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  1. To be honest I like that idea as well or better. I would just like a spot or an area to in the campaign to call mine where friends and guild mates can craft and gear up.
  2. The same in me too it really messes me up. i look away when it happens.
  3. The seasons is just a bad idea and the people who champion them are a low minority with loud vocal opinions. They need to meet in the middle, personally I think they need to get rid of the winter. Make winter more like fall, fall should be like summer, and summer should be like spring. I think that is a decent middle ground. Here is the reality you can't hide from, look at the numbers on line in summer and spring and then the numbers in winter and fall. People just don't choose to play in winter and fall its as simple as that. The small vocal minority is going to flame this game into the ground because what they want is not what the masses like.
  4. This issue often at times keeps me from grouping with people. I'm usually out for a specific task and would often like to group up but because of the loot system its better off for me to go solo.
  5. Their needs to be a way to connect EK's to the campaign that allows only goods harvested and crafted from that campaign to flow back and forth.
  6. totally agree, this needs to go. If they want to promote more pvp R9 and R10 nodes needs to be rare. As it stands risk and reward are totally out the window.
  7. I love the Idea of EK's but with the heavy import export limits my small group of friends have found our-self's spending less time in this place we created to meet, duel, craft, and prepare for PvP. Not to mention people are less likely to visit our shops now. I feel like their needs to be a way to connect your EK with the current campaign that can be accessed through a portal at the faction temple. The EK could start dry at the same time as the campaign and allow only goods that have been harvested or looted from that campaign to go back and fourth. Maybe the portal can give access to a window with a list of other players EK's that are open to the public allowing players to explore other EK's and shop at their leisure. What do all you guys think? Personally I would love this.
  8. I just stop playing the game in winter. solves the problem for me. wait for a new campaign then start again.
  9. YES!!! just yes. the problem with the current loot mechanic is that people are trolling. I had a guy yesterday follow me around when I tagged a group of three and started working on the elite he would quickly loot it before I could and take the elite mobs loot. I asked him nicely first and that just made him focus on getting a hit on the mob to try and loot it before me. I even left the area, he found me and started doing it again. People are catching on soo much to this that I no longer pull mobs if any one is in sight. I have seen people run across a field cuz they see me fighting two elites to get a tag on the mob to take the loot. So what I have learned? is that most people will take advantage of an exploit if they can and this particular exploit really is annoying.
  10. Your logic is sound but this mechanic makes the game incredibly un-fun for a lot of people. So much hard work and time for a final product to see it go to waste. I have put hours into some items and to have them fail at the final assembly is so hart wrenching I have logged off for weeks not wanting to log back and and go through the entire process of crafting the desired item again. Also in your analogy, pvp is run back. Failing at assembly could be hours of time wasted. If the goal is to piss off/dishearten players, or to push them to log of for a bit then this mechanic should stay as is.
  11. They need to bring back the gold for leveling, all the voices are crying for less leveling grind and they take away the gold. Why would you do this. My main reason for selling crafted items was to get gold to sacrifice for leveling. Gold sacrifice is a HUGE bring it back for all levels and vessels.
  12. I agree with everything above, just punting a voice in. Crafting and flawed assembly needs to be greatly looked at.
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