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  1. @Duffy Hello! I joined the Corvus Citadel Discord, but I figure most people are prepping for New Year's Day in the US? Do you accept people from non-US timezones, by any chance? I live in the Philippines, you see.
  2. Looking for an Oceanic Guild playing on US servers or US guild with open timezone recruitment? I live in the Philippines, you see. I'm on Discord as victorstillwater#1492 Casual or Hardcore: Casual primarily, as I work odd hours due to job requirements. Size: Any size guild will do, if there are people to talk to and learn from. Play-Style: I primarily PVE, so I supposed crafting and gathering would be my schtick, though I do want to explore and learn game systems before finalizing my activities. Commitment: I work... A LOT. I can't commit a ton of time due to this, but I do want to enjoy myself more than stress myself out. What I can commit to is being active on a community Discord or Forums. Miscellaneous: 36 year old male from the Philippines. Long-time gamer... and currently playing and exploring Conan Exiles on a PVE-C ruleset with light modding.
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