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  1. I mean maybe some crafting sacrafice xp needs to be balanced out but you guys crying about leveling taking to long are just asking for to much. Leveling to cap is stupid easy. Hell I can get to 16 out of the starting zone with spending like 1 or 2 hours. and that's not all just killing mobs. Some of it is crafting as well.
  2. How is it excessively time consuming it takes like a day to get to 30. Any quicker than the current system is just crazy. If any thing it needs to be slowed down.
  3. please NO, this made taking down Motherloads impossible for new players and smaller guilds. for me and my new friends rank one mother loads were pretty much impossible for us. For a lot of you vetarian players with amazing tools and passive training it was doable for others it was impossible. My friends and I were pretty much bared from higher end vessels and gear while people with higher passive training zoomed by us in gear.
  4. No Im not talking about avoiding pvp. You are putting words in my mouth to try and discred what im saying. What I am saying is that harvesting is about surviving, its survival in a kill or die situation. Harvesters arn't trying to pvp they are trying to survive to get the resources they need so the pvpers can pvp. Not all roles in this game are pvpers, Harvesters are really PVE and so are crafters. To be blunt if you are not able to progress then you havn't figured out how to properly survive while harvesting.
  5. I am new by a few weeks as well and I can honestly say this is not my experience. I play mostly solo I have two other friends that log in with me but I do most of my harvesting solo. A few things I have learned are the safer zones vs the not so safe zones. Often Ill find I ranked high ranked nodes in low traffic Areas. Or i focus on my harvesting during off hours. If its peak hours I stay in low traffic zones, off hours I have been able to hit high traffic zones. I also suggest having an assassin as a harvester after your stam goes to zero stealth look around while you regen then get back at it. I have also been killed by the two you mentioned but following these few things really really helps out. If I go for high risk spots Ill pick the ones close to forts we have harvest a bit then bank /repeat. this also works well. Some smaller guilds will have a roamer who will come by about every ten min to trade out your loot soo when you do get ganked they don't get everything. Use chat to find out who and when they gankers are around. people setting up warning systems really helps out. I will usually ask people in chat to call out locations of gankers. This alone has saved me multiple times prompting me to pack up port back and bank. Some times people will come to defend those getting ganked and a lot of fun ensues. Using these suggestions I really don't find an problem where I can't progress.
  6. Yes I love this idea as a possible VIP upgrade I'm sure they will do things like this.
  7. You are absolutely right here. When Ideas are shared an ideal is put out on the floor. I gave you what was ideal to me knowing this it was subjective to my tastes. The beauty of these types of discussions is that the community talks, debates and that idea is molded, it also gives the devs a chance to see feedback and wants form the community. Through this discussion I molded my ideal and I think it would be awesome if the game could hold enough population to allow a competitive campaign that did not allow for imports or passive skill training imbalance. And its important to note I wasn't saying passive skill training should go away I was suggesting that passive skill training should be for that specific campaign. Side note: let me voice this concern of mine and see if you know the answer. What if I want to change paths? Say I spent a year putting points into Ranged and decide I want to do something different? Will I be able to respec or and I doomed to stay that skill for ever?
  8. This makes sense to me and I do see its point. We are on opposite sides of what we think is important but your previous statement above is solid and I hear it. However I don't think its a bad thing ACE has taken a look at some of the passive leveling concerns This is all part of the process.
  9. Ya you have a point with the wanting to play an mmo not a moba, some other posters have made me see that side of the argument. But MMO does not always mean your progression is forever, a lot of mmos give the perception of eternal progression and then a new expansion comes out and all your old gear and levels are useless, this is essentially a hidden wipe disguised as a leveling opportunity but its characteristics are the same as a wipe. Some things do stay such as earned, skins, housing items, other cosmetic items, mounts. The ongoing argument that i do know ACE is really looking at is how to minimize UNCLE BOB honestly they are looking into it and I trust them. My Ideal however is a completely fresh start every campaign but that's just my ideal I threw out their. I do respect you thoughts and it does make sense, I'm just in the minority here and that's fine.
  10. Pycet I think I really don't understand what you are trying to convey, we are talking but do not seem to be on the same page. When you said: This blows my mind that you do not see the power difference in character from a new account training tier 1 skills vs an account training tier 4 because I have clearly stated my argument with evidence as to why I think it does and granted I'll admit this isn't tested and I didn't crunch the numbers but I don't think i need to do that to say their is a significant difference. And I don't think your mean "articulate" because you don't articulate evidence, you explain it, provide it, cite it but telling some one to articulate evidence is asking them to speak clearly. Yes I gave you the evidence you were asking for you just denied it. . Ok this rebuttal is something we can talk about. Honestly I don't know the exact differential but I can say I crafted some advanced common gear trying to get some hit crit chance and I landed around 1% crit hit chance which is nothing compared to some one who is getting 3 crit hit chance modifiers as well as a 3% to a critical hit and remember I only added up the bonuses in the last two tiers for Ranged and long ranged bows only. If we had two players in advanced common gear and one had beginning tier passive training another and capped tier four training. the higher trained character is just going to win with those types of modifiers. If it didn't they would have to talk about catch up modifiers. This really depends on how well the catch up mechanic works, how long it takes some one to catch up. And they only have the basic ideas for this and it sounds like they still might be hashing it out. Do you mean for an individual player or as a whole for the entire campaign? Now If I was arguing the outcome for the entire campaign i would say this has no affect on the out come of the campaign since theoretically all factions could have the same number of newbies evening out the power levels. However, my concern is for the individual and not just the individual but what it means to have every one start and the same pace allowing newer players to stay on pare with advanced players. Not to mention this even keel start really changes the early game play of the mechanics. I am not proposing to "cease basic functions" I'm suggesting that passive training is re-rolled every new campaign not stopped you can't just change my argument to make it look diabolical. And I have given you information and the data is in the skill tree to look at again saying I did not state information with out a counter argument is not how debates work. This might be true Pycet and if I am being honest with you I hope so I was going to try and chrunch some numbers to really understand that difference all i have to go in is other games and the difference in damage when I get an item that does +6% to crit hi chance, it makes a huge difference. Ok here is the hart of our argument and your right I don't know the exact numbers you got me, but I didn't think a 9% hit crit chance and a 6% increase verses some one who doesn't have it was a debatable topic, it seems to be straight forward. In fact most people don't disagree that the passive trainings give a good amount of advantage versus some one who doesn't. If the passive skill training didn't make a difference their would be no need for make up mechanics. And your idea that I have the "Burden of proof is not how this kind of debate works unless I missed this rule in the forums somewhere. And even if it was their are different levels of burden of proof such as Beyond a reasonable doubt clear and convincing evidence preponderance of the evidence probable cause reasonable belief reasonable indications reasonable suspicion some credible evidence some evidence substantial evidence I have given you reasonable belief, reasonable evidence, some evidence, as well as substantial evidence. I think Pycet what it comes down to is that you really like the Passive training system and I have serious reservations about it. But to be honest the best posts that swayed me against my current idea where the people that symply stated the liked the idea of passive training becuase the glory of their character continued over. Some stated that if their was a hard reset on those skills they would simply stop playing. I empithise and understand that argument. I don't think my argument is wrong or invalid and I provided why I think its not, my idea is just how I would prefer to play the game if I was making it so I simply thought I would share which is what these forums are all about. Your obviously not going to change your mind but I do understand why you want the passive skill training my objective was to at least try to get you to see my point.
  11. You are very combative and I am sorry If I have offended you or maybe I am just reading to much into your tone. Let me state that I actually love this game, its a lot of fun even as it is now but I do see some issues with the passive skill training for the future and I know i am not alone in this. With that being said I do love your feed back and I did learn something from your post so thank you for that. "I tell you that there are campaigns planned that have no imports, and then you change the subject." I didn't change the subject I just learned about it, some one pointed that out to me and I was happy to hear it. You state that you have a problem with passive training, but yet you can't articulate how a skill differential actually impacts game play, if at all. I didn't cite specific examples because I assumed people new what was in the passive training skills. So here is a sample of what I am talking about. It was stated that the top tears of the trees would take a year or two to train into so lets look at just a few bonuses for the top two trees if you train a ranger. If you are going long bows and train through Ranged and Great Ranged here are some of the benefits you can get. Two Power Penetration bonuses for 3% each. One critical hit damage modifier of 3% Three Crit hit chances for 3% Two power efficiency bonuses for .015% (and If I'm being honest here I don't know the math to understand the damage this adds since I am not familiar with this stat) Three attack power bonuses that ad +25 One armor penetration bonus for 3% This is just a small sample and doesn't include the movement modifiers no does it include the bonuses from other trees you could stack. Just those modifies are pretty awesome modifiers. I guess my problem with all of this is that you don't let your ignorance get in the way of proposing changes to the game. I was ignorant of the no import campaigns. But I have shown I am not ignorant of the possible problems of the passive training skill tree. But one thing I have learned from others posts is that the passive skill tree gives some people a sense of accomplishment for putting time into the game and that tells me that the argument could also be subjective to ones interest. Their was one Youtuber that put a video up ranting about the passive skill problem I don't want to link that hear because there was a lot of negative things he said about Crowfall that I don't agree with and i don't want to spread that negativity I'll let you search that up if you want. Their also were a few articles that called out this issue as well but I don't really want to push that negativity I just want you to know that other than my thoughts I have read up on what some might see as a problem for new players entering the game. If you want to learn how to play the game better or learn more about it, then there are many of us who would be happy to help you I don't disagree with this at all the community has answered many of my question and have been completely awesome but I was not concerned with learning i was concerned with the start of new campaigns and veterans versus newbies. I fear that they are listening to these types of posts and, as a result, I feel compelled to voice a little stronger opposition than has been present in the forums up to this point. This actually helps me to understand your passion and where you are coming form I see that your are protecting your ideal. So let me play out what I thought sounds like a cool ideal for my campaign. For me I think it would be awesome if a new campaign started out with fresh characters no extra bonuses from passive training. These players would fight over resource nodes In an attempt to craft gear faster than the other factions. While this is happening low level characters are rushing to take up territory all the while low level pvp is exploding over the world. Since things are equal at this point a player would not be worried about stronger players or guilds steamrolling. The PvP would be based more on hard core strategy than skill imbalance. The best thing I can contrast this ideal with is a moba but more long term. Every player starts on an even playing field and rushes to gain control and power. I think this sounds like a lot of fun and I see the passive training as something that will add a problem to that ideal. A few other posters did share their passion of long term growth and I do understand and sympathize with those sentiments but if their is to be a true esporty campaign it would need to have no imports or passive skills based on the evidence I have shown.
  12. I am by all means not complaining at all just having a health discussion throwing out some ideas and seeing what other people think about it. And your tone is just extremely combative and a bit troll like. I'm assuming you mistook the meaning behind my post so i will try to explain myself a bit better. Further more if you had read through the post you would have seen the evolution of my thought from other community members. 3-5 hours leveling fully and having advanced gear is really really pushing it for a new player. Can it be done? ya probably but a new player won't experience all those things in 3-5 hours. "All of which put that solo player in a sufficient position to play for every aspect of the game" t really doesn't, in advanced Common gear you might not get wreaked immediately like you would with out it but you are still getting smashed. A few Friends of mine experienced this first hand many times(for disclaimer I'm going to just say i don't ahve a problem with that just using it as evidence against your point) The geared players really smash the common armor wearers. What you might be able to do is sit in the background of a group and throw shots hear and there and maybe some heals. And in common your are basically crossing your fingers hoping no one sees you gathering resources all while geared players are scouting around looking for those kills. Further, you have no idea what "equal opportunity" means in the context of Crowfall. Is this comment really necessary in a healthy debate? You jump to an extreme here for the sake of insult. This is cheep and makes you seem unhinged. You're not advocating equality of opportunity, you're advocating for equality of outcome under the guise of opportunity because you know the former is a losing argument. You make a claim her but back it up with no evidence further more you cite anything specifically from my post leaving me to wounder what you are really having a problems with. if you're going to propose changes to the game, then YOU MUST IDENTIFY THE PROBLEM THAT YOU'RE TRYING TO CURE. I didn't say the game had a problem I was talking about an equity issue that has been brought up in Q&A's, forums, and on other Youtube channels. I don't think there is a problem with the game I am simply discussing what some might, and do see as an equity issue. And I did state my issue clearly when I said: "Passive training will make sure of this and if people can import items from spirit banks at the start of a new campaign it will further compound this problem." I did learn that their will be no import campaigns some one corrected me on that and I was happy to hear it. But to say the Passive training won't cause an equity issue for new players is just silly. "However other community members have respectfully shared their views and I do understand from their point of view even if i disagree with them. But I am not going to go through and point that all out you can go back and read it if you like.
  13. Ya I am defiantly at odds here with this idea, From my point of view their are ways to show rewards with out starting a new campaign with gear and talents from a previous one but those are mostly cosmetic things. I think fresh campaign starts are great ideas, the rush and fight for resources, the busy crafters pumping out gear to get an advantage over the other factions. The low geared pvp, the equal opportunity at the start of the campaign. To me it that sounds like a lot of fun but it will not happen in the current set up. Well, it will happen, once. Maybe they can have a competitive campaign that blocks out passive skills.
  14. Ya i Have heard about these Tomes but it still worries because they players will never fully catch up even with these tomes. And if it takes two years to max out your passive skill pips who will be sacrificing their skill experience? And if these tomes are so easy to get every one will be maxed out and then what is the point of the timed passive skill training. And this also doesn't beg the really important question. what if i decide to go into crafting instead of combat? I will eventually want to do this so I can experience more aspects of the game will I be able to reset? and then am I behind?
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