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  1. Don't look into the hole, you might get cummies in yo' eye.
  2. OP is right, nothing beats a warhammer
  3. Can't say amything to this. You nailed it. Notice the grip in this picture, though.
  4. Spacial relationships, speed bonus, stuff like that...
  5. You could swing with just one hand, but why then hold it like that in the first place. If I want to one hand swing, I need to be fast on my feet, if on the other hand I'm going for a powerful slice I'll adopt the low/bent knees stance in the screenshot so I have more stability. Actually, you are either trying to find weakspots in the armor or use an offhand weapon, like a dagger to finish the job, when you get close enough.
  6. Play2crush? Crowfall? Play + 2 + Crush - Crowfall = Half-Life 3 confirmed
  7. Like I said in my first post, go find a broom. Do the pose in the picture. Try an upper cut. The only possible way to hit hard with that startin stance is to bring the sword over your shoulders, behind your back and cut from above on the other side. Now, that would be a cool looking swing. I want eve go into the guard thing, since she is obviously holding the sword behind her.
  8. If by dramatic effect you mean the tension the player experiences, because she looks like her sword could fall out of her hands mid-swing, then I completely agree with you. If you are referring to the position the sword is in, I have nothing against that, just switch hands. Maybe this is just a subtle sexist joke, by the developers. You know, girls can't fight. EDIT FOR ALL YOU "i dont care about realism, cry babies": It's about aesthetics.
  9. If left handed, switch sides. If left handed and trained templar switch hands. You're just defending your favorite developers and I get that, but you don't realize that there is an animator guy within the company, who custarded this up.
  10. This is a low guard. That grip would be functional only if she suddenly raised her sword overhead and was going for a thrust.
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