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  1. Probably all to do with the production pipeline, it's not that he's hard to model, it's that they look at what tech is needed, what the release can be paired with to create hype, what other models have priority for the same reason (Being able to retain consumer attention.)
  2. I am not stating this should be added, the recent dev stream - https://crowfall.com/en/news/articles/pre-alpha-5-live-for-december/ - is where they said that the armor system will be progressive with Leather - Mail - Plate in that order, so if you can use plate, you can use all, if you can use mail you can use leather, and if you can use leather, you have to use a discipline slot (2 to use plate) or as a mail user (1 to use plate.). My argument is to split the difference and just let people pick what armor type they wish to use and then spend a minor discipline on it - or don't complicate the system at all. So far, the explained system makes it better to be a plate user than a leather user.
  3. That is your perspective now but with bigger worlds, organised work with a guild, or hired mercs your vessel can focus on being a crafter, power curve of a crafter in combat is out of the scope of this thread.
  4. The issue here is that plate can wear any for free and leather users pay two minor for the same result, make it 1minor to use the armor type you wish to use or don't allow that movement. Its like a leather worker having to use 2 minors to get to the same result as a blacksmith who gets it for free.
  5. animal hunters, fishermen, builders, alchemists I've not mentioned any of them, those are actual gameplay loops, what I'm suggesting is activities through appropriation. You are this, so you can do this minor thing, once a week, to better pad out your fantasy, what you mention are off the ballpark from what I'm talking about.
  6. Sure, maybe the way would be through disciplines, but then dissolves class fantasy. I understand your concerns but can only speak from the theme of Class Fantasy, on that, I was thinking certain sets of classes / races can share the same ability in this non-combat skill, maybe Fae and Druids (So a Race and Class.) whereas say the more Holy elements of non-combat fantasy skills could be, Confessor, Cleric, Templar. Others could be very specific to just a profession (Necromancy.) The intention is to give gameplay elements that are not that often that make the world feel lived in, that is not tedious, not required and just make a change of environment, gameplay, feel to the world.
  7. Fair - a few key notes; No stacking of this effect, once it is done, it is done. It is REGIONAL (I say this like large parcels or several parcels wide?) It is cast ONE time with some cooldown (a day, two days, a week?) These are meant to be jobs that people take on themselves in downtime, or as an overall goal. (Building lots? Promote lumber growth.) At best these are meant to be a talking point (X player did this.) (We have this buff because of XX)
  8. Knights could do public events with Thralls / NPC's that creates a buff to the town, marking it "Protected" that increases the NPC production rate, but draws in more hostile NPC's to spawn around the area.
  9. Oh! Sounds like the WoW class! Not sure how that is relevant to my suggestion, but thanks for the feedback regardless.
  10. Typed on my phone. Hello all so in the recent 5.5.4 Crowfall stream it was said that; Armor class types are progressive so that Leather->Mail->Plate and that say, if your class uses leather they need to use 2 major Minor disciplines to use plate. (mail discipline, plate discipline). If your class uses mail you use 1 major Minor discipline to use plate (plate discipline) but can use leather freely. If you are a plate user class you can use Mail and Leather freely - now is this fair and the right move to make? For me the great equaliser of Crowfall was Discipline, you can make that build how you wish, but now that is not the case, for a caster to use plate they have to now use up 2 major Minor disciplines just to do this and leaves none to further there own class disciplines, where a plate user can be a battle mage all they wish with having 2 free disciplines and the use of cloth. To me, this will only push players to plate classes for major Minor discipline slot flexibility, for me it should just be that you start with your class Armor type and then use 1 major Minor discipline to move out of this, the great equalizer. -Addition Ah! So turns out that the Armor use skills come from MINOR not MAJOR Discipline runes, however that still does not change that people will go to the class with the most build options for the cheapest rune cost, ie, Plate using classes, as opposed to Leather users (2 minor disciplines to use plate.) or mail users (1 minor discipline to use Plate.)
  11. Please add examples of what you can see race and class doing outside of combat and trade systems, breathing unique moments of life to the game in that can promote different experiences within the game.
  12. Typed on my mobile phone. Hello all, I am writing as I was having a conversation on Discord about class spells outside of combat, this compiling a few discussion - Class Fantasy is less of what you do and more how you do it, the tone and life your characters live and in that there should be systems that the class brings to the life of the world. This could be that say, you have just built your Fort and depleted the local forest of timber and live stock so you need a Druid to go cast magic in the woods (Fae could also do this as a racial) to promote fruit, tree and animal growth, giving a regional bonus to the area. Alternately you could be in the Winterstage of the world and need your dead to remain in peace, so a Confesser can ward your grave stones, protecting from the dead spawning regionally, and giving minus stats to Necromancy production. A frost magic type could open up frozen land bridges cross water to open trade and new routes to explore. These are just a few examples of of how race and class could flesh out the fantasy of the world.
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