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  1. They should probably adjust durability on rings, unless they already did this. Cause it's not really worth crafting them when they have way less dura than other crafted gear. **Edit** Just saw yoinks picture, had 1500 dura.
  2. Not a mention in the patch notes. Feel like that's a big one...
  3. Templar Skill - Congregation - 20m cone pull of 3 people. If elevation differs any at all, it seems to not work most of the time. Also seems to only pull as a cone straight out from the caster, doesn't mater which way you point the actual reticle, up and down doesn't matter at all.
  4. This is also the same way on the new test build on the server too, I reported it there as well. Also not working in live.
  5. More with mouse is also broken in this patch. Trying to use left and right click will not move your character forward anymore. Will check Live as well.
  6. This has been persistent in every patch so far since 6.1 launch. Frostweavers GCD(Clientside) is still broken. Can cast multiple ice armors on our screen but only a few actually cast per the GCD of the server. We cannot tell which is which. Also, casting any ice will stop the character from moving. Trying to spam stable ice with frost weave, you just stutter step. Casting any other ice from free weaving, once you cast the ice your character will stop. See video
  7. GCD (Clientside) is still broken for frost weaver. See video for examples. Also when casting any form of ice, the character stops. So if you're trying to spam ice weave on CD, you stutter step, can be seen in the video.
  8. Ice Visually Dissapearing Then GCD is borked on Ice Armor as well... Ice Armor anyone?
  9. I am not sure if any of this has been reported, but please correct me if I am wrong. The Ice Caller tool tips are either incorrect or the skills are not scaling as stated. Refreshing Ice (Ice Weave) - 39 + 157% support power. Base support power with no ice stores is 1105.9, at 157% that is 1,736.263, this actually heals for 301 Refreshing Breeze - 61 + 254% Base support power with no ice stores is 1105.9, at 254% that is 2,709.455, this actually heals for 471 Cool Ice healing also does NOT crit, ever.
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