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  1. This is huge, also still this was on Test, please fix.....
  2. It's already being done at 50m, just adding another 50m to it.
  3. Are these tokens going to be granted per player or per guild like the rewards are currently? Currently the rewards are claimed by officers and not by individuals. If I missed this in the explanation, please let me know. If based on player pickup and not tied to guild, then this is fine.
  4. I see a problem with this... These currently are claimed by officers, stashed and traded between the officers. If you're creating this new currency, could it be like the "guild crowns" are now? Where officers could claim and they go into a vault vs an in game currency that cannot be dropped/traded? What happens if an officer misclicks? Well now you have to wait longer for that reward you wanted on the vendor because a simple misclick, unless support is going to move those tokens?
  5. I personally bought a year of VIP, but that's because I love and support the game. If you're trying to hook new players, making them spend 75k on a respec, per respec, is not the way to do it. That would personally tilt me. *Edit* Thought, maybe give out a free tomb or two in the NPE quest line. One half way through, one at the end before entering shadows.
  6. I agree with this... It's a game of choice, and some choices are more detrimental than others. Speccing incorrectly is one of those. For years we wanted respecs because you could only re-level or hope you could get a vessel in order to respec, but you were stuck.... Gold cost of respec should be dramatically reduced.
  7. <Question> Can we get more transparency when it comes to major changes? 7.1 was a sledge hammer no one was are of. <Question> Can we get a summary of the top likes/dislikes that get sent off to the devs?
  8. We the players want to see a summary of what Tigg's sends from the likes/dislikes thread to the designers/devs. Communication goes both ways, you want our input and we information to flow back down the pipeline. What information makes it to the designers/devs, what information gets cut? What are the guidelines here? Who chooses what information goes to the designers/devs after Tiggs hands you the likes/dislikes? How do you build upon these?
  9. Combat Stat Combat Stats changes have been reverted and will be moved to 7.200 Prot Stake still 3%, 5% with fortified stakes Stalwart - Get Behind Me still 5% PDM Not stacking past 5%. EDIT: Looks like talents were adjusted, discs were not and the stacking of PDM was not reverted.
  10. Can we start getting Tankards with stats? Otherwise these are just a cosmetic that take up an important slot. Or maybe allow us to transmog our back/belt/badge slots?
  11. What are the values if your PDM is debuffed to -45% as in 7.1 you can debuff someones PDM that far if they aren't at the 5% cap, which would be -40%. Toss in a little bit of Yaga's, a little needled, a little shield bash, -45% PDM.
  12. Are you aware that Yaga's Requiem now causes a loss of -20% PDM, Needled -15% and Shield Bash - 10% and they all stack to be -45% PDM? Picture without the shield bash.
  13. Might as well remove the PDM that Knights/Templars get from Block/Parry too while we're at it. 5% for everyone!
  14. Giant waste, better off using a talent point else where.
  15. This has been missing for awhile and I think reported a few times. We can no longer transmog our ECS Mount. Please add this back in.
  16. **Edit** Disregard. This seems to be an invite an officer sent out. **Old Post** Guild application on UI vs Website not matching up.
  17. Can we get the following somewhere to test and look at the following? "Three new EK parcels have been introduced. They can only be obtained through rewards. A tall mountain parcel, a market parcel, and a fighting arena parcel!" Also some more buildings/bigger parcels to test EK stuff on test, maybe a match of what we have currently on live or something? I would like to test the EK changes, but have minimal stuff to work with compared to what I have on live. @jtoddcoleman@Tyrant Thanks.
  18. Seems some VIP slots are unlocked for people, but others they are still locked out? Screenshot shows a friend who has 2 slots open from VIP, but all of mine remain locked? Friends https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/829734954661052487/847543453473570886/image0.jpg Mine
  19. I think the skin is broken? Looks nothing like the picture presented on the website. https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/843863754822254652/847531720785002496/unknown.png
  20. Because you imported everything you could instead of the essentials to get you started?
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