Crowfall is for hardcore gamers, difficult decisions to take
       twitchy / MOBA players crossover : organically by word of mouth, friends, streams
       watching Crowfall on twitch stream will look cool and engaging
       CF to feel very different, memorable moments, emergent gameplay / in harsh PvP worlds like CF griefing exists : players have to ignore griefers / God's Reach is safer place to avoid griefing / Dregs : joining guild to betray, backstab♠   for players that enjoy long term character growth in environments that are changing every few months
    ♦   dedicated server for Europe for Beta, testing schedule may accommodate europeans
    ♦   8% of high backers are from Asia, 32% of the backers are from outside USA/CAN
    ♦   localized customer support at launch, likely to be outsourced or done by a regional distribution partner

       some survival elements including warmth
       social system & emergent gameplay to replace quest system / gold farmers have to take risk
       no player-driven mission system / bounty hunter skills to track other players
       warmth is is a kind of hunger, Hunger is used for narrative, survival is a core aspect, CF inspired by MUD
       all endgame / no raid bosses / cut on content
       no hand holding, no scripted scenarios
       Crowfall exists on 3 fundamental levels : military might, economic wealth, political manipulation♦   [06:50] Crowfall is more like a game of Risk set in a fantasy world, Game of Thrones, political machination & intrigue
    ♦   [10:23] Crowfall is more a sandbox MMO, a blend between theme park (sense of accomplishment, goal) and sandbox (freedom and flexibility)
    ♠   Crowfall features elements of large-scale strategy games, political simulators and dynamic world sandbox similar to Minecraft
    ♠   Crowfall offers more consequence in the PvP, more intensity in gameplay and more depth in player economy
    ♠   Crowfall is a Throne War simulator, a blend of MMO with a large-scale Strategy game
    ♦   original design : high amount of control given to the players to affect the worlds, Campaign worlds explode and restart every few months
    ♦   all players in Crowfall start at the “fun” part of the game : no grind and no end-game
    ♦   ACE listens to ideas but has a vision for what they want this game to be and that vision is not going to change
    ♦   Crowfall makes RvR the central part of the system, rather than a peripheral feature

       Wildstar influence : running and double jumping, but not combat
       genesis of the idea of Crowfall was Brave heart, large scales battles, make players aim toward a common goal
       mix of elements from Shadowbane, Game of Throne, SWG, EVE online
       CF is a strategy game, some similarities to civilization / MMORPG with strategy elements : resources and time allocation with win conditions / Throne war simulator
       similarities with EVE : persistent universe, harsh universe, open world PvP, emergent behaviors, not the depth of statistical map management meta game level 
       similarities with GoT : narrative, mortals crossing worlds?, faction & team based worlds, large political structures, impact in losing a siege = losing the entire campaign
       walking dead : corruption from Hunger, raise the general threat level, general feeling of survival, finding objects to survive♠   resemblances to Game of Thrones : environment and art will have a dark and gritty look, players in Eternal Kingdoms swear fealty to each other for parcels of land, in CW the seasons will advance from spring to winter, with the world getting much more difficult as winter arrives
    ♠   return of many design concepts that haven't been seen since the dawn of the MMO
    ♦   George R. R. Martin's books inspired ACE on how to build our fealty system and for concepts like Monarchs, Noble Lords, Bannermen, and Tenants
    ♦   the hierarchical nature of the guild system is very similar to Shadowbane
    ♦   core of Crowfall is really about PvP, or realm versus realm (RvR), which goes back to games like Shadowbane, Dark Age of Camelot, and World of Warcraft (WoW)
    ♦   Crowfall is bringing back ideas that haven't been explored in a while, not so many new inventions
    ♦   Crowfall cleverly puts together existing ideas and existing technologies that unlock potential that hasn't been pursued in a really long time
    t e c h

       why Unity over other game engines / no royalty / fast production velocity
       Unity performances / KS demo : unity client + partial unity server with physics, 200 zombies and physics objects♠   Unity 5 includes Oculus support natively for virtual reality
    ♠   Unity 5 has a fast iteration cycle and quick learning curve

       VoxelFarm : complicated technology, highest risk point, great result already, performance & look fantastic
       VoxelFarm : hard to implement, risky♠   the extent of VoxelFarm use to be tested : to start very free-form
    ♠   VoxelFarm, Unity and PhysX together allow the power of fully-voxelized, destructible terrain and physics-based combat and movement

       number of players per campaign / battles : based on what feels better
       server infrastructure technology used in Shadowbane, Wizard101, etc. / PhysicX & VoxelFarm / architecture of the client is Unity client / server vs. client side / communication between platforms
       biggest question : how many players & objects in one area / Amazon cloud for high number of players♦   number of players who can take part in the sieges is unknown, depends on technology

       reducing development costs to less than $10M : more system driven than content driven, home back-end technology, Unity, PhysX, Voxel Farm, servers cloud Amazon & Google♠   ACE is interested in DX12
    ♦   building of the game started well over a year ago
    ♦   no PvE extravagance to keep the development cost low
    system requirements
    ♦   only 1 graphics version of the game / CF requires high-end, high performance, recent 2015+ machine / cutting edge experience / core customers have high-end equipment
    m o n e t i z a t i o n

       buy-to-play + store : players are the content, model encourages players to continue playing
       expansion pack possible, but ACE rather focus on keeping the game fresh♠   Crowfall to use the Buy-to-Play model, best suited for Crowfall design where players' interactions is the primary content
    ♠   optional subscription to allow players with more time than money to be just as competitive as players with more money than time
    ♠   subscription gives more depth and options but doesn't make characters advance faster
    ♠   buy-to-play model allows ACE to not constantly hound the players for money

       cash shop to have low impact on campaigns, higher impact in Eternal Kingdom / preventing P2W & Uncle Bob
       avoiding P2W : one of the biggest design concern is P2W, no effect on campaigns
       items sold in the shop are for Eternal Kingdoms, don't effect the overall balance of the game or who wins the campaign 
    store & VIP

       Plex system
       tax-free parcels sold in shop, not in-game
       tax-free parcels are maintenance free
       ACE won't sell new archetypes / 1 month early use for VIP / characters are balanced / possibility of skins being sold♠   Store will offer extra lands, cosmetic, game time and additional character slots
    ♠   VIP membership exchangeable to other players in-game, inspired by EVE Plex system
    ♠   VIP membership tickets can not be looted
    ♦   VIP allows players to train more skills simultaneously
    ♦   guild package in store that allows guilds to select from an expanded set of symbols and colors
    ♦   premium guild bundle to create custom guild crests with unique symbols
    i n f o r m a t i o n
    in-game data

       world selection : either the CW or a list of EK, biggest EK will show on top of the list, filters
       economy game / systems to browse EK economy / visibility ranking by specializing
       API, statistics : real-time information on what happens in the world (stretch goal)
       EK & guilds management = 2 different things / flexible guild management tool
       some information (active data) available on current CW state, rulesets
       identifiers, strategy map like in Shadowbane, guild crest size corresponds to the amount of territory controlled by a guild 
    external tools

       leaderboard, API, connectivity tools, companion apps : possible but must not become the game
       guild stuff on the web 
    user interface

       minimalist UI for nameplates♦   less focus on health bar or smashing keys during combat
    ♦   custom content of user interface UI should happen : hard to make it open and modifiable while still secure

       several types of leaderboards : scout, crafting, fighting, etc.
       leaderboard for teams and guilds, not individual
       Tournament System : another type of incentive to go in the campaigns, bragging rights♠   Tournament System : qualification system for guilds to engage in seasonal tournament ladders, one guild emerges at the end as the Champion
    ♦   badges & achievements system is plausible
    c h a r a c t e r    a d v a n c e m e n t
    customization & specialization

       possible for the players to fail with their build
       players can choose their progression path : narrow deep character vs. multidisciplinary
       hundreds of disciplines to make exploration / combination really interesting♦   characters that can feel customized & different, advancement system deep enough to allow unique set of skills to fit different playstyles, different approach than grind / items focus
    ♠   goal with characters customization is to go wide rather than deep, with more options at character creation, with armor sets and enchantment instead of customized one-of-the-kind pieces
    ♠   hard choices to make during character creation, alterations of the build may be possible at key points in the character advancement (respec)
    ♠   players to have the freedom of making decisions, not all decisions to be equal in consequences
    ♠   choices to be consequential and have meaning
    ♠   body types and height can't be customized on the archetypes : physics and performance considerations
    ♦   many of the advantages and disadvantages are locked to certain archetypes based on available animations for the race
    ♦   Drought and Famine Resistant  increases the characters warmth conversion and physics mass
    ♦   the choices at character creation are important
    ♦   some disciplines that allow for skill crossover : ACE wants to provide as much cross-over as possible
    ♦   list of archetypes that have access to any particular disciplines will expand over time as ACE add animations to races that lack them
    ♦   anti-stealth disciplines (bounty hunter)

       time-based skill progression : EVE like passive training
       maximum skill potential determined by the base, the promotion class and the discipline
       active training to make it more exciting, scale of 1 to 100 and over to make it noticeable
       bots and macros are unnecessary : skills are trained passively
       ability to quickly gain the first 10-20% or up to 30% (early base usage) of skills, then it's passive♦   advancement model closest to EVE online : passive training 3 skills (e.g. long sword, alchemy, dodge, spell crafting) allows players to take a break without being disadvantaged / all endgame / cut off the grind
    ♠   characters continue to increase skill passively whether they are online or offline
    ♠   maximum skill cap determined by the archetype, advantages and disadvantages and disciplines
    ♦   players can just set a skill as active training skill and it advances over time
    ♦   players can set three skills as their passive training skills that will advance automatically as time progresses
    ♦   example of skills : One-Handed Weapons or Combat Tactics
    ♦   active training : using a weapon in combat will cause the player to gain a slight amount of weapon skill
    ♦   skills have a value from 1-250 with a specific maximum based on the archetype, promotion class, disciplines and advantages (Legionnaire maxes his polearm skill at 175)
    ♦   large number scale for skills so the players can feel skill gains even on the longest skills
    ♦   multiple skills can be trained at the same time
    ♦   prerequisites to the skill tree
    ♦   skills are passive and affect how well a character does or react to things, impact on how powers function (damage and other types of impacts)
    ♦   powers are active and players kick them off to make something happen, granted by the archetype, discipline and promotion class
    groups & factions
    ♦   guild system is flexible, tools to manage and play the way players want to / individual small EK or massive collective one : guild choice / system to let guilds do what they want to achieve / elegant system integrated with the EK

       players can solo to achieve personal goal / players have to team up to win campaign or great goals / survival increased by joining a team
       individual level : personal crafting, kill creatures, building / guild & team related goal : need to team with players
       solo independent play can be successful but interconnected with other players
       physics will reduce zergs / collision makes monsters encircle a target
       ??? erratic solo players can not join campaigns♦   plenty of solo activities : gathering materials and resources, hauling them back to the castle, fortifying structures, crafting, etc.
    ♦   players can create guilds in the game and use a "crest creator" to generate a guild crest by combining symbols from a library with background and foreground colors

       3 new players equal roughly one maxed character
       the entire game is the "endgame", flat skill curve
       casual players can be competitive
       skill & time based progression / passive training : hardcore vs. casual players have more equal characters♠   Crowfall is suitable for casual players : different rulesets that players can choose from depending of their schedule
    ♠   economic trading game geared to incremental play schedule
    ♠   city sieges designed to be played in a single evening, can probably be resolved in less than an hour
    ♠   raiding is free-form with individual encounters of a duration measured in minutes
    ♠   minor difference in characters do not result in major power swing : flat power curve
    ♠   skill in Crowfall involves learning the game at a meta-level in addition to momentary tactical combat decisions
    ♠   every character to be fairly effective in combat thanks to the shallow power curve and base archetype skills & powers
    ♦   "monster" races are getting initial stat bonuses at the cost of creation points to keep races balanced
    ♦   archetypes to have roughly similar balance levels : variables to consider (seasons)
    ♦   in Winter warmth is scarce and archetypes suffer from the cold (centaur disadvantaged)
    ♦   player power level to be relatively flat so there isn't a giant gulf between newer and older players
    ♦   ACE is building tools to make power balancing easy to do when we get to that stage
    ♦   diminishing return curve for skills : encourage players not to invest all of their time and energy into one area and allow new players to be competitive
    ♦   ACE to experiments with new mechanic between the stealth and anti-stealthers
    roles & archetypes

       different roles can be more or less effective depending on situations : centaurs take a lot of food and warmth
       archetypes to be unique and more specific, saving cost by making less combination of race & class / archetype can knock others on the ground, prevent casting♦   archetypes cheaper than race / class system because of equipment / characters more specific, unusual and cooler with unique look and playstyle / SB choice to have diverse set of races (fly, horse body, stone) embraced in CF / more archetypes before launch
    ♦   some archetypes missing that fill popular types of playstyle : SB & GoT inspired

       various roles needed in campaign, full time crafters, builders, specialists♠   12 initial archetypes have interesting narrative and visual, and cover a wide spread of gameplay styles
    ♠   unique archetypes : elk-headed ranger, centaurs, talking guinea pigs
    ♦   12 archetypes for the core module with multiple promotion classes
    ♦   animations are a limiter for skills cross-over, stealth and number of disciplines per archetype
    ♦   champions have skills above the theoretical maximum that a human mortal can achieve
    ♦   only certain archetype(s) to have access to stealth
    ♦   some archetypes have access to hunting (anti-stealth)
    ♦   ACE leaning more toward a more permanent stealth model : breaks on combat, works great for scouting and assassinations
    ♦   stealth includes movement reduction and other elements (armor modifiers and visibility)
    ♦   stealth is a critical area of gameplay for Crowfall
    ♦   scouting and infiltration and assassination can turn the tide of an entire Campaign
    ♦   anti-stealth character is a valid playstyle, the Stalker covers that role
    e c o n o m y

       role of crafters in CW : equipment, repairing structures, really important
       gears destruction : harvesting / crafting / PvP loop
       crafters determine what metal goes in recipe / personalized stats / 9 different sub-stats / crafting market♣   crafting is a central part of the player-driven Economy in Crowfall
    ♣   goals of crafting : create items that tie in the different systems (equipment, city building and sieging), interlocking behaviors for players interaction, loop between crafters and combatants
    ♣   benefits of crafting : name will be known, items sought out far and wide, whispers from other players
    ♣   crafting is an exploration game, testing and tuning and building a reputation (and product) that other players can rely on
    ♣   crafters may craft unique items, explore new recipes, create customized items for all styles of play, mark their product to build a social reputation and audience
    ♣   every character start with some crafting skills, further crafting requires accumulation of recipes through gameplay and class specialization
    ♣   crafting as a viable profession, not required for every player
    ♣   recipe system inspired by UO and SWG, the randomized enchantment system inspired by Shadowbane
    ♣   the recipes are fluid, ingredients are not strict, high degree of system exploration
    ♣   crafters can choose which tiers of the resources to put in the slots, As long as the slots are filled with something valid, the recipe will craft
    ♣   result varies and players to figure out the right combination of reagents to produce the desired result
    ♣   players decide what they want to craft and how
    ♣   smaller recipe count and every recipe in the Crowfall player’s book remains useful
    ♣   possible outcomes from the Forging stage alone are much greater than a standard crafting system
    ♣   additional stages : refinement of alloys, forge of items and enchantment with thralls (Elven Blademaster Thrall)
    ♣   different alloys make the refinement stage varies greatly
    ♣   metal Alloys : combination of various types of ores produces either a Pure Metal or an Alloy, Pure Metals grant Attributes and Alloys grant Attributes and Statistics
    ♣   ores from all resource tiers are used throughout the entire crafting tree : no ore becomes obsolete
    ♣   amount of combinations : gigantic palette of options to use when crafting
    ♣   alloys : freedom to make customized items
    ♣   any metal, leather or cloth can be used to fill the corresponding metal, leather or cloth slots
    ♣   additive slot to alter the item in a significant way
    ♣   enchantment depends on the captured Thrall
    ♣   Dying Worlds are filled with thralls : souls of fallen warriors and craftmen awaiting judgement before afterlife
    ♣   Thralls make items properties change in certain ways (Dwarven Forgemaster : make the hammer stronger and more precise with every swing)
    ♠   crafters in both the campaigns (high demand) and the eternal kingdoms
    ♦   players can affix their mark to their crafted items
    ♦   thralls and additives dropped by most of the PvE content can be used for crafting
    ♦   crafting is the primary way that items are created in the game
    ♦   crafting is very likely going to be a major factor in deciding whether Campaigns are lost or won
    ♦   crafting is a full and independent game system : can be the central focus of a character
    ♦   Crowfall going with tiered resources rather than totally discrete numbers : better gameplay with fewer variations
    items & gears

       equivalent of non-exclusive KS rewards can be built in-game / KS items not influencing CWs
       currency, coins, VIP tickets
       gears are important but losing them is not dramatic♣   players can and will lose their items
    ♦   different types of armor have different strengths and weaknesses
    ♦   every character can wear any type of armor, plate armor makes more noise
    transactions & currency

       economy is all about transactions between players : no NPC vendor selling and buying items
       economic game affect every player at some level : forces interdependence♦   no system run NPC vendors & no auction houses / players can slot vendors / players to travel, browse and interact with other players / all players created items / mechanics to makes players interact with each others
    ♦   crafters (blacksmith, alchemy, etc.) need skill to convince people to buy their items / higher level of PvE experience based on PvP activities
    ♣   open-ended economic systems resembling Eve Online, ties with ideas of Ultima Online, Star Wars Galaxies, and Shadowbane
    part 1 or 2
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    cannibal man got a reaction from freeze in I See Your Game Blair   
    Yeah, that confessor looks awfully like how you would imagine yourself as a hot chick. It's cool bro, I like grey hair too!
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    cannibal man got a reaction from Adall in I See Your Game Blair   
    Yeah, that confessor looks awfully like how you would imagine yourself as a hot chick. It's cool bro, I like grey hair too!
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    cannibal man got a reaction from Iridian ShadowWeaver in Data Cap! Grr   
    I'm so glad I left comcast for EPB. One of the reasons why I wouldn't live in that Nashville area with you Iridian.
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    cannibal man got a reaction from Brigand in Bernie Sanders - Socialist Sandstorm 2016   
    I don't understand how you can support him. Economically he'd turn the US into a trash bin. Probably long-term it'd be even worse for the bottom 10%.
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    cannibal man reacted to warcrimes in thedregs.net - Public Market and Hardcore/Political Discussion   
    We will try to maintain a manageable thread, Pann. Unfortunately, for a community site that is controversial in relation to the official forums it would naturally attract the...unsavory...conversation of naysayers and whiteknights. You are more than welcome to stop by and sit around the campfire, the flame always need stoked, and the bears are usually kept at bay with proper repellant.
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    cannibal man got a reaction from JamesGoblin in thedregs.net - Public Market and Hardcore/Political Discussion   
    IRC is laughable, to say the least.
    Oh, and I approve of thedregs.net
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    cannibal man got a reaction from warcrimes in thedregs.net - Public Market and Hardcore/Political Discussion   
    IRC is laughable, to say the least.
    Oh, and I approve of thedregs.net
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    cannibal man got a reaction from Adall in thedregs.net - Public Market and Hardcore/Political Discussion   
    IRC is laughable, to say the least.
    Oh, and I approve of thedregs.net
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    cannibal man reacted to warcrimes in thedregs.net - Public Market and Hardcore/Political Discussion   
    I didn't even know IRC was still a platform being used by anyone past the dial-up era, your hardcore group of guys swap ICQ digits too?
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    cannibal man got a reaction from Vitalized in This will be all of us soon enough.   
    Did you seriously just make a wall of text over the OP's post?
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    cannibal man got a reaction from JamesGoblin in Can having a thousand players in one place work?   
    Darkfall tried. Technically there were that many people at a siege, but the game was so laggy/crashing consistently that I don't think anybody really viewed it as an enjoyable experience.
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