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  1. Your logic is sound but this mechanic makes the game incredibly un-fun for a lot of people. So much hard work and time for a final product to see it go to waste. I have put hours into some items and to have them fail at the final assembly is so hart wrenching I have logged off for weeks not wanting to log back and and go through the entire process of crafting the desired item again. Also in your analogy, pvp is run back. Failing at assembly could be hours of time wasted. If the goal is to piss off/dishearten players, or to push them to log of for a bit then this mechanic should stay as is.
  2. They need to bring back the gold for leveling, all the voices are crying for less leveling grind and they take away the gold. Why would you do this. My main reason for selling crafted items was to get gold to sacrifice for leveling. Gold sacrifice is a HUGE bring it back for all levels and vessels.
  3. I agree with everything above, just punting a voice in. Crafting and flawed assembly needs to be greatly looked at.
  4. god dam this sounds cool i mean it wouldn't be necessary for me but it would be cool.
  5. See I think part of the problem is in that statement "get Testers back" They need to stop thinking of us as testers and think of us as players. If they had a part of the game that was fun, and they have added things to make it not fun, well that should be a huge red flag. The excuse is "well the game is in alpha" I don't get this excuse, F that you should be testing at this point what is fun but despite the complaining of all the "players" of they keep adding these elements even as people are fleeing the game. Oh ya and um the grind, they need to lessen the grind so we can get to playing the game, most importantly roll back the gold nerf and the gold sacrifice nerf.
  6. I hate that this is locked to raid bosses. I have to group up then HOPE i can get it from the people I group with. something this important shouldn't be raid bosses.
  7. it looks like stone, I made this mistake too.
  8. I would like it as long as the drops are more simple to obtain. Why do we have to be in big huge groups to get basic stuff we need? Save our peek group time for PvP allow us to PvE in our off time.
  9. I Agree i also think these mob drops should be more solo friendly. when I level or grind I like to do it solo when people log of. I want to spend peek hours pvping not pveing. To add more hurt to the group factor every time a mob dies every one in the group runs to the mob to get the loot first, I hate that.
  10. I always thought this game needs fronts. They are against it for some reason, I think the outpost should establish fronts and to attack a keep/fort their should be a train of outposts before you can place a siege engine.
  11. A lot of good points here, I think the Perspective of New Players coming into the game is extremely valuable. I agree that Youtube should not be a training ground, As a semi experienced player I still have questions I get annoyed over and I have to result to searching through you tube or random websites looking for hte answer before finally comming to the forum and waiting for some one to answer. which people are good about doing.
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