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  1. Wow alts sabotaging sounds sooo sketchy Make it a ban able offense maybe? or maybe the guild who controls the keep could have the ability to keep people out of siege equipment?
  2. I believe a faction campaign would bridge the game for a lot of the new players coming into Crowfall, we are bleeding players who get lost in the switch from infected to dregs, its just such a large jump for a lot of new players who get stomped by bigger guilds. A Faction campaign will give new players a chance to group up and meet new people while they take objectives and complete tasks. This is hard to do in dregs since most people you come across in the game will be an enemy and most of the time you will be outnumbered. A faction campaign just gives a much more even play ground for ne
  3. I have been running around for about 3 hours trying to find Stone laden pigs. I have checked all the Canyons in Infected hoping one would have a quarry with stone laden pigs but All I see are Ore laden pigs. Am I missing something here. Are quarries not in the Canyons? or do I get them from some where else. No one in Chat also has a clue to where to find the stone for keep walls. Did I miss something ore are Stone laden pigs missing from this current Infected?
  4. Not sure where to post this So I opted for here I have seen issues with two abilities so far. 1. The righteous Stand is super glitchy when you hold down right mouse and get hit the Templar will move in and out of the defensive stand like the ability is being spammed not allowing the retaliatory strike to take place. 2. Righteous Smash under the Reproach ability has no key to hit to cast the spell its just blanked out. Any workarounds for these right now?
  5. A lot of your initial post needs clarification for the noobs such as myself. What do you mean 40% healing? "I think multi-healer is not just a symptom of higher damage" What does this statement mean? What is "firehose healing"? "IE maximum of 25% healer" Again what do the % percentages mean?
  6. This game needs PVE, Not a focus on it, but it needs it.
  7. This right here. I have said this a lot.
  8. lol, don't be so negative and aggressive its just an idea we are throwing around as a community. And they don't have to have it RIGHT NOW its just an idea calm down.
  9. Maybe we don't call it an EK maybe we call it a TK or temporary kingdom. this could be a small shell that you built specifically to be used in campaigns. When a campaign starts you could join said campaign and at that point attach your TK shell then proceed to set up vendors equipped with items all farmed from that campaign. When the campaign ends your vendors all go bye bye the shell returns to it previous state and the items can be placed in your inventory where they await export. Maybe to save space the TK might not be as large as and EK
  10. So did go an ask them, and here where the responses. For reference this is from a Group of Friends on a D&D discord channel. #1 This was popular with almost my entire group, it was the feeling of perpetually being behind, no matter what you do you won't catch up to that one guy who started playing a year before you. #2 Another is the idea that you get something for doing nothing. A player will log in and just have experience to spend without working on a specific skill. #3 and the last one is that they don't believe they will have a decent plan for a "Catch up". A
  11. "There is a catch-up mechanism planned ("skill tomes" were the first published idea). But since it will only matter some time after launch, of course it's no something we will see or be able to test prior to launch." This is going to doom the game I already have some friends who don't want to get involved because of this. I'm not worried about it and most backers aren't worried about it because we will have been here from day one. but this WILL deter new players from joining. The game also doesn't need to be balanced. Some people will be better, some decisions will be better. That's ju
  12. Not only is the cosmetics a good Idea I would really like to have this just as an option. I AM A CONSUMER and I would like to consume cosmetic items. I think it would be cool of the type of items sold were things that would be additives that could be added a crafted item, they could various amounts of charges in them to make the sword look different or what not. I would also pay for something akin to a AN EK for a campaign. But instead of Eternal its just a temporary kingdom for that specific Campaign. Maybe you pay a certain amount of money and you get access to a portal that al
  13. When people are complaining about leveling they generally aren't complaining about leveling a basic character. I think they are more concerned about leveling the higher quality vessels.
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